Pink salt export

Pink salt export from Iran to India, in jumbo bag, highest quality of Iran rock salt, white rock salt, suji salt in 25 kg bag delivery at mundra port.

Immediate purchase of red rock salt, export of red, pink and orange rock salt with jumbo bag packaging, possibility of performing all customs formalities and delivery by FOB Bandar Abbas or CIF of destination country.

Salt rock, which is prepared from salt, has many properties. There are different types of rock salt and one of the most widely used types is red rock salt.

Pink salt export

There are different types of rock salt, such as:

  • Red rock salt
  • Orange rock salt
  • Yellow rock salt
  • Pink rock salt
  • Red rock salt
  • Brown rock salt

The purchase of this product can be done without public intermediaries and everyone can use its countless properties.

Pink salt export

What are the properties of pink rock salt?

Pink rock salt has many properties, including the following:

  • Properties of red rock salt for heart, thyroid and glands (proximity of this type of rock salt adjacent to the body causes relaxation and strengthens the defense system of heart, kidneys and thyroid)
  • Its usefulness for air pollution (this rock salt changes the air in the room by entering fresh air and changing energy and creating exchange in the room air.
  • Elimination of negative energy (as mentioned, this stone with the property of the beginning of the negative energies present in the room away and causes peace in the room and closed space.)
  • Anti-cancer properties (ions of this stone create anti-cancer properties by converting the negative energy of the brain into positive energy)
  • Treatment of skin diseases 
  • Increase blood flow 
  • Increase mobility 

According to research, the reason for its red color can be the iron streaks inside it, which have turned red during natural reactions.

Pink salt export

Wholesale price of Pink rock salt

To buy red salt, it is enough to refer to two ways and prepare your product. The first way is to buy online, which is one of the best methods, and in this case, the stones are shaved and even rewritten at an affordable price. It is economical and you can buy your product without wasting time and money.

The second method of buying this product is to buy in person, which usually stores and thrift stores sell this product at an affordable price.

Pink salt export

Wholesale of red salt stone is currently done by many sales agents of this product. In this case, you can also buy your product online and without intermediaries. As mentioned, this product has different types and almost all types of These products have the same price and the only determining factor in their price is the weight of these products.

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