Wholesale industrial salt

Wholesale industrial salt and edible salt, supply and export from Iran,industrial salt and edible salt cheap price.

Online ordering for edible salt

Today, big salt traders are not looking to buy shops to buy their own salt, but rather to buy salt online.

You may also have said when eating this dish is salt or salty, but have you ever wondered what this salt is and how it is made?

Today, salt is produced from two main sources, brine (sea salt) or brine (rock salt).


A good salt is a salt that is free of any additives or contaminants.
Mountain salts play an important role in human health because of their cleanliness

Wholesale industrial salt

Does the person looking to buy edible salt pay attention to its quality? Or just looking for something salty that just gives it a taste?

Salt may contain impurities that will cause irreparable damage to the digestive system of the individual and the family.

As a result, you should consider the following when buying edible salt:

  • Salt should be free of any additives, including sand
  • Heavy metals such as copper and mercury should not be refined in salt
  • As calcium sulfate or gypsum white, be careful that the salt is free of gypsum
  • Unrefined salts have a lot of magnesium that gives a bitter taste to salt, so you have to pay attention

Wholesale industrial salt


At present the only edible salt approved by most countries is refined crystallization salt with the highest purity.

Edible salt packing

People who are looking to sell bulk salt to make their own salt are usually prominent businessmen. Those who want to buy salt online usually order a lot of goods.

When discussing bulk salt sales, in addition to salt health considerations, the type of packaging should also be considered because, depending on the salt’s sensitivity to moisture, the type of packaging must be carefully selected to suit different weather conditions.

Wholesale industrial salt

A little moisture in bulk salt packing can cause the buyer of edible salt economically irreparable damage.

So, when buying edible salt, be careful about how it is packaged so you can make a profitable business.

Refined salt wholesale

Wholesalers of refined salt are also exported to neighboring countries of Iran and Europe. Today, Iran is one of the top salt exporting countries.

Iran’s salt mines Due to the high quality of its rock salt, it is now one of the poles of salt export to foreign countries and tops the Middle East countries in terms of salt mines.

Wholesale industrial salt

Quality salt is also widely and partially marketed domestically.

Salt is also used as an unlimited mineral in various industries, but its different type of refining is used as food in our human consumption.


However, some industries, such as chicken feed and shampoo production, use refined edible salt.

Halito rock salt company provides a healthy and well-deserved customer base to provide salt to businessmen, factory owners, or anyone who intends to buy salt in bulk.

Online trading is one of the most effective ways of discussing commodity trading today. It can be said today that refined salt exports are only available through Internet sites.

Many of our customers around the world have not even traveled to Iran once, but they are constantly ordering their salt through the Halito company.

This way of buying has many benefits such as:

  • Easy to buy
  • Searchability before purchase
  • Ability to check between different goods and brands before making a purchase
  • High variety of products
  • Save time shopping

In general, with the advent of internet sites and websites dealing with selling salt online, you no longer have to worry about your lost time.

Today, different people and shoppers in different areas of the commodity can find their prices and conditions by just sitting at home and a few clicks.

This way of trading, in addition to allowing traders to compare, will make the product more affordable.

Wholesale industrial salt

Whats is industrial salt?

Industrial salt, like edible salt, is the result of crushed rock salt, except that it is not refined so it is known as industrial salt.


Halitto industrial salt has often more than 98% purity and used in destination countries as edible salt.

Wholesale industrial salt

Unrefined salts refer to a wide variety of different salts and are described below for industrial salts.

Wholesale road salt from Iran

ice melt salt or in other words road salt has many applications in different industries and the price of road salt is generally lower than other industrial salts.

One of the applications of antifreeze salt on snow roads is to speed up the process of melting ice, so different municipalities in the region, for the welfare of the city’s people, buy high levels of antifreeze salt each year at tonnages above 50,000 tonnes. Use salt to prevent road closures and sidewalks during cold intervals with high snowfall.

Wholesale industrial salt

Road salt is the weakest type of salt and is usually of the lowest purity, so its price is low but its minimum purchase order is at least 2000 tons.


One of the areas most commonly consumed by industrial salt is road salt, or ice melting salt, which accounts for more than 80% of industrial salt consumption.

Road Salt wholesale Center

As mentioned above, road salt is a product that is mainly purchased and used in high tonnages.

Modern shoppers are now buying and selling their goods through online shopping sites, and so many customers from cold European countries are calling for this salt in the cold seasons.

Wholesale industrial salt

The most important issues in selling road salt are the following:

  • Type of packing salt (bag or jumbo)
  • How to transfer order to destination (train or trailer)
  • Ability to lower the freezing point of water to the minimum possible temperature at cold intervals.
  • Physically and chemically stable.
  • Low viscosity and acceptable at low temperature.

Wholesale powder salt

Powdered salt is one of the few grain salts, some of which is also known as industrial salt, and people in the industry are likely to buy powdered salt.

It may have been so common to you that salt was used only as a flavoring, but today’s salt is far beyond eating.

