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rock salt for sale in bulk and in bag supply and export,  is sold for industrial, decorative, animal feed, hardening, salt brick and salt room of different quality according to customer’s taste and at the most affordable price.

rock salt for all uses

If you are also a rock salt consumer or want to use rock salt you should know that Halito rock salt company offers all types of rock salt for sale to its customers.

Types of rock salt in our collection:

  • livestock rock salt
  • Edible salt
  • rock salt for hard water
  • orange rock salt
  • Red rock salt
  • rock salt for boiler
  • Types of Industrial Salts
  • rock salt cut and cubic
  • white rock salt
  • persian blue salt

According to published statistics, a small portion of the ore mines, which account for about 6 percent, are used for edible purposes. The rest, comprising about 94%, will be used in industries.

rock salt for sale

Buy and sell rock salt

Considering the above, it can be concluded that the sale of rock salt in the world market is not only between salt mines and edible salt factories, and there are other factories that buy salt.

Rock salt can have a different degree of purity the same degree of purity of the rock salt has led to its use in different industries.

rock salt for sale

what is the use of rock salt?

This is the question are often asked about the use of rock salt to this end, some of the rock salt uses are summarized below:

  • Leather and tanning factories
  • As a diet of livestock and poultry
  • In the fisheries industry
  • In the aluminum industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Manufacture of decorative items
  • Construction of salt walls and salt bricks
  • Oil and Gas Drilling Industries
  • Cosmetics industry
  • water refinery

rock salt for sale

How to set the price of rock salt

Do you know how the price of rock salt is determined? What Factors Affect the Price of Salt Stone? Some of the factors affecting the price of rock salt are:

  • Cost of extraction and loading
  • transport cost
  • Order tonnage
  • Rock salt quality
  • Market volatility

The costs mentioned above are very important factors that directly affect the cost and sale of rock salt, Of course, in addition to the above costs, there are other factors that indirectly affect the price of rock salt.

rock salt for sale

Rock salt quality is an important factor influencing the price of rock salt

You know that besides sodium and chlorine, rock salt may also contain impurities. The lower the amount of these impurities in the rock salt, the higher the salt content and the higher the quality.


Given that the quality is directly related to the price, it can be said that the higher the quality of the rock salt, the higher the price of the rock salt market will increase.

For example, a 99.5% purity rock salt that is suitable for edible salt production will have a higher market price than rock salt with a purity of less than 95% and is known as an industrial rock salt.

rock salt for sale

Iran rock salt market

Iran is very large and with numerous salt mines, has a large production volume.
Different types of rock salt are extracted and exported in Iran, made Iran the largest exporter of rock salt in the Middle East.
Due to the extent of Iran’s borders, many countries are neighboring with this country and have a common border and can easily supply their salt rock from Iran.


Garmsar has the highest volume of salt stone export and supply

rock salt for sale

Halito rock salt company, having the largest salt ore mine, has the most potential to extract and load rock salt.
The speed of transfer, loading and preparation of orders is a feature of the Halito rock salt company.

Many times you do not need to use the highest quality rock salt. The lower grade rock salt will do the job for you. Contact to us for free of charge and get free advice.

rock salt for sale

Selling rock salt for hard water

One of the uses of rock salt As mentioned above, the use of rock salt to remove hard water is the most important natural material for hardening and repairing resin and water treatment.

Whichever rock salt you use is also important, but we strongly recommend that you use rock salt that does not contain calcium and magnesium.

We cut first grade of rock salt that without magnesium and calcium and send for our customers in 20 kg package and minimum order is 25 ton.

rock salt for sale

Rock salt lamp wholesale

One of the biggest activities of Halito rock salt Company is the production of rock salt lamp which has the first rank in the field of salt lamp production in Iran.

wholesale salt bricks

One of the most beautiful cut and salted that has extraordinary healing properties is salt bricks, the main use of which is to build salt rooms.

Halito salt bricks are cut and made from rock salt and have very precise and flat dimensions that completely ionize the salt room environment.

rock salt for sale

It is interesting to know that the specialist team of Halito Company is the largest salt cave chamber builder in Iran and you will see a few examples of implemented projects below.

food grade salt suppliers

Raw salt accounts for about 30% of the salt and rock salt market, and is about 10% to 20% salt which is cut in various forms but with more than 50% remaining converted to salt.
These salts are divided into two main food and industrial categories, depending on whether they are refined.
You see the most important size of industrial salts.

rock salt for sale

Rock salt for sale in bulk

Halito rock salt company sends rock salt in bulk red rock salt, orange rock salt and white rock salt salt to any place in the world.
rock salt in Packaging can also be ordered, but large merchants are often interested in buying bulk rock salt to reduce costs.

rock salt for saleContact us for order bulk rock salt also Halito Company offers you the lowest shipping rates.

Selling all type of rock salt export and delivery at destination, red rock salt, orange rock salt, white rock salt, black rock salt, types of industrial salt, with exceptional price and lowest shipping cost to sea routes.

type of rock salt to export

Whether you are a buyer of rock salt or as a trading company wanting to export rock salt and a variety of industrial and edible salts, there are a wide range of different rock and salt models for export that will have many specialized issues why Providing inappropriate cargo will cause the customer to deal with you only once.

