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The best designs of halito salt lamp

Nice and eye-catching designs halito salt lamp Give your home a beautiful look., halito Rock salt company produces and offers its own salt rock lamp designs from pure salt rock.

Halito salt lamp always had customer satisfaction because of its high quality stone salt, highly professional cutting-edge masters, timely packaging.

Here’s a look at some of the most beautiful salt lamps for the Halito company.

white salt lamp

Salt lamp model globe

The rock salt lamp is perfectly polished and beautiful on a wooden base with a perfectly smooth surface. This lampshade may be the best-selling halito rock salt lamp

white salt lamp

Salt lamp model pyramid

Rock salt in the form of a pyramid has many customers among those who practice yoga the pyramid is always a source of power and energy.

The placement of the rock salt pyramid lamps give a beautiful appearance to the decoration of the environment.

white salt lamp

Salt lamp model bowl

One of the designs that many customers have is the rock salt lamp have the toughest cutting process and bowl salt production is difficult and time consuming.

white salt lamp

Natural salt lamp

Rock salts lamps are originally the natural, intact form of rock salt the rock salts are ready for pasting all kinds of images after surface and bottom cuts.

white salt lamp

Blue salt lamp

We have a great suggestion for you to have a beautiful home, you’ve probably seen many rock salt models on the market, but none are as beautiful as rock salt lamp in blue color, and you may not have seen the blue ball at all.

For this reason, Halito rock salt company for the first time in Iran has produced a salt lamp in blue color is very beautiful, attractive and popular.

white salt lamp

Cubic salt lamp

The salt lamp of the sleeping light or the salt lamp of the Cubic model is very popular among the young.

Because we make our own cubes salt lamp with a wooden base, that’s why fans of this Cubic model are so popular.

Our cubes are 15 * 15 * 15 in size which are enlarged by adding a wooden base underneath, while larger dimensions weigh more and make transportation more difficult so the dimensions listed are standard.

white salt lamp

Use pure rock salt to make salt lamp

As you know, salt lamps start ion exchange operations when used.

These ion-exchange operations lead to the purification of the surrounding environment, and the greater the purity of the rock salt, the greater its effect on the human body.

To this end, and to take advantage of its salt properties, the Halito rock salt company selects and produces salt lamp from one of the most formidable rock salts of high purity.

Our masters of rock salt make beautiful and classy salt lamps that are very suitable for home and work decoration.

white salt lamp

why buy salt lamp?

Rock salt lamps have the same beneficial properties of rock salt because they are made of rock  salt and have a salt structure.

These types of rock salt s have to be exposed to the light source in order to spread their properties to the surrounding space, which is why the light source is used inside these rocks.

white salt lamp

Another property of the salt lamps is the absorption of ambient dust, rock salt absorbs pollutants into the environment and releases negative ions to create a lively atmosphere.

Benefits of salt lamps

In general, rock salt and its shapes, such as rock salt lamps or salt candl, have many properties, some of which are:

  • Suitable for asthma sufferers
  • It is very useful for relaxing the nerves
  • People who are late to sleep can sleep more easily by placing salt rock on the bed
  • Smokers place salt lamps to put cigarettes in place to absorb contamination

white salt lamp

What is ion therapy?

It is interesting to note now that in some countries high-level ion therapy is being taught and even a Phd in ion therapy is being offered.

One of the landmarks in human history thousands of years ago, people were drawn to the incredible properties of salt mines, and they knew the secret to health and survival was spending time in these caves.

In fact, the factor that led people back in time to health is nowadays known as ion exchange, by removing positive ions containing discomfort, depression, illness and pollution and replacing negative ions that bring happiness and health.

This is called ion exchange, and nowadays, salt room and salt cave are being tried to improve the condition of patients through ion therapy.

white salt lamp

Rock salt for cut

Wherever you are in the country and want to cut rock salt, we can send you special rock salt for cutting.
One of the benefits of this rock salt is its salt resistance to cutting and can never be powdered so it can create very beautiful shapes.

white salt lamp

wholesale salt lamp

If you are planning to buy rock salt lamp decor products, we suggest you buy Halitos rock salt Company because Halito offers its products at very low prices.

Contact us for exporting persian salt lamps.

Supply and export pink rock salt

Halito rock salt Company is the largest supplier of orange and red salt in Iran and exports its products to other countries.

white salt lamp

white salt lamp manufacturer

Halito rock salt Company, having the largest salt mine in Garmsar, is the largest supplier of salt in Iran and the largest producer of white salt in Iran.
Halito white salt lamps have a purity of more than 98.5%, which is amazing.

To get acquainted with the company activities, let us briefly describe just one corner of the Halito company activities:

  • Rock salt extraction
  • Export of white, red and orange salts
  • The largest supplier of persian blue salt
  • The largest manufacturer of salt lamps
  • The largest salt brick producer in Iran
  • Supplier and exporter of all kinds of salting grain
  • Exporter of edible salt
  • The only specialized team to build a salt cave room
  • And…

white salt lamp

Contact us for a free consultation on buying and exporting rock salt as part of Halito company activities.

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