mineral rock salt

Direct purchase of mineral rock salt from Iran , Orange, red and pink rock salt, crystal rock salt purity 99.8 %, blue rock salt most rare in the world.

Rock salt is sedimentary or metamorphic

Rock salt contains shiny crystals of salt that have high properties, especially when the sun shines on it. Perhaps you are wondering whether rock salt is sedimentary or metamorphic?

In response, it should be said that mineral rock salt is a sedimentary rock that is available in different forms and types in nature. Sedimentary rocks have different types that rock salt is considered as an evaporative sedimentary rock!

This natural substance is formed from the evaporation of salt lake water and has many applications, including the use during snowfall, which melts them by spraying salt on surfaces covered with ice and snow. they do.

Another use of this sedimentary rock, which is very common, is to use it as salt used in the kitchen or the same as table salt.

mineral rock salt

Familiarity with rock salt

Mountain salt rock, which actually refers to rock salt that is extracted from the mine, has numerous properties in traditional medicine of Iran and China and is known as a healer of many diseases or a supplement to medicine.

The reason why this salt is called the best is that it has special and natural mineral salts in which there are no additives and it has internal warmth and heat, and on the other hand, it has a dry nature that is very compatible with the body’s temperament. Unlike sea salt, which carries moisture and is not suitable for everyone.

As mentioned in traditional medicine, the use of mountain rock salt is very significant and is preferred to sea salt. Mineral rock salt and its mountain type are used to relieve sore throat, eliminate calluses and warts on the feet, relieve bruises and rheumatic pains. Becomes.


Salt has been used as a gum disinfectant as well as an abundant toothpaste from the past to the present.

mineral rock salt

Properties of mineral rock salt

There are many minerals in the world, each of which has its own properties and applications, and mineral salt is one of the most valuable stones that perhaps few people are aware of its benefits.

The mineral is called sodium rock salt and chloride, which is also called natural halite or sodium chloride, and based on the salts in the rock salt crystal, it can have different colors, the most well-known of which are red, orange, blue, It is brown and white.

For example, when the elements uranium and carbon enter it, they will turn black, and potassium will change the color of the rock salt to blue, and iron will turn it red and orange.

mineral rock salt

Properties of rock salt for cattle

All dairy farmers use rock salt for their dairy and meat farms, because by doing so, they intend to increase the milk and beef of cows in the shortest possible time, which is a correct analysis and is the same all over the world.

But keep in mind that mineral rock salt that does not contain iron and magnesium is the best type of rock salt for farms.

Rock salt also helps to disinfect the mouths of cows, causing them to drink more water and grow better.

mineral rock salt

Direct purchase of Garmsar mineral rock salt

Garmsar mineral salt rock is always considered by buyers inside and outside Iran due to its high purity, and the owners of various industries are the main buyers of this product.

mineral rock salt

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