Halito rock Salt company With many years of presence in international markets and export of various types of rock salt, Halito will introduce you to the salt of each country.

rock salt export

Following are the types of rock salt, industrial salt and edible salt in different varieties that are interested in foreign buyers are introduced to you.

Orange rock salt

In nature there are different types of rock salt that have different qualities and of course different colors.

It may be interesting to know that most of the salts in nature tend to be white, of which about 70% of the salts in the world are white, which has different grades.

rock salt export

But among the colored salts, there is an orange variety that is much rarer than others, and according to world searches, both Iran and Pakistan have reserves of orange rock salt.

It should be noted, however, that orange rock salts have different categories, so be careful:

  • orange rock salt type A
  • orange rock salt type B
  • orange rock salt type C

The terminology used is inorganic and not official and has not yet analyzed and categorized any such rock salt collection across the Persian web, but the Halito rock salt company has highly skilled experts in this field.

For more information you will find photos of different categories of orange rock salt.

rock salt export rock salt export rock salt export

Red rock salt

With the comments about orange rock salt you now have more information about colored rock salt, but the interesting thing is that the red rock salt is more abundant than the orange rock salt.

Perhaps the major difference between the orange salt and the red rock salt is their iron content, which has more iron in the red, and interestingly, the same countries in Iran and Pakistan still have this rock salt reservoir.

rock salt export

The presence of more iron in the red rock salt makes it much more difficult to cut and cut the rock salt when cutting and producing salt bricks or salt lamp.


Halito rock salt company is capable of extracting and supplying 500 tonnes of red rock salt per month

Persian blue salt

Persian Blue salt, which holds the title of the rarest and rarest rock salt in the world, has the lowest extraction rate among all the different types of rock salt worldwide.

On the other hand being scarce and also many minerals found in this rock salt, most of it is potassium,
It has made this rock salt world famous.

It is said that the rock salt was first discovered by Alexander’s troops during Alexander’s expedition to Iran and dates back to the late dinosaurs.

rock salt export

However, with all the explanations given, Persian blue salt is still scarce and hard to find.


Buy persian blue salt directly from Iran

If you intend to enter international markets for blue salt trade, Halito rock salt company always has the largest amount of blue salt to sell.

Introducing type of white rock salt

As mentioned in the previous section, most of the salts in nature are white in color, and the difference between white salts is great because some white rock salts have gypsum and some have lime on the other.

But the Halito rock salt company extracts three types of white rock salt, two of which are unique in the world and are exclusively marketed internally by the Halito Co.

rock salt export


White rock salt has a very wide export market

The following are more familiar with these 3 white rock salt samples.

White rock salt very high quality

White rock salt very high quality is by far the most striking wonder of nature in the rock salt field because it has a very high purity of 99.5%.

People who deal with rock salt know that this purity is great for rock salt, but it is now extracted and exported by this company.

The most common use of this rock salt is to produce edible salt and to resin and water treatment because it has the highest sodium content and the least amount of calcium and magnesium impurities.

rock salt export

White rock salt high quality

White rock salt high quality is one percent lower in purity than white rock salt very high quality and is 98.5 percent but it has a very high specificity and high density and high resistance to cutting and drilling.

The positive thing is that the use of this salt for making salt lamp is so abundant that the salt-rich countries are the main importers of this rock salt, including Turkey and Russia.

rock salt export

White rock salt normal quality

White rock salt normal quality is the most widely used in the industry because it is not highly convertible to edible salt, but is a good choice for industrial and animal use because it is much cheaper than other white salts.

Of course, the type of industrial use is very important because it cannot be used in all areas, for example, the field of ​​dyeing and fabrication , its purity and type of rock salt is very sensitive and this rock salt has vein and can not be used in this field.

rock salt export


Get a free consultation before buying rock salt

Selecting rock salt is a very important and sensitive issue and is often considered simple but be sure to consult us to avoid harm and this consultation is completely free.

Black rock salt

Black rock salt, like other salts in nature, has specific uses, most of which are for The leather industry and the use of animal feed.

The lack of iron and magnesium in this rock salt makes it a great option for livestock and dairy farms and on the other hand is the cheapest price for black rock salt.

rock salt export

Crystal rock salt

Crystalline rock salt has a glass-like shape and is structurally different from other rock salts.

The rock salts in the mines are the result of the accumulation of sediments up the center of the earth and the mountains, which after millions of years have produced rock salt but the crystalline rock salt has no sedimentary state and has been derived from evaporation and drying up of lakes over many centuries. Is.

rock salt export

The degree of purity of crystalline rock salts depends on its transparency and thus its pricing varies.

Strength can be said to be the most pure crystalline rock salt in the world, the Halito company has, with the an incredible 99.9% purity and no higher than that.


Contact us for purchase of pure crystalline rock salt

type of salt mesh

Rock salt crumbles into smaller pieces, which are named in terms of screen output mesh and each has numerous applications in various industries.

To find out more you can join us with different salt mesh size.

White salt mesh 80

Of all the salts that comes after crushing the rock, salt mesh 80 has the largest size and is known by various names in the salt market.

