red rock salt

Export red rock salt to India from Iran, the best type of red salt rock with a purity of 98.3%, packaging of jumbo bag and 50 kg bag, delivery in the destination country with the lowest transportation rate.

Introducing red rock salt

Anemia is one of the most common problems caused by iron deficiency worldwide, usually due to insufficient absorption of iron from food or iron deficiency in food.

Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, lethargy, weakness, hair loss, loss of concentration, shortness of breath and dizziness, and there are different types of iron tablets and capsules on the market, and a person with anemia can have iron deficiency problems. Solve it yourself, but the best way to get iron from foods is rich in iron, because it has no side effects and the absorption process is completely normal.

Salt rock extracted from salt mines has a variety of colors, including white, blue, pink and red, which is due to the change in the amount of elements in the salt rock.

The higher the iron content of rock salt, the more red it turns red, which is why red rock salt always has the highest percentage of iron, and in many countries red rock salt is used as the main salt on the table.

Of course, the type of red salt rock is very important and basic in this regard, and the purchase of rock salt must be done from reputable and experienced collections.

red rock salt

Red rock salt Vs white rock salt

Compared to red rock salt, white salt rock has very little iron in its salt crystals, although white rock salt has a much higher sodium content and is similar to red salt in terms of negative ion emissions.

If we consider the use and application of rock salt as the production of salt bricks or the decoration of decorative salt rock, both white and red rock salt have the same position and are used equally. Countries are different from these two salt rocks.

In East Asia and Southeast Asia, for example, in some areas people are not familiar with white salt at all, and what they have always consumed has been red salt, while for us Iranians this is quite different.

red rock salt

Red rock salt export

As the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, Halito rock salt Complex has the ability to supply and package 5,000 tons of red rock salt per month in a Jumbo Bag bag, which is unrivaled in Iran in this regard.

red rock salt

It is also possible to load this rock salt in bulk up to 8,000 tons per month without any restrictions.

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