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Types of rock salt colors

Did you know there is a blue salt rock? Do you know the benefits and benefits of blue salt rock and its uses?
rock salt is often mined from mountain and rock salt can be of different types depending on which region and in which mine.
Different colors include rock salt, black, pink, blue, white and even yellow. Due to the presence of organic and minerals in the structure of each salt, its color is different.

persian blue salt supplier

Here we will be discussing the introduction of blue salt rock, its properties and benefits as well as discussing the uses of this type of rock salt.

What is Blue Rock salt?

Blue salt is one of the rare salts in the world which is very expensive because of its rarity.
It is interesting to know that the source of the extraction of blue salt is Iran, and this type of salt rock, which has both stunning beauty and healing properties, cannot be found elsewhere. For this reason, Iran is the only producer and exporter of blue salt in the world.

persian blue salt supplier

Normally, the salt rock is mostly white, but in some cases, due to the large amount of one of the minerals in the rock, its color tends to be the same.

Himalayan salt, for example, has a lot of iron, so its color tends to be blue, and blue salt has a lot of potassium, so its color tends to be blue.

persian blue salt supplier

This has made it a rare blue rock salt and enthusiasts of this type of rock salt can pay high prices for it.

Benefits of blue rock salt

Due to the salt properties of the blue rock salt, it is high in potassium. Potassium plays a vital role in vitality, health and stress reduction.

Unfortunately, blue salt is not known in Iran, but it is well known and widely used in European and American countries.

persian blue salt supplier

In most European countries this type of salt is used as a food flavor in most restaurants. Blue salt is a well-known salt in Europe and has a high price.

Persian blue salt can be used for a variety of cases, most of which are curative:

  • Blood pressure treatment
  • Relieve fatigue and feel happy
  • Reduce depression

The most important uses of this salt is very rare.

persian blue salt supplier

Persian blue salt grade A

To produce Iranian blue salt, we need to use blue salt rock which, after crushing and meshing, produces blue salt.
But blue salts have different grades that fall into two categories:

  • Blue rock salt Grade A
  • Blue rock salt Grade B

Grade B salt is inexpensive but has very little properties and is of little nutritional value as you can see in the picture below.

persian blue salt supplier

Grade A salt is more expensive but has many nutritional and therapeutic properties and the main Persian blue salt is Grade A salt. It is also worth noting that A grade is very rare.

persian blue salt supplier

Persian blue salt lamp

Since Halito is the largest manufacturer of ornamental salt, Halito is often asked why you do not produce blue salt lights from blue salt!
The answer is for two reasons:

  1. Blue salt is very expensive and the production of blue salt lights is not affordable
  2. Blue salt rock fragments are usually very small and not large enough to produce salt lamps

According to the explanation given, you should note that all the blue salt lamps you see are actually colored rock salt as in the example below.

persian blue salt supplier

blue salt is edible?

Until 80 years ago, all the people of the world knew that one of their salt sources was rock salt and that salt was easily crushed and used after washing.
But for nearly five decades, the Ministry of Health has banned salt in many countries and recognized only refined salt as food.
On the other hand, many traditional medicine experts believe that refined salts destroy all the minerals in the salt by the process they produce, and what remains is the only sodium that can cause great harm to the body.

persian blue salt supplier


Rock Salt is a natural mineral with no purification process.

By definition, no rock salt is edible but not used in practice and rock salt is used as a major source of salt worldwide because many believe that unprocessed salt has much more properties But we recommend that you do moderation even when consuming the best salt.

Why the rock salt turns blue?

In general, natural rock salt in mines is usually colorless, and we see this through crystalline salts, the purest salt in nature.

Crystal clear salts that have been dried out of lakes for millions of years are completely colorless and glassy, but in some salt mines they have other minerals within them that change the color of the salts.

persian blue salt supplier

For example, the high-grade halito company white rock salt that contains the highest sodium and the lowest impurities is completely white and uniform, as well as the red and orange salts that are containing amounts of iron.

Blue rock salt is no exception, and due to its potassium minerality, its color has changed to blue and it looks like.