Most of this salt is used for water treatment and also for dishwasher salt.

rock salt export

White salt mesh 110

Salt mesh 110 has the highest production in all dimensions of salt and is used for the following:

  • Salt drilling
  • production Oil
  • Road salt
  • Bakery salt

rock salt export

White salt mesh 120

Mesh salt 120, also known as shellfish salt, is often used to dry fish in large volumes.

rock salt export

White salt mesh 130

mesh salt 130 is known as table salt salt because it is quite similar to ordinary edible salt.

rock salt export

White powder salt

Powdered salt, Afghanistan’s favorite salt, is commonly used in the food industry, and is used in industrial production environments that require a salt-like flour to absorb moisture.

In addition to the food industry, this salt is also used for road salt in combination with salt mesh 110.

rock salt export

Of course, the presence of powdered salt in any of the aggregates will decrease the quality and price of the salt mesh.

Road salt

In winter, with snow and frost it is usually more difficult to drive on the roads than before, which is the main reason for freezing the road surface and in some cases making it virtually impossible to drive.

To fix this problem, roads are sprayed with salt because the salt will melt the ice and, on the other hand, raise friction, which will also make driving in snow and ice possible.

rock salt export

On the other hand, the road salt standard is different, which actually refers to the type of road salt.

If you use the machine for spraying salt, usually use mesh salt 110 because the powder adheres to the machine, but there is no problem in hand spraying.

type of edible salt

Refined edible salts are the only edible salts approved by the Iranian Ministry of Health and licensed salts can only be used in related industries food.

Of course, these salts have 2 different grades as described below, but the key point in choosing refined edible salt is that its export is determined by the target market because the type of salt approved by the Ministry of Health varies from country to country.

Recrystallization salt: recrystallization salt is the salt produced by the salt crystallization process, in which the salt is completely crushed and its nature completely altered, with all the minerals being added to it being removed, and What remains is pure sodium with the least impurity.

rock salt export

The highest sodium purity is found in this salt, even at 99.8% “yekpash” salt purity.

Hydromil Salt: Hydromil salt is less purity than recrystallized salt because in this method the salt rock is less broken and soluble and its purity is always above 98.5% but up to 99%.

This salt is widely used because its price and purity are approved by most industries and countries.

rock salt export

Export salt lamp

Halito rock salt company in addition to the salts and rock salts you see above, the largest rock salt producing manufactory in Iran because access to the largest salt mine in the Middle East and having rock salt cutting complex.

The products made in this set of Halito salt lamp are very affordable because of the high quality of the product and because Halito is a product manufacturer.

Rock salt export from Iran

The following information is required for exporting rock salt and different types of salt:

  1. Which country is the product for?
  2. How much does the buyer order?
  3. How many days is the delivery time?

In the salt and stone salt trade you should keep in mind that this product is not very expensive and the most important thing in this trade is the shipping rate which determines whether or not a transaction is to be made.

rock salt export

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran.

The biggest Bulk rock salt supplier in Iran, wholesaler and exporter rock salt in Iran, orange rock salt, white rock salt, red rock salt and black rock salt in bulk.

what is rock salt?

The things that are the part of the trade of the world are of high value and we all ca see the things or we can say various items of trade in the markets.

Bulk rock salt supplier

The bestselling of the things in markets is something great and we all cannot deny this fact at all. The beauty of the world holds natural things which are the part of the trade of the world too and rock salt is among them as well. This is the item of great value and people are highly using them in their lives for diverse purposes.

Bulk rock salt supplier

The wide presence of the kinds of salt in the whole world, is something great and people are very highly indulged with the items too. The reason behind this is that we all need salt in our lives, for cooking, for curing or cleaning and so many other purposes. Further, one cannot deny at all the prominence of salt in our lives, which is there since centuries.

There are various salts in the world, white salts being the most widely used, and white salts come in two forms.

  • From the sea
  • From salt mines

Bulk rock salt supplier

Meanwhile, salt derived from mines is much purer and more beneficial to the body and useful for treating diseases.

Why iran rock salt?

Iran has many salt mines, some of which are unique in the world, including the best white salt mine in the world.
On the other hand, orange and red salt mines and crystal rock salt are unique in that they have the ability to supply large quantities of rock salt in Halito rock Salt Company with the largest salt mine in the Middle East.

Bulk rock salt supplier


Extraction of more than 10,000 tons of rock salt per month is one of the capabilities of the Halito company

Iran rock salt price

The types of rock salt are wide and vast. The high rate of selling of salt in the world is valued by people due to the price of items. Rock salt is the natural item which is gained from mining in the world. The salt in the shape of rock is very attractive as well.

Bulk rock salt supplier

Additionally, prices of salt which is imported is high due to the quality of the item. The bulk selling of rock salts holds high prices as well which is increasing every year.

The selling of rock salt in the whole world is high and the prices of the items vary as well. We all can see the rates of the rock salts, if they are imported, highly increasing in the various regions of the world, which is very important.

Bulk rock salt supplier

The sales market of Iranian salt in the world

Iran has a great potential in exporting salt and having an important role in the world’s salt market.

Bulk rock salt supplier

Importers of rock salt

Iran is the world’s largest exporter and holder of salt in the Middle East, ranked No. 15 in the world, including Halito, the largest supplier of salt to Iran.

