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Selling all type of rock salt export and delivery at destination, red rock salt, orange rock salt, white rock salt, black rock salt, types of industrial salt, with exceptional price and lowest shipping cost to sea routes.

type of rock salt to export

Whether you are a buyer of rock salt or as a trading company wanting to export rock salt and a variety of industrial and edible salts, there are a wide range of different rock and salt models for export that will have many specialized issues why Providing inappropriate cargo will cause the customer to deal with you only once.

Halito rock Salt company With many years of presence in international markets and export of various types of rock salt, Halito will introduce you to the salt of each country.

rock salt export

Following are the types of rock salt, industrial salt and edible salt in different varieties that are interested in foreign buyers are introduced to you.

Orange rock salt

In nature there are different types of rock salt that have different qualities and of course different colors.

It may be interesting to know that most of the salts in nature tend to be white, of which about 70% of the salts in the world are white, which has different grades.

rock salt export

But among the colored salts, there is an orange variety that is much rarer than others, and according to world searches, both Iran and Pakistan have reserves of orange rock salt.

It should be noted, however, that orange rock salts have different categories, so be careful:

  • orange rock salt type A
  • orange rock salt type B
  • orange rock salt type C

The terminology used is inorganic and not official and has not yet analyzed and categorized any such rock salt collection across the Persian web, but the Halito rock salt company has highly skilled experts in this field.

For more information you will find photos of different categories of orange rock salt.

rock salt export rock salt export rock salt export

Red rock salt

With the comments about orange rock salt you now have more information about colored rock salt, but the interesting thing is that the red rock salt is more abundant than the orange rock salt.

Perhaps the major difference between the orange salt and the red rock salt is their iron content, which has more iron in the red, and interestingly, the same countries in Iran and Pakistan still have this rock salt reservoir.

rock salt export

The presence of more iron in the red rock salt makes it much more difficult to cut and cut the rock salt when cutting and producing salt bricks or salt lamp.


Halito rock salt company is capable of extracting and supplying 500 tonnes of red rock salt per month

Persian blue salt

Persian Blue salt, which holds the title of the rarest and rarest rock salt in the world, has the lowest extraction rate among all the different types of rock salt worldwide.

On the other hand being scarce and also many minerals found in this rock salt, most of it is potassium,
It has made this rock salt world famous.

It is said that the rock salt was first discovered by Alexander’s troops during Alexander’s expedition to Iran and dates back to the late dinosaurs.

rock salt export

However, with all the explanations given, Persian blue salt is still scarce and hard to find.


Buy persian blue salt directly from Iran

If you intend to enter international markets for blue salt trade, Halito rock salt company always has the largest amount of blue salt to sell.

Introducing type of white rock salt

As mentioned in the previous section, most of the salts in nature are white in color, and the difference between white salts is great because some white rock salts have gypsum and some have lime on the other.

But the Halito rock salt company extracts three types of white rock salt, two of which are unique in the world and are exclusively marketed internally by the Halito Co.

rock salt export


White rock salt has a very wide export market

The following are more familiar with these 3 white rock salt samples.

White rock salt very high quality

White rock salt very high quality is by far the most striking wonder of nature in the rock salt field because it has a very high purity of 99.5%.

People who deal with rock salt know that this purity is great for rock salt, but it is now extracted and exported by this company.

The most common use of this rock salt is to produce edible salt and to resin and water treatment because it has the highest sodium content and the least amount of calcium and magnesium impurities.

rock salt export

White rock salt high quality

White rock salt high quality is one percent lower in purity than white rock salt very high quality and is 98.5 percent but it has a very high specificity and high density and high resistance to cutting and drilling.

The positive thing is that the use of this salt for making salt lamp is so abundant that the salt-rich countries are the main importers of this rock salt, including Turkey and Russia.

rock salt export

White rock salt normal quality

White rock salt normal quality is the most widely used in the industry because it is not highly convertible to edible salt, but is a good choice for industrial and animal use because it is much cheaper than other white salts.

Of course, the type of industrial use is very important because it cannot be used in all areas, for example, the field of ​​dyeing and fabrication , its purity and type of rock salt is very sensitive and this rock salt has vein and can not be used in this field.

rock salt export


Get a free consultation before buying rock salt

Selecting rock salt is a very important and sensitive issue and is often considered simple but be sure to consult us to avoid harm and this consultation is completely free.

