recrystallization salt

production of recrystallization salt with high quality, In our factories, high quality raw materials are used to prepare crystallized salt. Recrystallization salt has been widely used in various industries and is widely sold in the country. The use of these salts has been high and their sales have increased.

Introducing recrystallization salt in Iran

Different types of salt may differ in taste, texture and color. In the image above, one on the left is larger. The sample on the right is table salt.

Surprisingly, which is the healthiest type, the reality is that they are all quite similar. When selling crystallized salt, the types of these crystallized salts in Iran should be introduced so that the customer can buy the product according to their needs. Crystallized salt is mainly composed of two minerals, sodium and chloride, which have different functions in the body. It is found naturally in most foods and is widely used to improve taste.

The essential minerals of salt act as important electrolytes in the body. They help balance fluid, nerve transmission and muscle function.

Some salt is found naturally in most foods. Foods are also often added to improve the taste.

Historically, salt has been used to preserve food. High levels can inhibit the growth of bacteria that can damage food.

Salt is extracted in two main ways: from salt mines by evaporating seawater or mineral water.

recrystallization salt

Wholesale salt production center recrystallization

The Recrystallization Salt Production Center uses the best and most equipped devices to produce this product, and it packs them in the most beautiful way and sends them to domestic and foreign markets.

Iran is one of the salt producing countries that uses sea water as a raw material, the quality of salt produced is affected by the quality of sea water. The average salt content is 85-90% of calcium sodium. The National Indonesian Standard (SNI) for salt sodium chloride is 94.7% salt (dry base) and 98.5% salt for industrial salt. In this study, recrystallization was performed without chemical method and hydrogen extraction. The purpose of this study is to select the best methods based on efficiency.

recrystallization salt

The results showed that the recrystallization method could produce salt at 99.21% NaCl, while the hydro-mineral content was 99.34% calcium. Salt produced by both methods can be used as a consumer and industrial salt, the hydro-extraction method is more efficient than the recrystallization method because the recrystallization method requires heat energy.

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