kinds of salt bricks

Making all kinds of salt bricks with the best quality, dimensions 10 * 15 and 10 * 20, thickness 3 cm to 5 cm, buying salt blocks for cooking, selling wholesale, exporting to Azerbaijan and Turkey, delivery in the destination country.

From baking salt in the form of mold and preferably in the form of blocks, salt bricks are made. These bricks are widely used today, including cooking the block as a board under food or in a food oven.

Introducing the salt brick production center

One of the food trends that has slowly emerged in recent years is cooking salt. Salt block is a pure salt board that in our country baking salt blocks is prepared in several places and they are the center of salt production in the country.

kinds of salt bricks

Cooking with a salt block

Salt blocks must be heated before cooking. The most common preheating method is to place a block of salt on top of the stove (not in the stove) and heat it slowly. The instructions recommend that you start over low heat and gradually turn on the heat every 15 minutes until the salt block reaches the desired temperature for cooking. Salt blocks can be used to cook meat, fish, eggs, bread, pizza and more.

Another application of the salt block is its use in architecture and interior decoration, which spreads a lot of positive energy around. These blocks are very attractive due to the reflection of the light inside them in the architecture and decor of your home.

Salt blocks can also withstand extreme heat and can also withstand more severe frosts. Put a block of salt in the freezer and after it cools down, you can use cold and safe foods. Instead of putting something like shrimp in a bowl placed in a second bowl full of ice, shrimp can be placed directly on the cold salt block to keep it cool for a few hours.

kinds of salt bricks

Salt brick maintenance

The salt block will last for years. They are easy to clean. When at room temperature, you should wash them (without detergent) until all the food is gone and then dry with a clean towel. They should be kept in a place with low humidity.

The final selling price of all types of salt bricks

The prices of all types of salt bricks are displayed on reputable virtual sites to find out their prices. The price of salt bricks depends on the dimensions and number of orders.

kinds of salt bricks

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