A wide variety of rock salt types are extracted from this collection and exported to the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Georgia
  • India
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Turkey

We deliver the rock salt to the best price in the country of destination

Bulk rock salt supplier

Different types of rock salt for export

If we look around us, in the markets of the various regions of the world, we will see that export is the very commonly known phenomena which is widely expanded in the whole world. The is the main part of trade. There are different edible or we can say natural items are part of exports and salt especially rock salt is among them all.

Bulk rock salt supplier

The diversity is seen in the natural items like salt in the whole world. The value of the diversity is high, as people hold different tastes which require various items as well. If we look at the items like salt, we will see the kinds of it in a great amount in the markets of the world.

Bulk rock salt supplier

Furthermore, the sales of the kinds of salts is very valuable and people are demanding for the items, at a very high rate as well. The rock salts are actually raw form of the salts that we mine out.

  • Orange rock salt
  • Red rock salt
  • White rock salt
  • Different types of edible salt of different sizes

The highest amount of salt extraction is related to white rock salt because the largest volume of salt is white rock salt and this salt is unique worldwide.

Bulk rock salt supplier

There are various uses of this white salt rock including:

  • For edible uses and salt production
  • Salt lamp
  • for hard water and refresh resin

Salt-rich countries such as Russia, Turkey and India are also major buyers of this rock salt.

Bulk rock salt supplier

Export Rock salt

export  is a vital part of every country’s business by having 68 different types of minerals ,iran holds the tenth rank in diversity of resources in the world .

one of the most successful businesses in iran is the rock salt crystal market the type of which that is of a high quality is frequently used in daily meals .

Bulk rock salt supplier

Iran holds the eighth rank in diversity of salt mines and also is top 7 in the world in extraction and production of salt .iran’s share of global salt export is less than three percent.

china is the biggest salt producer in the world .america and india are second and third after china.

Bulk rock salt supplier


It is interesting to know that salt-rich countries are the largest importers of rock salt from Iran

Through recent years Iraq has been considered to be iran’s the most important export target . Africa also has problems with storing salt ,consequently could be a good market for iran’s salt export.

Bulk rock salt supplier

UAE , QUATAR and Iraq are iran’s export markets even though there are salt resources in Iraq but due to iraq’s special circumstances there hasn’t been any investments in this field ,hence it could be a reasonable target for iran’s salt export .most of iran’s salt is exported to armenia ,Iraq ,turkey ,Turkmenistan and UAE.


Halito rock salt company is the largest exporter of rock salt in Iran

Bulk rock salt supplier

Rock salt trading in bulk and without a bag offers a lot of benefits to the buyer and seller as placing the rock salt in the bag not only costs much more but also requires more preparation time.

Bulk rock salt supplier

Halito Company is the largest exporter of bulk or no bag that contains a variety of rock salt:

  • White salt rock
  • Orange salt rock
  • Red salt rock

It has the highest amount of extraction and export, which is done without the bag.

You may be wondering how the rock salt can be transported without a bag to see your answer, just watch this video.

for order rock salt in bulk contact us.

bulk rock salt wholesale supply and export to India and China from Iran, orange rock salt, white rock salt, red rock salt, highest quality and lowest price.

Export orange rock salt

Orange rock salt has many customers and it is interesting to know that the largest volume of Orange rock salt is always the Halito rock Salt company has.

Due to access to the largest salt mine in the Middle East, the halito company is the largest exporter of orange rock salt.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Generally, the purity of this rock salt is higher than 97% and 98% and is high in density.

Red rock salt market

Red rock salt like oranges are abundant in domestic and foreign customers and have high levels of iron.

In the global markets of Pakistan, it is much more successful because of its higher volume of rock salt and on the other hand it has entered the international markets much earlier than we do.

bulk rock salt wholesale

But Iran’s red rock salt is much cheaper than Pakistan’s red rock, which has generally made foreign customers reluctant to buy it.

Introduction to blue rock salt

Each of the rock salts found in Iran’s mines has its fans in the corner of the world, one of the rarest of salts being blue salt.

This rock salt has a very specific clientele due to the scarcity of customers who mostly live in Western Europe, and it is good to note that it was first discovered during the Alexander’s expedition to Iran and has been known among Europeans ever since has been.

bulk rock salt wholesale


Halito rock salt company always has the highest amount of blue rock salt
contact us

Wholesale Crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt is type of rock salt which glass-like and crystalline, and is one of the rarest rock salt.

However, the scarcity of this rock salt is much less than that of aqueous salts, since the crystal rock salt of the glass is approximately 25 tonnes extracted.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Both Pakistan and Iran are major holders of crystal rock salts, but the Iranian sample is much higher quality and purer, and according to the latest analysis, it has a purity of 99.9%, which is the ultimate purity in a rock salt.


Halito rock Salt Company is the largest supplier of crystal rock salt in Iran

What is livestock rock salt?

As we need to use salt to maintain our body balance and mobility, this is a top priority for livestock, including cattle, sheep and other livestock.

The main reason for this is the heavy weight and size of these animals and the fact that they need four legs to move, so they must always have a healthy and healthy body and will lose their mobility if they do not get enough food.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Because of their tendency to breed and breed, salt is used all over the world in animal feed, although some use salt, but salt is always a priority for livestock.

Types of industrial rock salt

Rock salt is widely used in the industry and there is a special salt for each use.

