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what is salt therapy?

Halotherapy is a form of alternative medicine which makes use of salt. Numerous forms of halotherapy have been known of and used for millennia. The first mention of spa resorts were in Poland in records dating from the twelfth century they relate to bathing in mineral waters.

Nowadays, salt is being used in different ways such as edible usage or for feeding cattle or in salt lamp.

build salt cave

There is another usage for that which is salt rooms that is kind of a commercial project.

Salt therapy or Halotherapy is a kind of alternative treatment in which, we breathe the air full of salt.

As some people say, salt therapy is effective for treating recessional diseases like asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergies.

build salt cave

Salt cave benefits

Some other benefits of salt therapy (Halotherapy):

  • appeasing symptoms of smoking cigarettes like cough
  • treating depression and anxiety
  • treating cutaneous diseases like psoriasis
  • eczema and acne

build salt cave

Initiating salt rooms has various commercial advantages such as:

  • Most of the customers are absorbing halotherapy just because of its natural treatment.
  • It’s economical.
  • You can design the salt room related to your exclusive needs.
  • It’s one of the in-progress industries.
  • It can be held just by a single person (which decreases the operational expenditures.)
  • It is beneficial because you can treat about 13 patients that only takes about one hour.
  • There isn’t any physical contacts with customers.
  • Increasing the number of customers.
  • That is a good opportunity for developing multiplex clinics to add salt room to their complex as a particular offer.
  • Representing efficient and complement services for massage, acupuncture, yoga, physiotherapy and so on.
  • Extra income through retail and related products.
  • You don’t need any specific medical information in this field.

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build salt cave

salt cave business

It might seem a little odd but nowadays the edible usage of salt is not the only usage of it.

Usages such as: industrial, decorative, commercial, constructional like salt buildings and salt rooms. Despite their medical benefit, it has a great role in business world and marketing.

one of the new ideas that is expanding in construction industry and is very popular and purposeful is salt buildings.

build salt cave

archaeologists discovered that greek people were aware of salt caves, salt rooms and salt mines’ importance.

considering the situation of air in polluted cities, Salt rooms can open new windows to tourism and also we can not deny the medical effects of them.

Halotherapy even effects on decreasing side effects of smoking cigarettes and other diseases; for instance: appeasing symptoms of smoking cigarettes like cough, treating depression and anxiety, treating cutaneous diseases like psoriasis, eczema and acne.

build salt cave


Salt rooms respond to many needs and are in a vast expanse of attractive models.

Salt cave construction is very profitable and is a booming business.
If you are looking for a safe investment, making salt cave is definitely an attractive and profitable idea.

You can advertise and introduce salt room through the following places:

  • For hotels and also salt hotels
  • For health care centers
  • For massage therapy saloons
  • For relaxation centers and spa
  • For hospitals and salt therapy clinics
  • For yoga saloons
  • For medical well springs
  • For hydrotherapy centers, pools and sanunas
  • For gyms and sport complexes
  • For traditional medicine clinics
  • For beauty saloons
  • For acupuncture centers
  • For drug rehabilitation clinics

build salt cave

how much does it cost to build a salt cave

We build salt cave at a very cheap price of 67 $ per square meter of course, there are many other things that can reduce or increase the price for more information contact us.

We can help you out in these fields:

  • Information about your needs, purposes and budget
  • Talking about the main tips of building halotherapy complexes and salt rooms
  • Evaluation of construction and operation expenditures

build salt cave

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The beauty that we see all around us, is something naturally widely expanded all around us in the world. This is actually needed by our being , in order to make ourselves healthier.


build salt cave with minimum budget

All the thing that are naturally part of the part either we use them for edible purpose too, are good for our bodies both externally and internally. If we look the natural items, salt will come up, as a very well famous item of the world, which is highly valued as well. The usage of natural salt in order to make rooms for the therapy is seen in the various regions of the world too.

build salt cave

Worldwide trade of salt

As we have mentioned before, salt is used in various ways and for different purposes in the world.

The items are quite well significant for desired healthy life. It has seen that salt is used in the form of rooms like the big blocks and rocks are used in order to make a room, which is very good for various health problems.

build salt cave

Benefits of salt rooms

There are different regions of the world which are making very great progress by using salt in different ways.

Salt is used for the formation of room as well in the regions of the world. The rooms are of various sizes and are known in Salt Therapy.

build salt cave

Furthermore, the rooms like salt rooms are formed for fighting against so many allergies, breathing issues and asthma problem too. The benefits of the rooms are vast and it is prepared to use them before using medicines.

persian salt lamp for salt therapy

If we look in the regions of the world, some regions will be seen using salt therapy, as a very commonly medical treatment for so many diseases.

It has seen that the therapy like the salt one is of great value and holds a wide prominence in the whole world too.

build salt cave

since ancient times, salt has had different benefits and usages for human beings and cattle.

Nowadays many studies have been carried out about threads caused by using devices such as televisions, computers, cell phones, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, washing machines and harmful electromagnetic waves in general, and many reports have been published about the detriments of it.

build salt cave

The deadly cations generated from these devices cause headache, fatigue, lack of concentration, impatience and anger.

Today considering numerous studies and scientific and experimental tests all around the world , such as Germany, the USA, Romania, Hungary and Japan, doctors highly recommend using original and mineral salt lamps of persian for curing diseases like different types of allergies, asthma, migraine headaches, neuralgias, circulatory diseases, sinus issues, hormonal issues, rheumatism, liver and kidney diseases and abnormalities of hyperactive children.

build salt cave

Salt lamps of persian also work effectively for gaining consciousness and functioning creativity, increasing concentration, increasing capacity of lungs, decreasing the chance of getting cold and flu, adjustment of functionality of gonads and strengthening nerves.

build salt cave

Nowadays, one of the tourist attractions, which is getting more popular than before all over the world and it has been appeared in Iran and different commercial and medical companies are investing in it, is salt rooms and salt caves that have various kinds of aims, like:

  • Commercial purposes
  • Medical purposes
  • Therapeutic purposes

The best place to use rock salt lamp and candle holder is the nearest place that you spend most of your time in.

using salt lamp helps you breathe in a better air that has been recently produced by this lamp.


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