bulk rock salt wholesale

bulk rock salt wholesale supply and export to India and China from Iran, orange rock salt, white rock salt, red rock salt, highest quality and lowest price.

Export orange rock salt

Orange rock salt has many customers and it is interesting to know that the largest volume of Orange rock salt is always the Halito rock Salt company has.

Due to access to the largest salt mine in the Middle East, the halito company is the largest exporter of orange rock salt.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Generally, the purity of this rock salt is higher than 97% and 98% and is high in density.

Red rock salt market

Red rock salt like oranges are abundant in domestic and foreign customers and have high levels of iron.

In the global markets of Pakistan, it is much more successful because of its higher volume of rock salt and on the other hand it has entered the international markets much earlier than we do.

bulk rock salt wholesale

But Iran’s red rock salt is much cheaper than Pakistan’s red rock, which has generally made foreign customers reluctant to buy it.

Introduction to blue rock salt

Each of the rock salts found in Iran’s mines has its fans in the corner of the world, one of the rarest of salts being blue salt.

This rock salt has a very specific clientele due to the scarcity of customers who mostly live in Western Europe, and it is good to note that it was first discovered during the Alexander’s expedition to Iran and has been known among Europeans ever since has been.

bulk rock salt wholesale


Halito rock salt company always has the highest amount of blue rock salt
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Wholesale Crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt is type of rock salt which glass-like and crystalline, and is one of the rarest rock salt.

However, the scarcity of this rock salt is much less than that of aqueous salts, since the crystal rock salt of the glass is approximately 25 tonnes extracted.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Both Pakistan and Iran are major holders of crystal rock salts, but the Iranian sample is much higher quality and purer, and according to the latest analysis, it has a purity of 99.9%, which is the ultimate purity in a rock salt.


Halito rock Salt Company is the largest supplier of crystal rock salt in Iran

What is livestock rock salt?

As we need to use salt to maintain our body balance and mobility, this is a top priority for livestock, including cattle, sheep and other livestock.

The main reason for this is the heavy weight and size of these animals and the fact that they need four legs to move, so they must always have a healthy and healthy body and will lose their mobility if they do not get enough food.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Because of their tendency to breed and breed, salt is used all over the world in animal feed, although some use salt, but salt is always a priority for livestock.

Types of industrial rock salt

Rock salt is widely used in the industry and there is a special salt for each use.

Part of the use of rock salt in different industries is as follows:

  • Resin hardening and water treatment in other words resin resurfacing
  • The whole food industry, especially olives and cucumbers
  • Dyeing and spinning
  • Leather and tanning
  • All industrial complexes have boiler
  • Production of shampoos and hygiene products
  • Manufacture of cosmetics
  • Restoration of dialysis machine
  • And many other industries

bulk rock salt wholesale

Each of these industries uses a special type of rock salt, so here are 4 examples of the best types of rock salt for industry.

Superior rock salt: This rock salt, which is very scarce and only marketed by the Halito Co. is of high purity and destroys all deposits created in the boiler or dialysis machine in an astonishing manner.

The price of this salt is higher than other salts and its purity is even higher than edible salt.

bulk rock salt wholesale

High quality rock salt: This rock salt is widely used in many industries because it is less expensive than superior rock salt and has a purity 98.5 %.

On the other hand, this rock salt is very suitable for resin restoration and is also used for olives and brines.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Normal rock salt: Normal rock salt has good quality and has little impurity, only dark red veins and the majority of white rock salt.

This rock salt is widely used because of its low price and covers almost all industries.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Black rock salt: Black rock salt is generally used in the animal and agricultural industries for tanning and leather because it is the cheapest type of salt and used in industries whose purity does not matter.

bulk rock salt wholesale

sell industrial salt

Rock salt is broken down into different aggregates, each of which is used in one industry.

  • Mesh 80
  • Mesh 110
  • Mesh 120
  • Mesh 130
  • Powder salt

There are various aggregates that are formed after crushing rock salt.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Each of these aggregates has many different uses in different industries. For example, look at the table below:

salt useage
Mesh 110 It is widely used as drilling salt as well as road salt
Powder Most used in the acid industry
Mesh 120 and 130 It is widely used in fisheries for drying fish
Mesh 80 It is widely used for water purification

Wholesale Salt lamp

In the Halito company, decorative rock salt is produced in a very large volume and all of these salts have extraordinary healing properties.

In addition to the natural and natural minerality of Halito’s therapeutic salts, the packaging is reasonably priced and has led many customers to use this product daily.

To find out more about you companions, the best-selling products of the Halito company are displayed.

Bulk rock salt wholesaler

Selling bulk rock salt is one of the most popular businesses around the world and the best feature of this type of trade is its cheapness.
If you want to reduce your costs as a rock salt buyer, you should buy rock salt in bulk.

bulk rock salt wholesale

bulk rock salt price per ton 2019

bulk rock salt wholesale

The largest salt supplier in the Middle East

Because in bulk trading the bag is removed so ordering volume is much higher and only a strong supplier can supply a large volume of rock salt in the least amount of time.

Halito rock salt company as the largest supplier of rock salt in the Middle East has the capacity to supply more than 10,000 tons of rock salt per month, a record in this field.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Bulk rock salt export to India, China and Russia are major Halito rock salt company activities.

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