Part of the use of rock salt in different industries is as follows:

  • Resin hardening and water treatment in other words resin resurfacing
  • The whole food industry, especially olives and cucumbers
  • Dyeing and spinning
  • Leather and tanning
  • All industrial complexes have boiler
  • Production of shampoos and hygiene products
  • Manufacture of cosmetics
  • Restoration of dialysis machine
  • And many other industries

bulk rock salt wholesale

Each of these industries uses a special type of rock salt, so here are 4 examples of the best types of rock salt for industry.

Superior rock salt: This rock salt, which is very scarce and only marketed by the Halito Co. is of high purity and destroys all deposits created in the boiler or dialysis machine in an astonishing manner.

The price of this salt is higher than other salts and its purity is even higher than edible salt.

bulk rock salt wholesale

High quality rock salt: This rock salt is widely used in many industries because it is less expensive than superior rock salt and has a purity 98.5 %.

On the other hand, this rock salt is very suitable for resin restoration and is also used for olives and brines.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Normal rock salt: Normal rock salt has good quality and has little impurity, only dark red veins and the majority of white rock salt.

This rock salt is widely used because of its low price and covers almost all industries.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Black rock salt: Black rock salt is generally used in the animal and agricultural industries for tanning and leather because it is the cheapest type of salt and used in industries whose purity does not matter.

bulk rock salt wholesale

sell industrial salt

Rock salt is broken down into different aggregates, each of which is used in one industry.

  • Mesh 80
  • Mesh 110
  • Mesh 120
  • Mesh 130
  • Powder salt

There are various aggregates that are formed after crushing rock salt.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Each of these aggregates has many different uses in different industries. For example, look at the table below:

salt useage
Mesh 110 It is widely used as drilling salt as well as road salt
Powder Most used in the acid industry
Mesh 120 and 130 It is widely used in fisheries for drying fish
Mesh 80 It is widely used for water purification

Wholesale Salt lamp

In the Halito company, decorative rock salt is produced in a very large volume and all of these salts have extraordinary healing properties.

In addition to the natural and natural minerality of Halito’s therapeutic salts, the packaging is reasonably priced and has led many customers to use this product daily.

To find out more about you companions, the best-selling products of the Halito company are displayed.

Bulk rock salt wholesaler

Selling bulk rock salt is one of the most popular businesses around the world and the best feature of this type of trade is its cheapness.
If you want to reduce your costs as a rock salt buyer, you should buy rock salt in bulk.

bulk rock salt wholesale

bulk rock salt price per ton 2019

bulk rock salt wholesale

The largest salt supplier in the Middle East

Because in bulk trading the bag is removed so ordering volume is much higher and only a strong supplier can supply a large volume of rock salt in the least amount of time.

Halito rock salt company as the largest supplier of rock salt in the Middle East has the capacity to supply more than 10,000 tons of rock salt per month, a record in this field.

bulk rock salt wholesale

Bulk rock salt export to India, China and Russia are major Halito rock salt company activities.

Export rock salt in different colors red orange blue white, supply crystal rock salt and red rock salt and blue rock salt from iran.

Iran rock salt

In most of its areas, Iran has huge salt mines and reserves of salt and rock salt that extract and consume millions of tons of salt annually.

Some cities, such as Garmsar, which have large reserves of salt rock, have been more active in this area, and the extensive extraction and loading facilities in the city have made the area famous for its salt and salt poles of Iran.


The largest Garmsar salt mine is owned by Halito company, which is also the largest salt mine in the Middle East.

export rock salt

Of course, not all salt mines in Garmsar have the quality required for extraction and processing, and only one or two mines have very unique salts that are exceptional and rare.

Halito rock salt company With the largest Middle East salt mine in the world with more than 450 tons of rock salt per day, it is a record holder in the Middle even countries with rock salt such as Turkey and Russia want these rock salts.

Orange rock salt

One of the wonders of nature is the presence of colored rock salt in the mines, which is rarely found in some salt mines.

All over the world there are two countries that have the largest reserves of orange rock salt, including Iran and Pakistan, and so far no country has had as many sources of colored salt as these two countries.

Of course, it should be noted that the stock of colored rock salts of orange and red, if we consider 100, is owned by Pakistan 75 and the rest by Iran.

export rock salt

But to add to the above example, if we take the rock salt reserves of Iran and Pakistan again as a whole, we consider 100 Iran has 80 and Pakistan has 20.


The salt reservoir of Iran is very abundant and in the field of rock salt is one of the first countries in the world

Red rock salt

Red rock salt also like orange salt, it is a rare rock salt that is said to have the largest reserves in Iran and Pakistan, and the abundance of this rock salt in Iran is greater than that of orange rock salt.

The reason for the less well known colored rock salts in Iran is that the white salt mines are so abundant that no colored salts are found at all, and the salts used are always white, and salt in a different color is less common in Iran.

export rock salt


Halito rock Salt company has the largest volume of Orange and Red rock Salt for sale and export.

Sell blue rock salt

In addition to orange rock salt and red rock salt, there is another type of rock salt known as blue rock salt and found only in Iran.

Again, if we take into account the abundance of blue rock salt, for example, the total reserves of rock salt if there is a number such as 100, the blue salt stock cannot even be counted, and a fraction of 1 must be taken into account.

