export road salt

Supply and export road salt, in jumbo bag, export to russia, supply 50000 tons per month, in cheap price.

What is road salt?

Road salt is a term used as a salt for melting snow and ice, especially in cold weather, and because of its internal mechanism, it reduces road temperatures and snow and frozen paths and sits easily on snow. It melts.

But not all the benefits of road salt will end there, but will cause ice to form new layers, thus preventing road slippage.

Salt rock, the main source of road salt, has been recognized as the goat’s largest snow and ice melter in the world.

export road salt

The reason for using rock salt for road salt?

Salt, or rock salt, melts the hardest ice due to its warm, dry nature, preventing the ice and snow from forming again.

Unlike sea salt, which is warmer and not at all suitable for road salting, it cannot melt the snow, but salt produced from salt rock does so easily.

export road salt

Road salt packing

If your purchase volume is too high and you do not intend to export road salt, the best option is to buy bulk snow salt as it reduces costs by half and halves the price of road salt, given the very high volume of purchases It’s a big figure.

If the road salt dumps are targeted to cities close to Garmsar, such as Tehran and Karaj, some trucks can also be found that carry up to 4 tonnes of cargo, which in turn speeds up freight and low costs.

export road salt

Export road salt

Most of the countries around Iran do so via Iran because of the high salt production in Iran and Garmsar has the ability to supply this amount.

But it is usually a serious impediment to exporting road salt due to the high volume of shipping problem because this amount of salt is not economical to drive and must be handled by the rail system.

It is possible to export road salt in a jumbo bag, which is a factor in raising prices, but there is no other way than to use a jumbo bag.

export road salt

Sell ice melt salt

Salt spraying on the roads as well as in urban passages should be a very important point to be aware of if you are using a salt dispenser before purchasing road salt, as some powder salt can work. Salt spraying is a problem because the powdered salt has adhesion properties and attaches to the salt dispenser output!

export road salt

To fix this problem you should use Crystal Ruby Salt which does not have this problem although it is more expensive but will do your job easily.

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