rock salt wholesale supplier

The biggest Iran rock salt wholesale supplier, orange and white rock salt in jumbo bag, export to China and India, destination C&F.

The biggest rock salt manufacturer in Iran

Salt rock factory in Garmsar is one of the largest centers for production and packaging of salt rock, in which all kinds of exported rock salt, hard rock salt and livestock salt rock are offered in this packaging center and domestic and export markets.

Quality control laboratory, production and processing unit and packaging unit are the most important units of salt rock factory.

All the rock salts produced in this factory are produced according to certain standards, and the national standard mark of Iran and the health license are the most important features of the edible salt produced in this factory.

The salt rocks brought to the factory are washed using surface-level special devices for all rock salt, and the impurities on the surface of the salt rock are removed.

In the recrystallization method, after grinding the rock salt, the salt crystals are dissolved in water and the prepared salt water is purified.

During treatment, all impurities are removed, and chemicals are usually used to remove all materials except sodium.

The treated salt water is then passed through sand filters; these filters also separate particles smaller than 30 microns. .

The salt crystals formed by the evaporation of water are separated by centrifugation, then iodine, potassium, reverse sugar and anti-cake are added to the salt, the anti-cake is added to prevent the salt from sticking and preventing it from massing, then the salt is dried and It is sent to the quality control unit.

rock salt wholesale supplier

Buy Persian blue rock salt

The Blue Salt Stone is the rarest salt rock in the world, according to Europeans.

When we talk about the rarest, the word is literally rare because there are always customers to buy blue saltstone, but this saltstone is not always available for purchase, and often customers may sometimes want to buy the order for several months. Wait for yourself and such a product is really worthy of the title of the rarest!

Blue rock salt is the result of intense pressure on salt deposits over millions of years and is consumed for food purposes.

rock salt wholesale supplier

Rock salt wholesale supplier

In addition to referring to the Himalayan salt rock, we should also mention the Garmsar salt rock. Garmsar rock salt is undoubtedly one of the best, purest and purest rock salts in the world.

rock salt wholesale supplier

There are a lot of salt mines in this area, many of which have not been discovered yet, and in terms of tourism, Garmsar salt tunnels always welcome travelers and tourists.

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