For this reason (the scarcity) in the case of Iranian blue salt, the use of the term tonnage is not correct and there is always talk of kilos, although its price is by no means cheap.

export rock salt

On the other hand, it is difficult to supply aqueous salts and is not always available, and one must go to the companies that have aqueous salts.


The Halito rock Salt company has the largest stock of blue salt ever

Export white rock salt

White rock salt, the largest reservoir of which belongs to Iran, comes in different qualities in the Halito rock Salt company.

Grading and classification of these rock salts are based on their purity and naturally the higher the quality and purity of the rock salt, the more expensive it will naturally be.

export rock salt

Basically, white rock salts with a purity above 99.5% are hard and difficult to find, but one of the wonders of nature is the presence of white rock salt with a purity of 99.5% at the salt mine that has many fans overseas.

White rock Salts In addition to being widely used for edible salt production, white salts are widely used in various industries, most notably:

  • Animal feed consumption
  • Hardening and water purification
  • Resuscitation and boiler recovery
  • All industries tidy with food production
  • Production of rock salt lamp

export rock salt

supplier of industrial salt

Along with the extraction and harvesting of salt from the Garmsar salt mines, these salts have been crushed and the result of crushing and crushing of salt, there are different types of industrial salts with different aggregates, each of which is used in different industries.

Industrial salts each have many names and are named according to the size of the outlet of the machine or the mesh:

  • Salt mesh 80
  • Salt mesh 110
  • Salt mesh 120
  • Salt mesh 130
  • Powdered salt

export rock salt

Industrial salts are common in the domestic and overseas markets and are widely sold, each of which is renamed under different names in the market.

It is never possible to say exactly which salt is higher in order, and the type of salt used in different regions varies depending on the season.


Due to load congestion, coordinate export orders are required at least 2 weeks in advance

Crystal rock salt

Crystalline salt is a very transparent type of rock salt that is very rare in glass because of its medicinal use.

Crystalline salt is widely used in medicine and cosmetics, and is also used to make expensive ornamental dogs.

export rock salt

The countries that own this product are Pakistan and Iran in the world, but a very clear and glassy sample with a purity of 99.9%, which is the ultimate purity of a salt rock, has been found only in Iran.


Pure crystal rock salt available in Halito company with 99.9% Minimum Order of 10 Tons

Halito rock Salt company offers the purest type of crystalline salt without any vein at a very reasonable price for export.

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Production of salt bricks

Halito rock salt company produces various types of salt bricks due to its direct access to the salt mine and other specialized salt-cutting workshops.

The table below shows the different dimensions of the salt brick with its minimum order and different colors.

Colors minimum order Dimensions
white-orange-red-brown 1000 Pcs 10*15

If you are going to buy salt bricks, certainly the price offered by Halito company, along with the high quality, has nothing to say about competitors and your customers from any country who want to buy these mineral and natural salts.

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Most of the salt brick is used to make the salt room, and it is interesting to note that the Halito company is the largest salt cave room builder in Iran and the Middle East.

Salt exporter in Iran

Halito rock salt Company is the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran.
This company also manufactures and exports various types of industrial salts, you can buy from us without worry.

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Halito also offers you the cheapest container shipping rates, which is amazing.
In addition to buying directly from the factory, you will receive salt at a very affordable price by buying from Halito

Salt export to india

One of the countries that Halito rock salt company has a direct relationship with is India.
We always have the best offers for India as we give the cheapest shipping rates to our buyers.

Available in different grades of Orange rock Salt, Red rock Salt and White Salt as well as Grades of White Salt at the best Price for India.

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Production of persian salt lamp

Halito rock salt company With highly skilled craftsmen in handicrafts, the company produces a variety of decorative salts that these products are widely and widely used at home and abroad.

Contact us for wholesale Halito rock salt lamp decor.

Export rock salt at very cheap prices

Rock salt is always priced lower than other products, and the most important thing in trading this product is the shipping cost.

Halito company offers its customers the lowest freight rates with extensive communications with both domestic and foreign transit and maritime networks, which will greatly help reduce costs.

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Export bulk rock salt to Russia India Turkey Azerbaijan from Iran, low price, best quality, white rock salt, red rock salt, orange rock salt, blue rock salt. edible salt.

Introduce Iran rock salt

Iran has the largest rock salt reserves in the Middle East and according to global statistics, it is among the top 20 countries in the world it is in the possession and extraction of rock salt.

There are various types of salt rock in this country, some of these salts have a worldwide reputation and are nowhere to be found.

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The following are some of the salts with healing properties:

  • Orange rock salt
  • red salt rock
  • Crystalline salt rock
  • white rock salt purity 99.5 %
  • Blue rock salt
  • Red rock salt

Orange rock salt

Orange rock salt is commonly known as the Himalayan rock salt, But it is good to know that orange rock salt in Iran is extracted in addition to Pakistan.

In terms of minerals, there is no difference in the amount of minerals in Pakistan but it is far more affordable than its Pakistani rival.

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Major buyers of orange rock salt from Iran, are countries India, Turkey, UAE and China.


Call to order orange rock salt

The stock of this rock salt is not very abundant for this purpose Halito Company customers always in advance they reserve their orders.

Red rock salt

Red rock salt is like orange rock salt among the salts that are extracted from the mines of Iran.

