rock salt lamp decor

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Rock salt lamp

Did you know that one of the products produced by rock salt is rock salt lamp?

Rock salt lamp is known by many different names in the market. Lighted salt stone, decorative rock salt , rock sleeping lamp and other names called.

rock salt lamp decor

Is it possible to buy the most beautiful rock salt lamps at a reasonable price from the market?  The answer to that question is yes because Halito rock salt Company produces and markets the best and cheapest rock salt products.

why we must use rock salt lamp?

From the past, there has been some debate about whether salt without eating can benefit the human body, many of them are scientifically proven and some are empirically derived from human experience.


Rock salt without eating also has many benefits for the human body

Rock salt is widely used in various industries, and its varieties as edible salts are suitable for use in foods as seasoning and flavoring.

Today, one of the newest products made with the help of rock salt and much attention is rock salt decor which will be discussed more in the following.

rock salt lamp decor

benefits of salt lamps

When the rock salt is extracted from the mines, some of it is transferred to industrial factory and a small portion is taken to salt factories for food.

It is generally thought that low purity rock salt is used to make salt lamps, but it is interesting to note that at Halito Salt Company this is not the case and we use 98.5% pure rock salt.

We also have 99.5% rock salt, but it is not suitable for cutting and is broken and the best type of rock salt is Halito rock salt, which has a very large export market.

rock salt lamp decor

In the sales market depending on the type of rock salt used to produce the lamp, different prices are set for the lamps.
If the rock salt decor is not sophisticated or the rock salt is not of high quality, the price of the rock salt lamp is cheap, otherwise the rock lamp will be sold at a high price.

rock salt lamp decor

Therapeutic use of rock salt decor

As you know, rock salt releases vibrations due to ionic bonds that are closed between sodium and chlorine.

Since the presence of positive ions in space causes such boredom and deformities in one’s body, rock  salt can, by virtue of its vibrations, remove positive ions and replace negative ions this can be one of the benefits of a salt stone lamp.


Salt rock by its vibrations eliminates positive ions and removes boredom and lethargy from the environment

rock salt lamp decor

One of the main features of rock salt is that if placed in an environment, it can supply salt, minerals and the elements needed for the body without eating rock salt.
There are holes in the skin where salt rock can vibrate through these holes to provide the body with the salt it needs and also to rid the body of toxins and contaminants.

Interestingly, those who use salt stone lights in their bedrooms, workplaces or homes have reduced salt intake throughout the day, and this can be a good sign for those with high blood pressure and They suffer from this.

rock salt lamp decor

rock salt lamp model globe

Among the salt lamps produced, the globe salt lamp has a special place and has many buyers, so it produce and sells the Halito rock salt comapny in 3 different models.

  • Globe with wooden base
  • Globe with salt base
  • Globe with vitray

rock salt lamp decor

rock salt lamp Sales Center

Stone salt lamps in form are the best-selling models of ornamental salts because they are cut and stamped according to a specific pattern and can be printed on other types of text or images to suit the customer’s taste.

The molded models are each packaged separately with wires and lamps, but you can buy rock salt without lamp and wire.

Wholesale rock salt lamp decor

Halito rock Salt Company is the largest rock salt lamp producer in Iran and produces its products in beautiful forms.

rock salt lamp decor
We offer our products at a very reasonable price so do not worry about price for cooperation with us.

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