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where to buy salt bricks, Halito Co. is the largest producer of salt bricks, Salt bricks are completely flattened, In different colors, The price is very cheap, Export to all parts of the world.

Introducing salt bricks

Some rock salt has a higher density and more solidity to other salt rocks Which makes it possible to cut them off.

After selecting the appropriate salt cut salt as much as it is determined, it is cut into rock salt and a piece of salt rock comes in exactly the same way as a brick known as salt bricks.


Not every salt rock can be cut and it may come in with the first hit of the powder some of the salt stones also last until the last cutting step but after the work ends, they leave behind.

buy salt bricks

What color is the salt bricks?

Salt slices used for cutting their color spectrum depends on the color of the rock salt found in the mines that set of Halito Rock salt company is a rock salt of its salt from the Garmsar Salt Mine that belongs to it is the same company that extracts.

The salt color of the rock in the Garmsar mines is as follows:

  • White
  • White with streaks
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Red

We are always ordering salt bricks we use all of these colors because the color combination of salt bricks will multiply the beauty of the salt wall and salt room.

buy salt bricks

buy salt bricks for walls

One of the uses of salt bricks is to build a salt wall the use of salt bricks and the construction of salt walls is more than ever before the main reason for this is the very high salt content and on the other hand, the beauty of this product is very stunning.

buy salt bricks

Halite salt rock group salt bricks in different colors and different dimensions produces and the price of the products produced at this factory is very cheap.


Call the salt bricks for information

salt blocks for cooking

salt block or salt block for cooking or grill salt block all are different names referring to large-scale cuttings of rock salt.

Sliced ​rock ​salt in this dimension because of being big and heavy it does not have the Chinese wall and has the best use
Use as grilling and baking grilled foods.

buy salt bricks

Salt block brings a great, unique flavor to the food because you do not need to add salt to your diet at all and as salt is needed, salt is added to the food.

Hallito rock salt company Salt block for cooking produces and exports at a very cheap price.

salt bricks wholesale

To order a major purchase of salt bricks and rock salt for cooking, Ordering is not feasible and for salt bricks at least 5 thousand pieces
and for salt block for cooking at least 2,000 orders can be made.

buy salt bricks
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