Keep in mind that blue rock salt seems to be due to a lot of potassium in each other and fracture of the blue, but after crushing and meshing the blue grains appear within it and the predominant color is white indicating the original rock

This rock salt contains a lot of potassium, as you can see in the picture below.

And you should know that the presence of such salt at this concentration of potassium is a natural surprise and is nowhere to be found and the main buyer of concentrated blue rock salt is collectors of rare rocks.

persian blue salt supplier

Persian blue salt price

persian blue salt supplier


Persian blue salt supplier

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of blue salt in Iran, which always has the largest amount of blue rock salt.

persian blue salt supplier

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Persian blue rock salt wholesale and export from iran, Halito rock salt company the largest supplier of blue salt in Iran.

What is blue rock salt?

The edible items are of various kinds in the whole world which are naturally seen in the markets as well.

We all can see the wide presence of the items like the natural ones in the trade of the whole world too, which all hold high value in our lives.

There is a long list of natural items are in the markets of the world and among them all salt is the quite well known item.

blue rock salt

This has various types and the kind of slat which purely belongs to Iran is Persian blue salt, This salt is seen in the trade of Iran highly, which is extraordinary famous.


Blue rock salt is the rarest rock salt in the world

The value of the natural things around us, is seen from the purposes of them like where we use the items. All the natural things are highly being used in the world , which are of great value and people are highly using the natural items too.

We all can see kinds of natural items around us and salt is the very important among them all.

blue rock salt

This natural item is of various kinds and blue salt is the quite well famous type. This salt is seen in the forms of rocks too like Persian blue rock salt and this form is famous in the trade of the world too.

Prominence of blue salt

We can see the variety of salt around us, in the markets. The value of the things that we see in the markets of the world is due to the trade. All the natural items including salt is widely exported in the world. If we talk about Persian salt, we will see a very exquisite sensation of the item.

It is a very useful kind of salt in the whole world.

blue rock salt

Types of salts

We all can see that markets are widely selling the edible items like salt in the world. The kinds of salt are clearly seen in the markets of the world, which are of great value too. Some kinds like blue salt, rock salt, edible salt and others are quite well famous in the trade too.

Furthermore, the Persian salt is of high value in the whole world and people are desired to use this exquisite and tasty salt rarely, as it is comparatively expensive.

blue rock salt

Imports of Persian salt

It has seen that there are various regions of the world which are selling the kinds of salts via trade to other regions and Iran is the well-popular region among them. This region sells blue salt, which is quite expensive as well.

blue rock salt

Additionally, the imports of the salt like Persian salt have always been high in the markets, which we all can see around us as well , increasing every year.

The market of blue rock salt

Trade is widely selling the types of salt that are of great value across the globe.

We all can see the prices of salts vary from kind to kind. The price of blue salt has always been high in the markets of all the regions of the world.

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blue rock salt

Uses of blue rock salt

The wide presence of the natural items like salt around us , is actually good for our healthy life style.

We need the various kinds of natural items for the life that we always want to have.

The lives of people vary like the way of living and so the usage of natural items varies as well. Salt is used in various ways in the whole world and the kind like Blue rock salt is famous of them all.

blue rock salt

Trade of Persian blue salt

The home ground of the types of salt varies in the whole world like some salt are linked with Pakistan only or some are found out in Iran only. If we talk about Persian salt, we will see that this is only seen in Iran and extracted from under water.

Furthermore, it has seen that the trade of Persian blue salt is high always and people are in love with the look of the salt as well as using it.

blue rock salt

Rates of Persian salt in markets

The selling of the salt like Persian salt is high everywhere in the world. We can see the selling of the item at different rates in the markets of the various regions of the world. People are okay with spending the high amount of money on the salt too.

Export blue salt edible

The wide supply of the components of the natural beauty of the world is great and people are in love with the various natural items too, as the things are very good for our health. All the natural things hold benefits for internal and external body.

blue rock salt

We can see a long list of the items that are natural and are used widely in the world. Among the items, we can see Persian salt too which is the high famous beautiful natural item in the whole world. The supply of this kind of salt is high from Iran, as the demand rates are high.

