industrial salt factory

The largest industrial salt factory in Iran, salt manufacturer, export industrial salt and edible salt from iran to india and russia in 25 kg bag and jumbo (1 ton).

How is industrial salt produced?

There are only two ways to produce salt in a completely natural way:

  • Extraction through underground sediments
  • Extraction from seas and lakes

Depending on the topographic conditions of the area, this extraction may occur in different ways.

Industrial salt is no exception, and as with other salts, a chemical compound containing ions such as sodium and chlorine is about 40 and 60 percent per gram of salt, respectively.

industrial salt factory

The difference between industrial and refined salt

Our country, Iran, has a lot of salt mines and is actually one of the top 20 producers of mineral salts in the world. However, for various reasons, such as the high cost of the raw salt treatment process, some of the salt extracted from the mines and salt lakes goes to the consumer market unrefined, ie in the form of raw industrial salt.

Non-edible or industrial salt is salt that has a much lower purity than edible salt.

In fact, the main difference between industrial salt and edible salt is that the purity, purity and iodine content of this type of salt are lower.

Edible salt has a 99% purity, but industrial salts are sometimes less purified because they are not refined and refined.

industrial salt factory

Uses of industrial salt

Industrial salts have many uses. This type of salt as well as mineral salt is used in various industries such as water and wastewater treatment, tanning industry, acid industry, sanitary and detergent factories and other industries.

In addition to these industries, industrial salt is also used for livestock and livestock use. Industrial salt rock is also used to purify water in treatment plants, to regenerate resins, and finally in boilers and boilers. Takes.

It is even interesting to know that industrial salts are used for applications such as ummification and muscle weakness.

industrial salt factory

Industrial salt factory

Iran has a lot of rock salt mines and its salt storage alone can meet the needs of at least 100 countries.

But not all mines have access to modern rock crushing and packaging machines, so we have not been able to reach the international market as much as we have the potential.

industrial salt factory

The most important point in the supply of industrial salts is the precise meshing of rock salt and on the other hand, special export bags. Will lean towards it.

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