rock salt supply

rock salt supply in iran, Export Iran rock salt to Iraq Turkey Azerbaijan India Afghanistan Russia Oman Emirates. For export of rock salt and price inquiry please contact us.

Varieties of available salt rock in Iran

In Iran there are a lot of salt mines the various species of rock salt are extracted from it.

rock salt supply

White rock salt, red rock salt, crystal rock salt and Blue rock salt these are rocky salts.


Halito Co. is the largest supplier of rock Salt in Iran

Halito Company exports a variety of salt stones from Iran at a very cheap price.

rock salt supply an Export

The largest amount of rock salt and salt production in Iran is carried out in the city of Garmsar.

rock salt supply

The Hallito Company is located in Garmsar and the largest supplier of rock salt and besides it has the largest production of salt lamp decor in Iran.

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    I am Sandeep from india Amritsar (Punjab) I want to buy rock salt please send us quotation and pictures of rock salt asap…


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