construction of salt room

Construction of salt room with 10 years warranty, and 14 day preparation, zero to 100 projects, project execution in a completely unique and unique way.

What is Salt Room?

You’ve certainly been reading a lot about the many benefits of salt and rock salt, but have you ever wondered how these great benefits will help me?

The most important characteristic of salt rock is the absorption of impurities and contamination. Even the smallest particles that we cannot see with our own eyes will be absorbed by salt.

Salt, on the other hand, in addition to absorbing the contaminated particles in the surrounding environment, injects its positive properties, which are the negative ions, which makes the ambient air very clean, and the patients’ health by being in such a space. To improve.

In fact, the salt chamber is a definite space in which its surroundings, wall and floor, are completely salt, as such a space will, in the first place, improve the morale of the individual, and the most important part of any treatment is to improve the patient’s mental state Is.


Note that a typical salt room is different from a salt room therapy as described below

Construction of salt room

Salt room therapy Center Construction Guide

You may build a regular salt room but you do not intend to use it and you may want to enjoy such a space in your plans, which may be easy, but there are some changes to setting up a salt room therapy:

  1. To get started and set up a salt treatment center, you first need to completely disinfect your environment and turn it into a salt room, though this room can be do in different ways.
  2. The presence of a halotherapy device is a requirement for a salt treatment room without which you do not have a salt treatment room.
  3. The floor heating system is better if it is in the salt treatment room, although it is not necessary, but it makes the quality of your center much better.

If you have followed the above procedure right now you have a very complete salt treatment center that can accommodate many patients and help with their healing process.

A wide range of people go to the salt treatment clinic, including:

  • People with asthma
  • Those who have sinusitis
  • It is a miracle to treat the common cold
  • Those who have a lot of anxiety
  • Athletes to improve physical strength

The change in status of the various groups mentioned and the effects they have received from the Salt Room have been well established and are quite common around the world.

Construction of salt room

How to make salt room

To make a salt room the first factor to consider is the space and budget that are the key determinants of starting and designing a salt room.

The next most important thing is the type of salt room you use:

  • For the treatment of patients
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Spa center
  • Massage salon

Each requires a specific type of design and not all can be a design, so it is important to get some advice before you start building the salt room.

Generally the salt room is made in 4 ways that we suggest you get a free consultation before we get started.

  1. Salt room in the form of salt cave
  2. Salt room with salt brick and ordinary layout
  3. Salt room with salt spray
  4. Salt room by picking rock salt

Each of these methods is a separate way of doing construction, and each is appropriate for its own business.

Construction of salt room

What is salt cave?

The Salt Cave has two different definitions, a type of salt cave that exists naturally in the mountains and is popular with tourists today, although it was used in the past to treat patients in the not too distant past.

But there is another type of salt cave that is not ready and needs to be built because salt caves cannot be moved from the mountain to the habitat, but the salt cave can be built locally but it needs a lot of art and care.

Here are some of the salt cave projects made by the Halito team.

The benefits of salt room therapy

Since the beginning of salt use for the treatment of diseases, Eastern European countries have always been pioneers in this field, and Poland is the initiator of the new generation of salt therapy in the world.

But today, most salt rooms are concentrated in North America, especially the US and Canada, as the volume of advertising has increased and the industry’s growth in North America has attracted more visitors.

But still Eastern European countries, including Estonia, are the largest manufacturers of salt chambers such as halogenators and export these products to North America.

But what lies inside these salt rooms that can attract many patients and cure many! Undoubtedly, the main reason for this is the salt properties, but the type of salt system used and the type of salt chamber used is another factor that accelerates the recovery process.

But if you want to talk about the healing properties of salt rooms, the following is said to have been improved or improved by salt rooms and salt clinics:

  • Asthma patients
  • People with seasonal allergies
  • Bronchitis patients
  • Those with sinusitis had a 70% reduction in sinusitis
  • ear infection
  • Smokers with severe cough
  • Itchy skin
  • Skin Acne

construction of salt room

Benefits of salt bricks

Salt brick because it has the same salt rock cut has all the properties of salt rock in simple terms salt brick is the same salt rock in regular dimensions.

The properties of salt rock are so amazing and amazing that you won’t believe it until you experience it.

Our ancestors used salt caves for their health, and salt mines have always been one of the most important reasons for countries to excel.

construction of salt room

Salt therapy business plan

Several parameters are important to make a salt room:

  • Dimensions of salt room
  • Place of manufacture of salt room
  • What are the dimensions of the salt brick
  • What salt to use for the floor

Each of these things changes the end result.

If the salt brick is made of natural and mineral salt rock, it will last a long time.

A few things will greatly help the salt room life:

  • The salt bricks used must be mineral
  • The salt bricks must be well cut so that they do not fall off the wall
  • If the environment used is very humid, use a vacuum and suction machine
  • The salt adhesive used must have been tried before because salt adhesive determines the salt wall life and salt chamber

The Halito company easily guarantees its salt brick for 10 years

Salt bricks are available in different colors. Salt Brick Colors Available in Halito company:

  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • White vein
  • Brown

construction of salt room

Salt block adhesive

Salt adhesive for the Halito company is completely custom made and we can say for sure that you will not find a specimen anywhere.

Our collection guarantees its salt adhesive for 8 years.

Salt for floor salt room

Salt used for salt room flooring is very important because feedback or feedback from users in the first encounter with the salt room is to walk on the salt floor.

Be sure to choose the right salt. Each set has a different use of foam salt.

construction of salt room

Construction of salt room

According to the explanations given, you realize that the construction of the salt room has its own complexities.

construction of salt room

In order to build a salt room , the following must be followed correctly.

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