persian blue salt grade a

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Where to buy persian Blue Salt

If you go to the market you can see a variety of rock salt, some decorative, some industrial, and some for edible use.

But you will most likely not find blue salt in the market easily because it is hard to find even in mines, and people who want to buy bulk will have to scramble a lot to get some of it.


The original blue rock salt is hard to find and has a high price

The main reason for such a case for the purchase of blue salt is due to the scarcity of this mineral, so finding the original blue salt is very difficult.

persian blue salt grade a

Benefits of persian blue salt

In the previous section, it was said that the difficulties with blue salt availability and availability are such as that of gold veins and are rarely found. Hundreds of thousands of tons of rock salt may be harvested and even 20 kg do not find blue rock salt.

A question about blue rock salt?

What properties does this precious natural material have that so many people are looking to buy?

According to studies on blue rock salt, scientists have found that this valuable mineral has a tremendous impact on the soul and soul of the consumer because of its high amounts of potassium and relieves depression and anxiety.

persian blue salt grade a

Having this property for a mineral naturally turns it into a very valuable mineral and it has recently been reported that blue salt has a positive effect on heart function, all of which exhibit the extraordinary properties of this rare salt.

Except for the above, Blue Salt is an option in all European luxury restaurants and other countries, and if a restaurant does not have blue salt on its dining table, it cannot be considered a high grad.

persian blue salt grade a

Persian blue salt wholesale

In spite of all the explanations given about the amazing properties of aqueous salts, we must stress that you should never buy aqueous salts from anywhere.

It is very difficult to distinguish the original blue salt rock from the counterfeit and if you are an expert in this field you will be able to detect them.

Take a look at the image below to clarify the issue!

persian blue salt grade a

This image was sent to me by one of my clients who acknowledged that it was made at a very reasonable price, but upon seeing the image, I found it to be fake because of my expertise in blue salt and years of work in the field.


It’s interesting to know that the pink salt this person bought is also fake and can be easily guessed by its color density.

To show you why the salt that persoan bought above is fake, see the picture below!

persian blue salt grade a

This image is the original blue rock salt that has been crushed and as you can see the whole salt tends to be white after crushing and there are blue dots inside some of the crystals! This is the first method to detect the original blue salt from the counterfeit.

Here are some other tips for identifying the true blue rock salt from fakes that studying them will give you much more information than before.

how to Determine the main blue rock salt

Due to the rarity of blue rock salt, as always, the profiteers in this field have also resorted to deceit, explaining the principle of counterfeit blue salt for the sake of our dear customers.

Original blue rock salt has the following characteristics:

  • Blue salt crystals should have blue streaks inside
  • If you crush the blue rock salt or turn it into a mesh, the fine grains are all white and there will be no blue grains but you will see blue dots
  • The blue rock salt is not completely blue and there are streaks of blue inside some rocks and the break of light causes the rocks to appear blue
  • In one kilo of blue salt crystals there are blue streaks and never one kilo of blue salt is completely blue

persian blue salt grade a

Persian blue salt price

Persian blue Salt is sold internationally at very high prices, the main reason being the scarcity of this salt and, on the other hand, its excellent therapeutic properties.

The original Garmsar Blue Salt is traded at the per kg 80 euros retail market and is priced at around 30 euros per kilo in the wholesale market.

persian blue salt grade a

supply and export blue salt

If you are reading this article you are going to buy blue salt rock we will ship it to you and it is at least 100 kg.

persian blue salt grade a

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