food grade rock salt

Supply and export food grade rock salt to india, pink rock salt purity 97 %, red rock salt 98.3 %, white rock salt 99.5%.

Propertis of Iran’s salt mines

Semnan province has hidden many mines in its heart, and Semnan rock salt mine is one of the most important mines in this province.

Semnan salt rock has attracted the attention of investors and salt factory owners due to its high purity, because the higher the percentage of salt purity, the higher the use of salt in industry and trade.

Salt rock mines are scattered in Semnan province and have become an important center for domestic and foreign investors and tourists.

Garmsar and Ivanki salt rock mines are among the most important salt mines in the province, which are used for exploitation and tourism.

The creation of amazing visual landscapes, the diversity of salt rock colors, the attractive designs in the salt marshes and sandals of this province have made these mines more and more important.

According to the analyzes, elements such as potassium, bromine, manganese and iron hydroxide have been found in the rock salts of these mines, which is why there is a great variety of colors in the salt nature of this province and has attracted tourists from all over the world.

food grade rock salt

Introduction of Garmsar rock salt

Garmsar is one of the cities of Semnan province that has the best and largest salt mines of this province in its heart.

In Garmsar city, there are more than 30 salt mines, which in addition to being used as a source of industrial, edible and decorative salt, these mines; They are also considered for tourism purposes.

In the heart of these mines, lakes have been formed due to rain, which has made these mines more beautiful and has attracted many tourists.

Despite the many surprises of rock salt mines in Semnan province and Garmsar city, this area has not been considered as it should be in terms of tourism.


Red rock salt, orange rock salt and blue rock salt are among the rock salts in the mines of Semnan province.

food grade rock salt

Properties of Garmsar salt

Garmsar salt has many properties due to its high purity and high sodium content, so that salt mines there have the ability to be used as salt therapy mines or salt therapy caves.

People with lung disease such as cystic fibrosis or bronchitis may find that inhaling saturated ions from rock salt ions can have a therapeutic effect, and that salt can also be used to improve skin and bone disease.

food grade rock salt

Buy food grade rock salt from Iran

Despite the Internet, buying all products has become much easier nowadays, and rock salt is not separate from this category, and you can easily order rock salt from Garmsar and Semnan rock salt mines.


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food grade rock salt

The minimum order for export depends on 100 tons, which is equal to 4 containers.

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