Salt lamp production

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The largest salt lamp production center

The salt lamp is very popular these days and every person is trying to keep at least one decorative salt stone at home or at work.

Of course, today, in addition to the many therapeutic benefits of decorative salts, the shape and form of salts is also very important, and different tastes have a direct impact on the production and variety created.

As a result, Halito rock salt company has produced a variety of decorative rock salt , which are presented to you in a variety of different decorative salt designs.

Salt lamp production

Salt lamp model globe

Spherical rock salts always have the most buyers because of the beauty and charm, especially in models that have a wooden base, staring at each eye.

If you use this rock salt lmap model as a sleeping light you will find that its beautiful appearance will make your sleep much more comfortable than you might imagine.

Salt lamp production

Salt lamp pyramid

Another beautiful salt lamp that has always been a symbol of power and energy is the pyramid and is widely used in yoga classes.

In general, if you have a personality that you think needs more balance and stability, we recommend keeping a pyramid salt lampshade at home or at work, as it will increase your authority more than ever. This is a well-established scientific topic.

The Pyramid is a symbol of strength, endurance and balance because of the great balance it carries around, giving you a very enduring personality, so never forget this.


Pyramid is a symbol of balance, stance, and stability.

Salt lamp production

Cube rock salt lamp

Cubic salts are very beautiful and simple, and this simplicity has made many people want to use them.

We produce cubic salts in both standing and supine forms, both of which are very attractive and beautiful models and have different uses.

Salt lamp production

Buy candle rock salt

Salt stone candlesticks, like salt lamp , are among the decorative salts, although they are lower in sales, but many people still like to have these salt stones at home.

You can see different models of halito rock salt company, some of which, like the cylinder model, are only for sale.

Salt lamp production

Salt lamp benefits

Many people believe that salt lamps can also be useful for us, so join us in answering this question.

You should know that the use of rock salt in everyday life is usually as follows:

  1. in natural form
  2. Cut to shape (decor)
  3. As edible salt

The three uses mentioned are routine and regular use of rock salt and each has several benefits.

Rock salt in its usual way, without cutting, absorbs the air in the space it is located in, so use rock  salt in your feng shui science at home.

Rock salt is a mineral whose value varies depending on the elements found in it as well as where and where it will be consumed.

For example, if salt contains potassium, its color tends to be blue and we know that blue rock salt is very useful for nerve relaxation and because of its high price it can never be used publicly and often in Luxury restaurants are used.


Western European countries are usually the major buyers of blue salt

Since about 120 years ago, there has been a lot of research into the abundance of rock salt energy, and it has been confirmed that crystals in salt rock react to the surrounding environment and have the highest rate of reaction when exposed to this mineral the source of light or heat.

The result of the reaction is the production of negative ions, which makes the human spirit healthy.


Knowing the negative ions is less than 100 years old, and in the meantime they have discovered that the negative ions cleans the space around us.

To illustrate this with an example, we must say that the electronic devices we deal with daily, such as cell phones, computers, TVs, WiFi antennas, etc., produce positive ion waves they may disturb the balance of our bodies, but the rock salt easily eliminates positive ions after exposure to light.

Salt lamp production

Salt lamp production

If you are going to buy and sell decorative salts, wholesale and single sale will bring you the most benefit as we offer our products in bulk at very cheap and minimal price.

In any city you have a shop or a business you can have the most beautiful halito salt lamp models for sale to your customers. Just contact us and place your order.

Salt lamp production

Halito company produces the purest and highest quality ornamental salt stone and with the advanced machinery and highly skilled craftsmen, it offers the best ornamental salt stone on the market.

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