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Supply and export rock salt from the largest mine in Iran, persian blue salt, orange rock salt, pink , white and red rock salt.

where does rock salt come from

From the Neolithic period, about 11 thousand years ago, humans learned to extract salt from seawater, because it was easy and not having difficulties, and the only way to get salt was from ancestors.

But about six thousand years ago, the human race also became familiar with rock salt which comes from the mountain, but because it was difficult to separate the salt from the mountain, humans still preferred to use seawater as their salt source. This problem persisted until the Industrial Revolution happened and the machines came into our lives to make very easy to extract and salt from the mountains. This was found because salt from the heart of the mountain is much more valuable than sea salt, and in addition to being clean, can be used as a major material in many industries.

Today, rock salt is the main ingredient in most of the food and non-food industries. So professionals in this industry start to supply rock salt.

supply rock salt

Iran rock salt mines

As noted in the previous paragraph, the introduction of industrial machinery made it easy for humans to supply rock salt from the mountain, but you should know that the current equipment for extracting salt from the mountain is not inexpensive!

For this reason, many salt cities in Iran, where salt mines are still present, are either extracted traditionally or have no activity at all.

But in the meantime, the city of Garmsar is very different from other cities. Because after years of experimentation over the past 30 years and the unique and universal quality of the Garmsar rock salt, many machines have been deployed in this city and investors Some of the private and public sectors have deployed and extracted mineral salt by installing equipment. The presence of Modern and advance equipment, high-quality rock salt, large salt processing plants, make the Garmsar area an Iranian salt pole, and the city alone accounts for more than 80% of Iran’s salt exports. So nowadays you can count on Garmsar as the best supply rock salt all around Iran.

Various types of rock salt are extracted in the Garmsar salt mines, and the quality of these salts is very different so that there are high purity and medium rock salt as well as low purity rock salt. They have a different application and it can’t be said that if you have low-quality rock salt, then contact us before you take any action and order the right rock salt for your work.

Contact us to find out which salt is right for your business and get free advice.

supply rock salt

Red rock salt

As you have seen rock salt many times so far, it has to be noted that in addition to white salt, there are other kinds of color of salt out there including red salt.

Red salt in Iran is the most used for producing salt bricks and also for decorative salt making but outside of Iran salt is also used for edible salt.

Most of the element is found in red iron ore and many countries, it is used to relieve iron deficiency.

supply rock salt

Pink rock salt

Also Orange salt is similar to red salt in Garmsar but it is very limited and not comparable to red salt and is commonly used in ornamental salt.

The larger Halito Salt Collection is the supplier of orange salt in Iran.

supply rock salt

Persian blue salt

Among the colored salts found in the city of Garmsar, blue salt is very popular due to the many properties of this mineral.

Blue salt, of course, has a very low stock, which may not reach 5 tons during the year, and all of this will be sent to European countries.

This rock salt is not known in Iran and is of very little use, although in recent years efforts have been made by the Halito rock salt collection to some extent known more than before.

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of blue salt in Iran.

supply rock salt

Iran white rock salt

White Salt are the most popular rock salt in Iran and perhaps in most countries in the world easily know white salt, but you should know that in some parts of the world such as Southeast Asia have never seen white salt.

However, white salt has the highest extraction rate in Garmsar, but the quality of the salt is very important in determining its price.

In the following, we will introduce to you the different types of white salt to get acquainted with this mineral.

Superior White Salt: This salt is a rare and rare type of white salt that has a purity of 99.5% and can not be found in the domestic market. And you only need to buy it through the Halitto rock salt collection, as they have their extraction and sale unit. It is also used for water purification and resin restoration and edible salt production.

Prime White Salt Stone: This salt is very special like high rock salt and it is multifunctional and is sold exclusively in Halito and cannot be purchased elsewhere.


For order white rock salt please contact us
Whatsapp: +989129380188

Prime salt stone is used in making decorative salt stone in addition to its use in water treatment because of its high density and high resistance to drilling and cutting.

Halito’s company extracts this rock salt even in very large pieces and sends it to its customers, with a purity of 98.5%.

Prime White rock salt with Streak: Another of the salts found in Garmsar mines is streak salt which is not of a high quality due to its dark red streaks, but it is used extensively in livestock.

Black Salt Stone: Black salt is another salt known as a rock salt. Also mined in many mines and is low in purity and is used in many industries that are not important for the purity of salt, including dyeing and tanning industries that use black salt.

