bulk rock salt

Export bulk rock salt to Russia India Turkey Azerbaijan from Iran, low price, best quality, white rock salt, red rock salt, orange rock salt, blue rock salt. edible salt.

Introduce Iran rock salt

Iran has the largest rock salt reserves in the Middle East and according to global statistics, it is among the top 20 countries in the world it is in the possession and extraction of rock salt.

There are various types of salt rock in this country, some of these salts have a worldwide reputation and are nowhere to be found.

bulk rock salt
The following are some of the salts with healing properties:

  • Orange rock salt
  • red salt rock
  • Crystalline salt rock
  • white rock salt purity 99.5 %
  • Blue rock salt
  • Red rock salt

Orange rock salt

Orange rock salt is commonly known as the Himalayan rock salt, But it is good to know that orange rock salt in Iran is extracted in addition to Pakistan.

In terms of minerals, there is no difference in the amount of minerals in Pakistan but it is far more affordable than its Pakistani rival.

bulk rock salt

Major buyers of orange rock salt from Iran, are countries India, Turkey, UAE and China.


Call to order orange rock salt

The stock of this rock salt is not very abundant for this purpose Halito Company customers always in advance they reserve their orders.

Red rock salt

Red rock salt is like orange rock salt among the salts that are extracted from the mines of Iran.

Red rock salt is usually rich in iron it is very useful for the treatment of anemia and iron deficiency.

bulk rock salt

The major buyers of red rock salt are China and India and turkey, Usually the amount of this rock salt is more than orange rock salt.

The price of Iranian Red rock Salt despite the very high quality is very cheap.

Crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt is a type of rock salt That’s because of the nature of the formation it has a very high purity, The value of this rock salt is determined by the amount of transparency it has.

Non-transparent crystalline rock salt or very low transparency is very abundant But quite transparent crystalline rock salt like glass is very rare.

bulk rock salt

Halito rock salt Company, Crystal rock salt like glass extracts and exports to Russia and Turkey.

From crystal rock salt transparent used for the manufacture of medicines and for the manufacture of cosmetics.

It is also used in the production and manufacture of rock salt decor and most have high prices.

bulk rock salt

Edible rock salt

Many people ask this question is rock salt edible?

The answer is to say, Not every rock salt is suitable for oral consumption because edible rock salt should have certain properties.

bulk rock salt

  1. Edible rock salt should be completely white
  2. Do not have black or red streaks or any other color
  3. Its purity is higher than 99%

Rock salt with these characteristics is scarce but there is a mineral in Iran that has a therapeutic rock salt and its purity more than 99.4% .

bulk rock salt

This rock salt is unique throughout the world and can be taken orally and consumed without any refining operations.

Benefits of export rock salt from Iran

Iran is located in the best part of the Middle East and it has access to land and water around the world On the other hand.

The price of rock salt in Iran is very cheap because of the cost of manpower it’s cheap in this country.

bulk rock salt

For example The price of one ton of orange rock salt in Iran is $ 7 which is much cheaper than Pakistan.

Build salt room and salt cave

Halito Group in addition to extracting rock salt, Is the biggest manufacturer salt room and salt cave team in the Middle East.

High quality projects implemented by Halitto Group and large number of clients it has caused most new customers to run the salt cave room project wait a few months.

bulk rock salt

where to buy persian salt block

Salt brick is used to build the salt wall, three things are usually important about salt brick:

  1. First dimensions of salt brick 
  2. Second it was Being flat
  3. The price is right

bulk rock salt

Salt bricks manufactured by Halito company in addition to very high quality and being flat the price is very reasonable and shipped to all over the world.

The salt bricks produced have the following dimensions:

  • 10cm*15cm*3cm
  • 10cm*20cm*3cm
  • 15*cm*20cm*3cm
  • 20cm*30cm*3cm
  • 10*cm*10cm*10cm

bulk rock salt

persian salt lamp models

Halito rock Salt Co. is the largest producer of Persian salt lmaps in Iran.

Various persistent Iranian designs on rock salt that have many customers around the world.

All salt lamps manufactured by Halito company are property there are many treatments and are made of mineral white rock salt.

You can see a sample of our products visit this page to see all products.

Export bulk rock salt

Halitto rock Salt Company with direct access to the largest salt mine in the Middle East, The largest exporting company is from Iran.

This company exports its products to many countries Including these countries Russia, India, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Iraq, Emirates, Afghanistan, Germany, Italy, France is.

bulk rock salt

Rock salt types such as exported by this company Including:

  • Blue salt rock
  • Orange rock salt
  • Red rock salt
  • Crystal rock salt
  • Edible salt
  • Salt lamp

Contact us to order any of these products.

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