Export edible salt to Georgia

Export edible salt to Georgia, edible salt crystallization purity of 99.4% purity with health license with 40 PPM natural iodine, edible Iranian rock salt for the Georgian market with a purity of 99.5%.

Export salt to turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that have numerous salt mines. There are 5,000-year-old salt mines inside caves and salt tunnels in Turkey that can still be used. However, some types of rock salt extracted from Iran’s salt mines are found in the country. Turkey does not exist.

One of these types of crystalline rock salt is found in abundance in Iran’s salt mines, and this has led Turkey to be a major importer of salt, despite high salt production.

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of crystalline rock salt in Iran, and of course, on the other hand, white salt rock and red salt rock are other rock rocks that are in high demand in Turkey.

Export edible salt to Georgia

Export edible salt to Georgia

In Georgia, there are very good conditions for animal husbandry and there are many livestock farms in Georgia that are run by indigenous people, and since these farms lacked the management of efficient and modern resources, suitable breeds and breeds were not used in them. They had a low production rate.

Therefore, the Georgian government tried to manage traditional farms and increase the quality and quantity of livestock production by introducing technology and using appropriate breeds of livestock and poultry.

According to the National Food Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, the export of Georgian cows to Qatar and Saudi Arabia in 2016 exceeded one million dollars.

Due to investment in animal husbandry and animal husbandry, the most important livestock needs, which are the presence of rock salt in the diet, must be met in a good way, in which Iran provides the best and cheapest type of livestock salt to Georgia.

If you want to export livestock salt to Georgia, contact us and order the exported livestock salt through the Halito collection and get it delivered to any of the cities in Georgia you want.

Export edible salt to Georgia

Export edible rock salt

Due to the high purity (99/2) of salt rock extracted from Garmsar salt mines, edible salt rock is exported from Iran to countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, etc.

The presence of rock salt with such a purity percentage is a surprise in the world of rock salt that our country Iran enjoys this divine gift.

Export edible salt to Georgia

Buy industrial rock salt

In addition to food consumption, rock salt is used to regenerate water hardening resin in various industries such as textiles and dyeing.

It is good to know that only 6% of the rock salt extracted from Iran’s salt mines is for food use and the rest is used in industry.

Export edible salt to Georgia

Industrial rock salt should be made according to the needs of the field in which you are active, so it is recommended that you get free advice from the experts in our collection before buying rock salt.

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