Red rock salt is usually rich in iron it is very useful for the treatment of anemia and iron deficiency.

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The major buyers of red rock salt are China and India and turkey, Usually the amount of this rock salt is more than orange rock salt.

The price of Iranian Red rock Salt despite the very high quality is very cheap.

Crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt is a type of rock salt That’s because of the nature of the formation it has a very high purity, The value of this rock salt is determined by the amount of transparency it has.

Non-transparent crystalline rock salt or very low transparency is very abundant But quite transparent crystalline rock salt like glass is very rare.

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Halito rock salt Company, Crystal rock salt like glass extracts and exports to Russia and Turkey.

From crystal rock salt transparent used for the manufacture of medicines and for the manufacture of cosmetics.

It is also used in the production and manufacture of rock salt decor and most have high prices.

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Edible rock salt

Many people ask this question is rock salt edible?

The answer is to say, Not every rock salt is suitable for oral consumption because edible rock salt should have certain properties.

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  1. Edible rock salt should be completely white
  2. Do not have black or red streaks or any other color
  3. Its purity is higher than 99%

Rock salt with these characteristics is scarce but there is a mineral in Iran that has a therapeutic rock salt and its purity more than 99.4% .

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This rock salt is unique throughout the world and can be taken orally and consumed without any refining operations.

Benefits of export rock salt from Iran

Iran is located in the best part of the Middle East and it has access to land and water around the world On the other hand.

The price of rock salt in Iran is very cheap because of the cost of manpower it’s cheap in this country.

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For example The price of one ton of orange rock salt in Iran is $ 7 which is much cheaper than Pakistan.

Build salt room and salt cave

Halito Group in addition to extracting rock salt, Is the biggest manufacturer salt room and salt cave team in the Middle East.

High quality projects implemented by Halitto Group and large number of clients it has caused most new customers to run the salt cave room project wait a few months.

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where to buy persian salt block

Salt brick is used to build the salt wall, three things are usually important about salt brick:

  1. First dimensions of salt brick 
  2. Second it was Being flat
  3. The price is right

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Salt bricks manufactured by Halito company in addition to very high quality and being flat the price is very reasonable and shipped to all over the world.

The salt bricks produced have the following dimensions:

  • 10cm*15cm*3cm
  • 10cm*20cm*3cm
  • 15*cm*20cm*3cm
  • 20cm*30cm*3cm
  • 10*cm*10cm*10cm

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persian salt lamp models

Halito rock Salt Co. is the largest producer of Persian salt lmaps in Iran.

Various persistent Iranian designs on rock salt that have many customers around the world.

All salt lamps manufactured by Halito company are property there are many treatments and are made of mineral white rock salt.

You can see a sample of our products visit this page to see all products.

Export bulk rock salt

Halitto rock Salt Company with direct access to the largest salt mine in the Middle East, The largest exporting company is from Iran.

This company exports its products to many countries Including these countries Russia, India, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Iraq, Emirates, Afghanistan, Germany, Italy, France is.

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Rock salt types such as exported by this company Including:

  • Blue salt rock
  • Orange rock salt
  • Red rock salt
  • Crystal rock salt
  • Edible salt
  • Salt lamp

Contact us to order any of these products.

Buy edible salt rock from mine what are the benefits of a buyer without a broker? But how will the buyer be able to remove profitable brokers and salt brokers?

Halito rock salt company for convenience buyers make a variety of edible rock salt directly downloads from mine and sends to destination.

Is rock salt edible?

This is usually a frequently asked question one of the issues with salt rock is always the customer’s mind!

It should be noted that not all salts are edible because when it comes to human consumption of feed, we must act strictly.

But there are some types of rock salt its quality is higher than refined edible salt but these salts are scarce and you can’t buy them easily find it on the market.

Buy edible rock salt

Halito rock salt company make medical edible rock salt extracts and exports if you also want to buy this type of rock salt contact us.

Does rock salt have iodine?

Rock salt if natural and being edible, it has all the ingredients necessary for edible consumption among these is the natural iodine that is present in rock salt.

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Edible rock salt constituents

According to tests of salt constituents there are two elements chlorine and sodium that are soluble in water immediately after extraction, most of the extracted salts are white, red, and orange.

The presence of different impurities in the composition of these two elements causes the color to change This, for example, will cause the presence of two elements of carbon and uranium salt crystals are changed to black and dark.

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Rock salt is also called halite or natural sodium chloride

The Benefits of Using rock Salt

Rock Salt is the first and most important seasoning used by humans.

Salt has many different benefits, but if only 5 grams of salt is consumed daily, eating more salt will have numerous health risks such as stroke, hypertension and heart attack Had.

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Here are some examples of the benefits of eating salt:

  • It facilitates and improves the metabolism of food and nutrients in the body
  • Delivers nerve messages
  • Improves muscle function
  • And many more

where to buy edible rock salt?

To buy medical edible rock Salt just contact us and place your order you will receive your order anywhere in the world.

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Salt block Cooking

Now that we’ve talked about edible rock salt it is good to mention the rock salt of cooking too.

Culinary salt rock called complex  names as plate rock salt, salt slate, rock salt block, Cooking rock Salt also known.