Very poor white streak salt: This salt is not cheap and is available in most mines and has many impurities, often containing gypsum and limestone, and is often purchased by intermediaries for a very low price.

supply rock salt

Rock salt manufacturer

Due to the number of salt mines in Garmsar, many salt crushing factories have been built in the city and marketed in different sizes.

Contact us to buy crushed rock salt We will send you the highest quality crushed salt.

supply rock salt

Rock salt for livestock

If we want to talk about the other aspect of rock salt, we should emphasize salt as a food. Salt plays an important role in animal feed because it helps increase saliva secretion in the animal’s mouth, which is a factor in removing viruses and better absorbing food into the animal’s body.

According to the results of experiments in New Zealand, cows that consumed salt were 12 percent more milk than cows that did not use salt during the same period, so one could easily imagine that rock salt How much will it benefit the dairy farmers?

Salt helps a lot in increasing cow’s milk and fat, but keep in mind that not every salt stone has this capability, so get a free consultation before purchasing a livestock salt to get the right animal salt.

Generally, if you want to mention the benefits of rock salt in animal nutrition, it can be said that:

-Cows that are used to eating their urine should avoid this habit. Originally, by putting a rock salt in the cows’ feed, it would no longer do this action and they will be healthier.

-It makes blood flow better and more often than ever before. Rock salt has a huge effect on blood circulation and causes more blood to flow into their bodies. In this way, they are healthier and produce more milk.

-It strengthens the bones of the cow. Another effect of rock salt for cows is to strengthen their bones. Cows with high lactation and adulthood are less productive. As a result, rock salt will increase their efficiency and make them less bone-soft.

-It Will stop bloating in the animal’s body. When cows without rock salt begin to eat, their bodies become bloated and lower their efficiency. If you want to remedy gastric and bloating problems, be sure to use rock salt. Cows lick a small amount of rock salt to prevent this process and to do better.

-Animals consuming rock salt grow faster because forage and concentrate are better absorbed by their bodies. If you want cows to grow faster and produce more milk, give them a rock salt. You can put a piece of rock salt in their foods to help them lick their body growth. Cows are intelligent animals that eat salt when they need it, and you don’t have to eat it.

Note that if you remove rock salt from the animal diet for a long time, you should expect the muscle weakness and motility of the animal to cause a lot of damage. As a result, you realize how effective rock salt is in feeding cows and without them, their lives would be in danger. If you are a farmer or want to work in the dairy sector, replace salt with cows and replace them with salt. This way, in addition to keeping your cows healthy, you will produce more milk and benefit in the future.

supply rock salt

Supply rock salt and wholesale

Garmsar’s salt sales are the highest among all cities that own salt mines, as it is said that the high quality, reasonable price, and abundant extraction make customers very welcome to buy salt from this city.

It is interesting to know that Iran is one of the most important mines of rock salt that sends its products to all over the world. It is necessary to know that even some products are specifically and exclusively manufactured for foreign countries and shipped to that country only. This shows how rich Iran is in terms of minerals and rock salt and is not dependent on any country. Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Afghanistan, and Iraq are the main buyers of Garmsar salt because Garmsar is located in Tehran, Mashhad and North highways and has the highest amount of trailer and the fastest rail line of all orders to the destination can be sent.

supply rock salt

Rock salt to remove water hardness

One of the applications of rock salt is for water treatment and resin restoration and indeed water hardening is the best option in the world.

In most parts of the world, the water used in daily life, whether in daily life or industries, is hard water, which has many negative effects on humans and the other hand, the performance of industries because almost all crops need to be produced. They use water and it is here that softness of water has a direct impact on the quality of the output product.

For example, the direct impacts of soft water on life can be said to be rinsed, which if not rinsed with soft water will not only make the clothes lighter and cleaner but also less detergent.

Or for cooking If you use soft water your food will be much more delicious and enjoyable. It is also obvious for making tea the difference between soft water and hard water.

Be sure to revive residential complex resins in the short term, otherwise, hard water will cause significant damage to your facility.

Other effects of hard water are on goods that we use daily basis, such as kitchen utensils, bathroom faucets, sinks, and the like, surrounded by white spots that are as hard as water.

As mentioned above, hard water is a problem in addition to personal life for industrial plants, and if this is not corrected, factory products will suffer a severe loss of quality, resulting in loss of customer confidence.

To resuscitate your resin well, use high purity salts that have zero calcium and magnesium, and such salts are not readily available in the market and are very scarce. The Halito Collection will send you a 99.5% pure salt that lacks calcium and magnesium.

supply rock salt

wholesale salt bricks

Crushed salts are added to its consumers every year because they are easier to use and more easily removable.

