iran rock salt market

Iran rock salt market export to India, China, Russia, Orange rock salt, Red rock salt, white rock salt, white salt, edible salt and industrial salt.

Iran rock salt market

Iran is a large country in southwest Asia and rich in salt mines.
Remember, not all salt mines in this country can be extracted and exploited, the most important of which is the lack of equipment.

But in some areas there is a great deal of salt extraction equipment, including Garmsar.

iran rock salt market

Garmsar city with many salt mines is the Iranian Arctic salt and has the largest amount of rock salt extraction and export.


Halito rock salt company has the largest salt mine in the world

It should be noted, however, that the quality of salt in each Garmsar mine is different from that of other mines, and the most valuable type of Garmsar salt is Halito rock salt Company.

iran rock salt market

The company is able to extract and load more than 10,000 tons of rock salt per month, making it the largest salt mine in the Middle East.

rock salt types in Iran

In Iran’s salt mines there are various types of rock salt that are suitable for export to other countries.
Read more about these salts.

iran rock salt market

Orange rock salt

Orange rock salt is one of the most beautiful colors in nature and it is widely believed that it is found only in Pakistan but, contrary to the notion of all Iranians, it has abundant reserves of orange rock salt.

Of course, the amount of this rock salt in Iran is very limited and cannot be extracted and supplied in large quantities.

iran rock salt market


Most of the orange rock salt stock is owned by Halito Co.

Red rock salt

Red rock salt is also found in Iran like orange rock salt and it is much more abundant than orange rock salt.
The Halito rock salt company is capable of extracting up to 500 tonnes of red rock salt per month.
Contact us for more information and order registration.

iran rock salt market

White rock salt

Halito salt mine extract three different types of white rock salt.

There is one sample of white rock salt with a purity of 98.5% and another sample of white salt with a purity of 99.5% which is very exceptional.

These two types of rock salt have many customers in India, China, Turkey and Russia.

iran rock salt market

Black rock salt

Black rock salt is one of the rock salts found in the Halito salt mine and is mostly used for livestock production as well as for the elimination of odors and vapors in tannery and leather making.

This rock salt is much lower in price than other salts.

iran rock salt market

Blue rock salt

Blue rock salt, known as Persian blue salt, is a very rare product that is also very expensive and its main customer are Western European countries.

This salt is mostly used in very luxurious restaurants and is not available to the public due to its high price.

iran rock salt market

If you are a buyer of blue salt, please contact us because Halito rock salt company always has the highest amount of blue salt.

Crystal rock salt

Crystalline salts, like blue salts, are rare salts, but are much more abundant than blue salts.

Of course, crystalline salts that are not pure are very high, but crystalline salts that are completely transparent are rare and rare.

iran rock salt market


Halito rock salt company offers crystal clear crystal rock salt that is glass like for use in medicine and cosmetics.

wholesale edible salt

In addition to the different rock salt samples that you have seen, we market different types of salts in different sizes.

These salts are of very high purity and are all above 98% and free of any heavy metals.


You can see different sizes of salt.

iran rock salt market

Refined salt export to russia

Most of the major buyers of salt in Russia buy refined salt from Iran, so we provide the best refined salt with a purity of 99.4% and give it to buyers.

The monthly production capacity of this salt is about 1200 tons, so you must pre-register your order for large quantities.

iran rock salt market

Rock salt market price

iran rock salt market

Rock salt market in india

India buys various types of rock salt which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Orange rock salt
  • Red rock salt
  • White rock salt
  • Black rock salt

Halito rock salt company As the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, it supplies and exports all different models of salt.

iran rock salt market

We deliver shipment of rock salt to buyers in Mondra, Nhavasheva and kolkatta ports.

export rock salt to russia and china

Like India, Russia and China also buy large quantities of rock salt from Iran.

iran rock salt market

We export the highest quality rock salt at a very cheap price and deliver it to the buyer at the destination.

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