Salt bricks wholesale supply and export, Special for build salt wall and salt room construction, standard salt bricks are completely flat, lowest price salt brick made of  Therapeutical rock salt.

Introduction to salt bricks

You want to buy salt brick made from rock salt but don’t know how? Production of salt brick from rock salt is mainly done in some cities.

Rock salt is a widely used mineral sample found naturally in mines and easily dissolved in water. From this mineral a variety of products enter the trading markets, each of which has its own characteristics and is used in many fields.

Salt bricks wholesale

It is said that rock salt is one of the most popular minerals in Iran with many mines in its production.

The rocks are mainly harvested from these mines, and then enter large manufacturing companies to produce a variety of products from these rocks.

In the meantime, we would like to point out that salt bricks are cut in manufacturing plants by advanced machines of a certain size to make them available to customers. Salt bricks vary widely in their performance, depending on their performance.

Salt bricks wholesale

Iran salt bricks market

We know that salt products come from a variety of products that can be referred to as salt bricks.

Salt bricks are generally salt products of a certain size that are made from rock salt.

Halito rock salt Company has the largest volume of salt brick production in Iran and has several salt brick factory in several cities.

Salt bricks wholesale

All of the salts used in these plants come from the Halito’s salt mine in Garmsar because it is the best salt mine in the Middle East.

Salt bricks wholesale

When we come to the salt brick market, we come across different types of products, each of which are of a certain quality, so customers can buy bricks at different prices.

We have a lot of salt bricks to work with, and that’s why manufacturing companies have different ways of delivering products.

Salt bricks wholesale

It should be noted that the supply of salt bricks is mainly done and this way of trading people can meet their needs by paying less.


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salt brick for cooking

Salt bricks have been used for cooking or salt blocks for many years, but the important thing about salt blocks is that producing large block salts is very difficult.
Halito Complex has the largest salt production plant in Iran and therefore has the ability to produce salt block in very large dimensions.

Salt bricks wholesale

salt brick uses

Salt brick is one of the major selling products of rock Salt and is mainly manufactured and ready for sale.

The bricks offer a variety of examples when we make them, each with its own characteristics. Due to their variety, these products are widely used in various fields and are therefore welcomed by many buyers.

Salt bricks wholesale

The most commonly used bricks are in the construction of salt chamber, salt dome and salt wall for any particular brick. The salt brick manufacturer usually manufactures its products in the dimensions of 10 x 15 and 10 x 20, and these dimensions are the main sizes of salt brick production.

salt brick for salt lick

Rock salt is used for livestock feed and is so widespread that it covers not only Iran but all countries around the world.

In our country, all dairy farmers use rock salt in rock form and never cut and regularly, which is the main reason for the high price difference.

Salt bricks wholesale

But outside our borders, this is different, and the use of cutted salt rock is very widespread, so the prosperity of using salt bricks or so-called molded livestock is widespread.

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Salt bricks wholesale

Salt brick for construction salt room

Perhaps the greatest amount of salt brick to build salt room and salt wall, a new and exciting idea that fans are getting more and more day by day.

marble stone walls have been used for many years, but the extraordinary healing properties of salt brick and salt stone have led to the use and construction of salt walls and salt chambers in all countries.

Salt bricks wholesale

However, many people in their home have a separate salt room where they can rest when they are tired and sick.

Halito Salt Company in addition to making salt room with salt brick, also performs salt room in salt cave style which is the only salt cave builder team in Iran.
Of course, salt cave construction is only suitable for large spaces and is not very attractive in small space

Salt bricks wholesale

Persian salt lamp center

Halito rock salt company follows a wide range of activities in the field of salt brick and salt room construction, which is unique in this field in Iran.

Halito is also the largest manufacturer of salt lamps in Iran. Here are some of our most beautiful products.

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