Black rock salt

Black rock salt, like other salts in nature, has specific uses, most of which are for The leather industry and the use of animal feed.

The lack of iron and magnesium in this rock salt makes it a great option for livestock and dairy farms and on the other hand is the cheapest price for black rock salt.

rock salt export

Crystal rock salt

Crystalline rock salt has a glass-like shape and is structurally different from other rock salts.

The rock salts in the mines are the result of the accumulation of sediments up the center of the earth and the mountains, which after millions of years have produced rock salt but the crystalline rock salt has no sedimentary state and has been derived from evaporation and drying up of lakes over many centuries. Is.

rock salt export

The degree of purity of crystalline rock salts depends on its transparency and thus its pricing varies.

Strength can be said to be the most pure crystalline rock salt in the world, the Halito company has, with the an incredible 99.9% purity and no higher than that.


Contact us for purchase of pure crystalline rock salt

type of salt mesh

Rock salt crumbles into smaller pieces, which are named in terms of screen output mesh and each has numerous applications in various industries.

To find out more you can join us with different salt mesh size.

White salt mesh 80

Of all the salts that comes after crushing the rock, salt mesh 80 has the largest size and is known by various names in the salt market.

Most of this salt is used for water treatment and also for dishwasher salt.

rock salt export

White salt mesh 110

Salt mesh 110 has the highest production in all dimensions of salt and is used for the following:

  • Salt drilling
  • production Oil
  • Road salt
  • Bakery salt

rock salt export

White salt mesh 120

Mesh salt 120, also known as shellfish salt, is often used to dry fish in large volumes.

rock salt export

White salt mesh 130

mesh salt 130 is known as table salt salt because it is quite similar to ordinary edible salt.

rock salt export

White powder salt

Powdered salt, Afghanistan’s favorite salt, is commonly used in the food industry, and is used in industrial production environments that require a salt-like flour to absorb moisture.

In addition to the food industry, this salt is also used for road salt in combination with salt mesh 110.

rock salt export

Of course, the presence of powdered salt in any of the aggregates will decrease the quality and price of the salt mesh.

Road salt

In winter, with snow and frost it is usually more difficult to drive on the roads than before, which is the main reason for freezing the road surface and in some cases making it virtually impossible to drive.

To fix this problem, roads are sprayed with salt because the salt will melt the ice and, on the other hand, raise friction, which will also make driving in snow and ice possible.

rock salt export

On the other hand, the road salt standard is different, which actually refers to the type of road salt.

If you use the machine for spraying salt, usually use mesh salt 110 because the powder adheres to the machine, but there is no problem in hand spraying.

type of edible salt

Refined edible salts are the only edible salts approved by the Iranian Ministry of Health and licensed salts can only be used in related industries food.

Of course, these salts have 2 different grades as described below, but the key point in choosing refined edible salt is that its export is determined by the target market because the type of salt approved by the Ministry of Health varies from country to country.

Recrystallization salt: recrystallization salt is the salt produced by the salt crystallization process, in which the salt is completely crushed and its nature completely altered, with all the minerals being added to it being removed, and What remains is pure sodium with the least impurity.

rock salt export

The highest sodium purity is found in this salt, even at 99.8% “yekpash” salt purity.

Hydromil Salt: Hydromil salt is less purity than recrystallized salt because in this method the salt rock is less broken and soluble and its purity is always above 98.5% but up to 99%.

This salt is widely used because its price and purity are approved by most industries and countries.

rock salt export

Export salt lamp

Halito rock salt company in addition to the salts and rock salts you see above, the largest rock salt producing manufactory in Iran because access to the largest salt mine in the Middle East and having rock salt cutting complex.

The products made in this set of Halito salt lamp are very affordable because of the high quality of the product and because Halito is a product manufacturer.

Rock salt export from Iran

The following information is required for exporting rock salt and different types of salt:

  1. Which country is the product for?
  2. How much does the buyer order?
  3. How many days is the delivery time?

In the salt and stone salt trade you should keep in mind that this product is not very expensive and the most important thing in this trade is the shipping rate which determines whether or not a transaction is to be made.

rock salt export

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran.

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