Halito Rock Salt Company

Halito Rock Salt Company based in Garmsar, Iran. This Company with direct access to the Garmsar Salt Mines exports the best types of rock salt to the countries.

  • 2000


    Rock Salt Mine

  • 2010

    Table Salt Factory



  • 2012


    Salt lamp production plant

  • 2013

    Build Salt Cave



  • 2014


    Export Rock Salt

Halito Co. also manufactures and exports the most beautiful models of rock salt decorative with specialist workshops for the production of rock salt lamp.

The works produced in the Hallito series are unique in their kind.

Exports of persian blue salt, exports of red rock salt, exports of white rock salt , exports of crystalline rock salt, the production and export of rock salt lamp and rock salt decor of the activities of the Halito Rock Salt Company.

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Address: Enghelab square, Garmsar, Iran
Phone: +98 (912) 938 0188 – Fax: +98 (21) 4385 2831
Email: info@haliteo.com