In terms of nutritional value white rock salt is higher than orange and red rock salt Because white salt is medical and pure and it has no additives.

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You may be wondering why the Himalayan Salt or Orange is so popular?

The answer is to say  Pakistan’s Himalayan Salt Stone is famous for its worldwide popularity and on the other hand Pakistan has no white rock salt at all and its salt mines are colored so it can only supply orange salt.

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But Iran has the ability to supply white rock salt and colored rock salt with numerous salt mines.

where to buy salt bricks, Halito Co. is the largest producer of salt bricks, Salt bricks are completely flattened, In different colors, The price is very cheap, Export to all parts of the world.

Introducing salt bricks

Some rock salt has a higher density and more solidity to other salt rocks Which makes it possible to cut them off.

After selecting the appropriate salt cut salt as much as it is determined, it is cut into rock salt and a piece of salt rock comes in exactly the same way as a brick known as salt bricks.


Not every salt rock can be cut and it may come in with the first hit of the powder some of the salt stones also last until the last cutting step but after the work ends, they leave behind.

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What color is the salt bricks?

Salt slices used for cutting their color spectrum depends on the color of the rock salt found in the mines that set of Halito Rock salt company is a rock salt of its salt from the Garmsar Salt Mine that belongs to it is the same company that extracts.

The salt color of the rock in the Garmsar mines is as follows:

  • White
  • White with streaks
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Red

We are always ordering salt bricks we use all of these colors because the color combination of salt bricks will multiply the beauty of the salt wall and salt room.

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buy salt bricks for walls

One of the uses of salt bricks is to build a salt wall the use of salt bricks and the construction of salt walls is more than ever before the main reason for this is the very high salt content and on the other hand, the beauty of this product is very stunning.

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Halite salt rock group salt bricks in different colors and different dimensions produces and the price of the products produced at this factory is very cheap.


Call the salt bricks for information

salt blocks for cooking

salt block or salt block for cooking or grill salt block all are different names referring to large-scale cuttings of rock salt.

Sliced ​rock ​salt in this dimension because of being big and heavy it does not have the Chinese wall and has the best use
Use as grilling and baking grilled foods.

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Salt block brings a great, unique flavor to the food because you do not need to add salt to your diet at all and as salt is needed, salt is added to the food.

Hallito rock salt company Salt block for cooking produces and exports at a very cheap price.

salt bricks wholesale

To order a major purchase of salt bricks and rock salt for cooking, Ordering is not feasible and for salt bricks at least 5 thousand pieces
and for salt block for cooking at least 2,000 orders can be made.

buy salt bricks
You can contact us at any time of the day.

where can you buy rock salt, The Halito Group is the largest supplier and producer of salt rock in Iran which exports its products to the whole world.

Introducing Halito Group

Garmsar is the center of Iran’s rock salt, which supplies more than 80% of Iran’s domestic and export market’s salt demand.

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of Garmsar rock Salt and exports its products to the whole world.

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In the following for more about you the types of Garmsar salt products that are exported by the Halito Group are presented.

Introduction of Garmsar rock salt

In the mines of Garmsar, various salt stones are extracted, some of which are not found in the world and are found only in this city.
Garmsar salt types are introduced for further information:

Blue rock salt: Blue rock salt mostly known as Persian Blue Salt the most rarest salt rock in the world it is found only in the mines salt of the Garmsar city of Iran.

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The Halito Group is the largest supplier of blue salt, and always has blue salt available for sale.

Orange rock salt and Red rock salt: Pakistan and Iran have the highest amount of orange rock salt and red rock salt.

But a very important point is the cheap price of Iranian orange and red rock Salt.

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India is the largest buyer of orange rock salt and red rock salt from Iran

White rock salt purity 99.2 %: An example of white salt rock is extracted from Garmsar mines which has a very exceptional purity of 99.2%.

It is a salt of salt for the production of edible salt in addition, this rock salt has other uses:

  • Remove water hardness
  • Resin recovery
  • Eliminating boiler sediments
  • Wash your dialysis machine
  • Animal feed

Buy rock salt

If you want to buy rock salt any type of Garmsar rock salt, just contact us.

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In the fastest time all orders are in any place from the world you will be delivered to you and the minimum order for delivery depends on the type of rock salt.

supply and export iran rock salt, white rock salt in Iran has 99.5 purity which is unique in the world.

Rock salt mines

Salt rock minerals are the result of the formation of deposits from millions of years ago.
These sediments are in fact the same mineral that has many properties and salt with various colors is also due to the presence of various minerals.

iran rock salt
Rock salt minerals exist in many countries, but their rock salt quality is different and one of the countries with high quality salt rock is Iran.
The Garmsar region in Iran has some rock salt mines that do not exist in the world like that.

Garmsar salt mines

As already mentioned, some of the rock salt mines in Garmsar are not comparable in the world including Blue rock salt and white salt rock with a purity of 99.5%.

iran rock salt

Blue rock salt or the famous blue salt only found in Garmsar mines. Persian blue salt in the world has a lot to buy but there is always a small amount of it.

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Supply and export Iran rock salt

Extraction, supply and export of rock salt Of the things that need to be very careful.

iran rock salt

Engineers of Halito Co., with a huge experience of years of supply and rock salt exports all orders are carefully packed and shipped.