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what is crystal rock salt

About three hundred million years ago, there was a vast old ocean on the Iran plateau, the remnants of which is the Zagros Mountain chain. This unpolluted ocean was preserved as one of the largest crystal constituents and is now the purest source of salt on Earth. The purest rock salt in the world is Crystal Rock salt, because it has the highest purity of 99% which is an astonishing number.

All the salt mines are the result of drying up the seas over the past 200 to 300 million years, in the second geological period and the accumulation of sediments in the heart of the earth. However fresh water lakes located in particular climatic areas were able to unveil the Crystal Rock salt.

Like other salts and rock salts, Crystal Rock salt has a sour taste, but what made it into a medical and edible substance lies in its sodium content and the highest purity.

crystal rock salt

Uses of crystal rock salt

The amount of Crystal Rock salt is scarier than other kinds of salts, therefore it is important to use it in the cautious and proper manner.

The Crystal Rock salt has two major applications:

  1. Drug production and medicinal use
  2. Manufacturing cosmetics
  3. Manufacturing and producing ornamental rock salt

As mentioned in the previous section, Crystal Rock salt is a very suitable for medicinal purposes because of its high purity and no impurities.

However, the use of Crystal Rock salt for medicinal purposes has two types. In the first type, medicine companies purchase the Crystal Rock salt and use it in production of drugs. In the second type, the Crystal salt is directly consumed as a medicine which is common among apothecaries.

In one stage of cosmetic production, it is necessary to inject the salt into the product with the least impurity and since Crystal Rock salt has the least impurity it is the best option for this process.

The transparency of Crystal Rock salt is a determining factor in its valorization.

In addition to the two above cases, Crystal Rock salt is also used in manufacturing ornamental Rock salt.

Unlike other home decorative items made of steel, brass and aluminum, crystalline salt lamps neither deplete natural resources nor waste energy or pollute the environment.

Crystal Rock salt is by far the purest salt found on the earth and is completely free of toxin and pollutant. However, because of its high price it usually has special customers and is not a product for everyone to buy.

Crystal Rock salt can also be used in bathing, as its amazing crystals have excellent healing properties, especially when exposed to high temperature and heat.

Crystal salts can be used either to make salty water in the bath, or can be warmed and applied to different parts of the body and used for therapeutic purposes because the crystal salt is environment friendly and can heal the heal.

Despite the high price of Crystal Rock salt chandeliers, the products made from Crystal Rock salt has a specific property that no other types of rock salt have. When heated, the Crystal Rock salt defuses its negative ions in the air and absorbed by the moisture. When inhaled, the small particles (in micron size) pass through the lungs, creating a natural cleansing mechanism in the respiratory system and clean all the impurities from the cell surface.

Crystal Rock salt is a perfectly natural skin exfoliating.

Also, if you are going to detoxify the body, Crystal salt will also help you a lot.

Crystal Rock salt works in several ways:

  1.  When heated, Crystal Rock salt release negative ions, which have antimicrobial, air purifying, skin cleansing and health promoting properties. Air purification by binding to positive ions helps to reduce dust and allergens.
  2.  The heat from the Rock salt causes the feet to sweat and purify them by extracting the toxins and bringing in minerals to the body, thereby reducing unhealthy acidity and helping relieve fatigue, pain and over stress.
  3. The detoxifying Crystal Rock salt also makes the skin very soft and tender.

4- Its crystal structure helps to maintain health by opening energy chakras and excreting negative energies, improving concentration and blood circulation while enhancing life force. Crystal Rock salt is also used as a body scrub and skin exfoliating in the bathroom. Exfoliating the upper layers of low-water cells can help clean and brighten the skin.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Crystal Rock salt is one of the reasons for its world fame and wide spread usage in different industries.

Crystal Rock salt is widely used in manufacturing cosmetics

crystal rock salt

where dose crystal rock salt come from

Crystal Rock salt is produced in two different ways. If extracted from the sea, it is called the sea salt, and if extracted from the mine, it is called the mineral salt. The difference between the two salt lies in their mineral content, as the sea Crystal Rock salt has no nutritional or medical properties and is only used for its aesthetic properties while mineral Crystal Rock salt is widely used by drug companies or cosmetic manufactures.

crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt from mine or sea?

It should be mentioned that mineral Crystal Rock salt has many different types and can be been found in many countries. However, the important point in this regard is the transparency of this rock. Hence for, the rock cannot be validated just by the way it is extracted or its distribution. Besides, all the mentioned and medical properties of Crystal Rock salt in the previous sections are just about transparent Crystal Rock salt and no other types of Rock salt.


Crystal rock salt has many mineral

Crystal rock salt price

Rock salt derived from the mines or the sea and presented in the market may sometimes have some degree of impurities. The percentage of impurities in the rock salt is related to its transparency.

The argued Crystal Rock salt has the least impurity in its texture, giving it the name glass Rock salt. It is referred in the market as Del Namak.

The higher the transparency of the Crystal Rock salt, the higher the price of it due to its higher purity (the closer to the glass, the higher the price and the closer to the milky, the lower the price.)

Another important factor, as mentioned above, depends on whether it is the sea salt or the mineral salt. The mineral salt is naturally higher in price than the salt rock.


Crystal Rock salt per kg 19 Cent

Export crystal rock salt

As mentioned previously, the Crystal Roc salt has many medical and properties. Hence for, a lot of medicine and cosmetic manufacturers are major consumer of rock salt.

In Iran there are various number of medical and cosmetic factories working in this field. These companies need to make contract with rock salt mines in order to produce their productions with glass rock salt and crystal rock salt.

The medical companies are the major customer of glass rock salt.

crystal rock salt

Wholesale crystal rock salt

Order your Rock salt via the Iran Salt Market site and deliver it in your home town. All factories in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries can purchase Crystal Glass Rock Salt through our collection.

The minimum order for domestic purchases is 1 ton and for export purchases is 1 container

Before you buy Crystal Rock salt, you need to know what you are going to do with it and where you can buy it!

Halito Salt Collection offers you the most precious type of Crystal Rock salt not available in other parts of the world. It is mostly an export product with low demand in domestic market. However, we recommend first grade Crystal Rock salt with minor difference from the premium Crystal Rock salt for the domestic market with minimum sale of 1 tone.

Beside extracting Crystal Rock salt from the mines, Halito offer the Crystal Rock salt   to the domestic market or export it out board.

crystal rock salt

Halito has sought to combine its technical expertise with market insights and offer the purest, most natural and the highest quality Crystal Rock salt to the market.

One of the target countries for Crystal Rock salt is Turkey, and despite the fact that Turkey has many salt mines, but Crystal Rock salt is one of the rarest type of salt in this country.

we are not without competitor in this market. Pakistan is the Iran’s toughest competitor in Rock salt product. However, the lower price and higher quality of Pakistan Rock salt is the reason for Iran superiority over Pakistan.

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