rock salt lamp price

wholesale rock salt lamp price, salt block, supply and export  salt lamp in FOB price or delivery at destination.

Introducing the best-selling designs of rock salt lamp

You have certainly heard a lot about the unique properties of the rock salt lamp, but along with the benefits of the beauty and decor of these products, many buyers simply buy these products for the sake of beauty.

Here are some of the best-selling Halito products that may help you make your shopping easier , and also keep in mind that these products will appeal to every viewer with their light.

rock salt lamp price


The color of the salt lamp lights can be customized to any color

Bowl Salt lamp price

rock salt lamp price

Globe salt lamp price

rock salt lamp price

Cubic salt lamp price

rock salt lamp price

Pyramid salt lamp price

rock salt lamp price

Salt bricks price

rock salt lamp price

Rock salt lamp manufacturer

There are many salt products in Iran that can be make as salt lamp, salt candle, salt structures and salt sculptures.

The subject of our discussion in this section of the text is the salt lamp, which is most beautifully placed inside the home or office environment. These products have many benefits that we will discuss below.

rock salt lamp price

Due to the abundance of salt mines in our country, the production of salt products is consequently high and abundant, including salt lamps which are highly recommended for home use because salt is a moisture absorbent material that can Absorb moisture and contaminated air to create purified air that helps the lungs and respiratory system of the human body.

Halito rock salt comapny  as the largest salt lmap manufacturer in Iran has a large share of the domestic market.

Buy natural rock salt

We know that the raw material for producing salt lamp is rock salt, but you should know that any rock salt cannot be cut and shaped and that special salt rock should be used.

The first requirement for a rock salt is to be firm because the powdered rock salts will not work at all.

The second thing that is important about cutting rock salt is the lack of a dash because it makes the end result of a very poor product.

rock salt lamp price

And the third condition of a good salt stone is in addition to the two above conditions of high purity of the rock salt, which is that the rock salt can be considered a cure and thus the products made from such a salt have all the properties said for the rock salt has it.

Halito rock salt lamp are all from rock salt therapy as the Halito company has the largest rock salt mine.

In addition to providing air conditioning and clean air, Halito therapeutic salt lamps can reduce the side effects of electronic devices. The benefits are the beautiful pink and green light that the lampshades create that attract customers.

rock salt lamp price

The therapeutic effects of rock salt lamp

Now that we know about the salt lampshade, and to some extent know about its designs and other features, we want to examine them physically because these products can have excellent positive effects the human body by spreading negative ions in space.

In addition, they neutralize the electromagnetic waves that the human body encounters against television, computers and other electrical appliances.

rock salt lamp price

The therapeutic effects of salt lamps are enormous here are some of the benefits:

  • Improve symptoms of asthma
  • Increase the energy level
  • Reducing stress
  • Increase nighttime sleep
  • Improve respiratory function

Persian salt lamp wholesale

Halito Factory is the largest producer of salt lamps in Iran and has more than 80% of the domestic market share and due to the multitude of products that all offer very good price and excellent quality, many buyers are willing to cooperate with Halito company.

Salt lamps  when you want to buy salt in the market, you will find that different types of salt lamps are available to customers for different factors, one of which is the size of the salt lamps.

Salt lamps are available in three sizes, small, medium and large, priced accordingly the bigger the lampshade, the more expensive it is.

rock salt lamp price

The high price of salt lamp is not always a reason for higher quality because a producer who has to buy salt will not naturally lower its price than a producer who owns a salt mine.

Other things like having a cutting machine, skilled craftsmen who minimize costs and other things that make a significant difference in prices.

Where to place salt lamp at home

Every customer who buys Salt lamps wants to order the most fashionable design, which is a very respectable idea, but you should know that each rock salt lamp covers about 4 square meters and undergoes ion therapy. So, to have a fully ionized environment you need to buy enough salt lamps.

Each of the products that are mainly manufactured from rock salt has a specific performance. The highlight here is our salt lamp, which is made in a world of design and color so that people can buy it.

rock salt lamp price

Since salt lamp provide a clean and comfortable place, it is best to make it accessible and put in a place where we use it a lot.


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Most people put salt lamp next to their TVs, computers and workplaces to take advantage of their unique benefits, because salt lamps can clean the environment and can even absorb harmful waves.


According to the principles of feng shui, even in bathrooms and toilets you can even place rock salt to clean the environment.

In terms of sales, salt lamp shades are different  the best-selling lamps are beautiful designs that can create a light-weight space to give people peace of mind and reduce stress.

wholesale salt block price

Using rock salt to cook food is a very interesting idea that is very popular because it is very useful for people on a special diet.

We prepare very large rock salt plates and send them around the world  the price of this product is also stated for further information to respected buyers.

rock salt lamp price

Positive effects of ion therapy on diseases

It may be about 100 years or less before humans discovered the presence of negative ions in the air and realized that negative ions should be injected into the air to treat human depression.

Negative ions exist only naturally, and humans have so far failed to make synthetic negative ions, meaning they can inject negative ions into the air and completely change one’s mood.

But there is a negative ion nature, and if one is to immerse themselves in a space full of negative ions, they must move to a part of the earth that has a lot of negative ions.

An obvious example of a negative forest-rich environment is when the person becomes depressed, unconsciously changing, and this has a negative ion effect.

rock salt lamp price


The negative ion is God’s gift to us humans that the current generation has just realized!
However, the use of salt caves for the treatment of patients has been around for thousands of years

But the important thing is that we can’t always get away from our homes and lives and go into the jungle to change our minds. That’s why scientists discovered the cave 100 years ago after learning about negative ions. Salt and rock salt can produce negative ions like the forest, and have since become easier to use with salt cave and rock salt.

Many people around the world today use salt room in their daily routine, as this short period of time helps them regain their lost strength and make them happy.


Halito Company is the only manufacturer of salt cave room in Iran

rock salt lamp price

If you also want to be in a fully salted space at any time you would like to have a salt cave room in your home, please contact us for more information about the salt room and the salt cave room. You can study them by searching in our website and expanding your information.

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