Wholesale industrial salt

Powdered salt or industrial salt is very similar in appearance to flour, and it is difficult to distinguish between the two eyes.

Another type of powdered salt is also a subtle type known as cyclone salt.


Powdered salt is the result of crushed rock salt

The rock salt is crushed and passed through the hammer mill, moved on a vibrating sieve and crushed, and the product passing through the final sieve with the smallest mesh is called a powder salt having a salt of about zero to about 0.1 % Is. Its length is 8 mm and contains the lowest and lowest aggregates among industrial salts.

Wholesale industrial salt

What is powder salt use for?

Powdered salt is screened as the final product. Buying and selling powdered salt is mostly in the field of industries that find crystal beads in shellfish or shellfish intrusive in their business process.

Powdered salt is widely used in the production of eggs and nuts, and nuts are one of the most popular products.

Powdered salt is very sensitive to moisture and reacts, making it more difficult to maintain than other salts.

To store powdered salt for more than a month you should consider the following:

  • High quality powdered salt
  • the bag should be laminate
  • The warehouse space will be air conditioned
  • Powdered salt cannot be stored for more than 20 days in humid and humid conditions

Wholesale industrial salt

Salt powder price

Wholesale industrial salt

Supply industrial salt mesh 110

Halito company offers a large volume of Iranian salt consumption market by offering different types of industrial salts in different mesh sizes.

Halito Salt Collection is the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran which will supply and deliver all kinds of salts as per customer’s order.

Do you know what mesh salt is? You may have only heard of edible salts to date, but it’s interesting to know that today we have more than 14 types of edible salts and several industrial salts in various collections and formations.

Wholesale industrial salt

The uses of industrial salt mesh 110

Industrial Salt Mesh 110 today also known as crystalline or granular salt, it is nowadays used in various industrial applications.

Salt is usually produced in sizes of 1.2 to 2.5 mm or in other words mesh; it is also highly marketable and has a stable market among buyers and customers.

The main reason for using this salt is that it is mostly used in oil and gas drilling industry and hence is known as salt drilling.

Mesh 110 is also used for road salting, and according to statistics, salt alongside road salt accounts for much of the industrial salt field.

Wholesale industrial salt

In addition to the above, buying and selling salt is also done in other industries, and we have listed below some collections that are buyers of salt:

  • Textile industry
  • chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Leather Industries
  • Production of rubber

Halito company has a production and supply of salt mesh 110 to sell domestically and export to other applicant countries and offers the highest quality mesh salt.

Industrial salt mesh 80

industrial salt mesh 80 is widely used in the field of industrial raw materials. Salt mesh 80 in the food industry, is used as a preservative, especially in fish and shrimp.

Wholesale industrial salt

Wholesale industrial salt

Garmsar city with high salt production is known as one of the main salt producing poles in Iran due to high salt mines.

industrial salt mesh 120 is one of Garmsar’s salt products that is produced for use in the petrochemical and food industries, but its production is much less and less restricted than that of fishery and shellfish.

Once the rock salt enters the device through the conveyor, the crusher converts large pieces of rock salt into smaller dimensions, which may vary from 0 to 1 mm.

Pieces larger than 3 mm and smaller than one centimeter, which is somehow the largest aggregation, are called salt mesh 80.

Wholesale industrial salt

The uses of industrial salt mesh 80

Salts larger than chickpea and smaller than a walnut are known as salt mesh 80, and it is interesting to know the wide range of tools we deal with daily and the related industries are in dire need of salt mesh 80:

  • Fisheries Industries
  • Production of leather
  • water refinery
  • Eliminate the hardness of the resin
  • Cheese industry
  • Olive industry
  • Dishwashing salt

Wholesale industrial salt

Supply and wholesale rock salt

Iran’s salt rock has a worldwide reputation and the main reason is that 80% of the Middle East’s natural salt is produced and supplied by Iran.

Iran is famous for its salt mines and today many tourists visit these places.

Salt mines continue for several kilometers and are particularly well-known in the salt therapy for tourism.

Wholesale industrial salt

Salt bricks manufacturer

At the end of the previous section, it was said that iran rock salt is a divine miracle because of its high purity for producing salts, as white salts with a purity of 99.5% are a surprise.

On the other hand, some of the Garmsar salts, in addition to their very high purity, have therapeutic properties and are very useful for making salt bricks and thus for making salt rooms.

Wholesale industrial salt

As used in many countries by the creation of artificial rooms and places to attract tourists in the use of salt property, in this regard, Halito company is the largest salt cave room manufacturer in Iran.

But be sure to use Halito salt brick for this, as the this therapical salt brick has the following:

  • Make people relax and reduce stress
  • energy producer
  • Treatment of pulmonary diseases
  • Reduce anxiety and anger
  • Asthma treatment
  • cough treatment
  • Treatment of all kinds of muscle pain
  • Helps reduce body swelling and bruising

Wholesale industrial salt

Halito rock salt company  with its specialized salt brick workshops, it produces and markets the finest salt bricks and is the largest salt cave maker in Iran.

Contact us for tips on how to make a salt room.

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