We use premium grade salt to produce cut rock salt which has many benefits in addition to its therapeutic properties.

As mentioned above, salt has many uses. But that’s not the whole story. Salt can be used even in construction and has many uses.

Rock salt can be used for:

  • Manufacture of bricks and making salt room
  • Water purification devices
  • Dialysis machine purification
  • Although sliced salt is more expensive than sliced hunk salt, many -consumers prefer to use sliced salt
  • Outside Iran, there is no use of hanging Hunk salt for purification of water and only using cut rock salt

In Iran, due to the higher price of this product (due to cutting costs), many people would rather not use salted stone and to use the same type of noodles, but abroad it is quite different also for salt stone. Animal feed is also widely used in salted stone, which is of course used for export.

We will deliver the highest quality cut stone salt in carton packaging.

supply rock salt

Salt lamp wholesale

Now that you are familiar with the various uses of rock salt, it is not bad to get acquainted with another use of rock salt that is by far the most widely used and that salt is used to produce light bulbs and lamps.

In recent years, there has been a lot of publicity about the impact of rock salt on improving the quality of our lives.

Of course, the type of rock salt used should be the type of rock salt treatment because not every rock salt will allow you.

Salts with a purity of more than 98.5% are of the type of salt therapy.

Halito rock salt company is the largest rock salt therapy production center in Iran due to its direct access to the largest salt mine in the Middle East and having salt-cutting workshops as well as highly skilled craftsmen. Salt therapy is another industry that comes mostly from East Asia. It was originally used for medical purposes and is often used in massage. Salt has an important role in the massage and it removes negative energies from humans. It is interesting to know that the massage and salt treatment industry is well known in Iran and can be used in most therapeutic and massage centers.

Visiting this page to see rock salt therapy products and contact us for a wholesale purchase of decorative salt products.

supply rock salt

Application of industrial salt

What has been said so far has been about the use of salt directly or its crushed form, but the much wider uses of salt are related to when the mineral is crushed and divided into small salt grains.

After being crushed, the rock salt is thrown over the screen and passes through meshes called meshes, each mesh being equal in size, and this is where the story of industrial salt begins.

The reason that crushed and crushed salt is called industrial salt is that refining operations are not carried out on these salts and the rock salt is crushed and packaged directly.

Crushed salts, also called granulated salts, industrial salts or unrefined salts, have the following five common granules:

  • Fishery salt, also known as pea salt and coarse salt, is called mash.
  • sugary salt, which, unlike its name, is bigger than sugar and about the size of a lentil, is called 110 mash.
  • The shellfish salt has two varieties, one is smaller than a lentil, and the other about the size of a common salt, known as meshes 120 and 130, respectively.
  • Powdered salt that looks like flour and produces less salt than other salts.
  • Cyclone salt that looks like dust and is often used to produce nuts and powdered seeds

To get more familiar with the applications of unrefined salt or industrial salt, the applications of these salts are briefly described below.

supply rock salt

Export rock salt to India

For exporting salt to India, Haltto has the best red and orange salts to send to India at a very exceptional price with Jumbo Bag packaging.

Also to exchange money and buy salt from Halito, Indian customers can easily pay for their rupees by paying Rs, and this will naturally make Indian businessmen more comfortable.

Halito rock salt company has exported its products to many countries including Turkey, Russia, UAE, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia so far and can be a good guide for salt exporters.

supply rock salt

Export rock salt to Russia

To export salt to Russia, you need the highest standard of edible salt, and naturally the highest price on the market, since the production of edible salt required by Russia must always be higher than 99.3%, and a product that is always Having that amount of purity is no easy task.

We can produce rock salt and ship special salt to the Russian market following the buyer’s request analysis Contact us for more information.

supply rock salt

Supply and export Iran rock salt

Naturally, if you haven’t already been familiar with the tropical rock salt and its different types, this has given you some insight into the different tropical rock salts and their uses.

Having customers who have long-term cooperation with us both inside and outside the country indicates that we are very diligent in ordering exactly the customer’s wishes, and we insist on having high quality rock salt Reach out to the customer so you, your esteemed buyer can safely order your salt stone and get it delivered in the fastest time.

supply rock salt

Our effort is to be able to identify ourselves as a major source of salt by producing high quality rock salt all over the world. To support this process, we need more people’s support so that if they have used our products, they will also introduce us to their colleagues and friends.

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