Blue salt supply worldwide

One can see the natural items like salt, widely in use in the world which are of high value and people are strongly indulged with the item too. The usage of salt is wide and vast and we all need it too, in our daily lives. The kinds of salts are vast and blue salt which is known as Persian salt too, is popular highly in the world.

blue rock salt

Persian blue salt wholesale

The blue salt, is the very well important salt of the world , which is of great value in the whole world. The price of this salt is high like always, as it is deep from the seas extracted.

blue rock salt

Mostly Persian salt is white and red and orange in color and blue one is very rare.

Sell Persian blue rock salt Very rare, Export to Germany and Italy, delivery at destination, Limited  inventory, Direct shipping from Garmsar salt mine.

Types of color rock salt

For many it is interesting that salt rock has a variety of colors. Blue salt is one of the many colored salts that has many properties and benefits and the market for it is very hot.

The colors of the salt rock depend on their mining and usually the salt rocks have different properties depending on their mines.

Types of rock salt colors are:

  • black color
  • blue color
  • Pink color
  • White color
  • yellow color

As mentioned above, depending on the type of mine and its mineral structure, the colors of the rock salt are different.
And each has different properties and benefits. In the following article you will get acquainted with blue rock salt and buy blue salt rock completely.

blue rock salt

Why the salt turns blue?

Many times people ask the question, why is blue salt rock blue? What is the main ingredient in it?

Blue salt has turned blue due to its high potassium content Potassium is a scarce material and the main reason for this type of salt rock being scarce, Because of the limitation of potassium mines.

On the other hand, the light breakdown that occurs after the salt stone is placed in the light It causes the salt to appear blue.

blue rock salt


Always remember
Rock salts that appear blue , they appear white after crushing, and streaks of blue are still visible

Market of ​​blue salt in the world

Blue rock salt is one of the wonders of nature and it has gained a lot of fans in recent years.

These days it is very difficult to buy blue rock salt and less can be found where they have this rock salt for supply and sell.


Blue salt is one of the most expensive salts in the world due to its rarity

An interesting point to know is not without grace, this is the only source of this type of stone in Iran.

This type of rock is one of the most beautiful and used medicinal stones in the world that can be extracted only in Iran and Garmsar.

blue rock salt

Unfortunately, Pakistan has tried to buy the international market for this product like other salts by purchasing Iranian blue salt and selling it as Pakistani salt, but international traders all know that the main origin Blue rock salt is the only country in Iran.

Usually all people know salt only in white as mentioned above, usually due to the minerals in the mines, The color of the salt also changes and turns to yellow, black, pink, blue, etc.

blue rock salt

Most large buyers blue rock salt in Europe

In the global markets and especially in Western Europe and North America persian blue salt is sold as a luxury item.

The pleasant taste that this salt gives to the food and on the one hand the peace that comes after consuming blue salt it has made rich people always eat their own salt instead of white salt use this salt.

Blue salt in addition to sodium contains large amounts of potassium that doubles the enjoyment of food and brings joy and happiness.

blue rock salt

difference between crystal blue rock salt and shekri blue rock salt

There is a very important point when buying blue rock salt and whether the blue rock salt you are about to buy Is it Crystal or shekari ?!

The major difference between these two rocks depends on their minerals,  Garmsar blue crystals is crystalline line, but Semnan blue is Shekari.

blue rock salt

For sale blue rock salt in world markets Crystallinity is very important because all of the amazing properties about blue salt are related to tropical blue rock.

Blue rock salt price

The pure blue rock salt sells for $ 25 per kilo, all orders can be shipped worldwide, contact us for a unique blue rock salt.

This salt is sold in Europe for more than $ 210 and has a great export value and almost all of the profits go to the european buyers.

blue rock salt

Benefits of persian blue salt

Usually buying blue salt is more because of its unique properties than its beauty above we mentioned high potassium in blue rock salt.

As you probably know, potassium has a profound effect on vitality, health, and stress and anxiety reduction.

Blue salt is a well-known product in European and North American countries buying blue rock salt and its use in these areas is well known.

blue rock salt

It is interesting to know, blue Salt in European Deluxe Restaurants as a Flavor and Option Routine and the price of this kind of rock salt in Europe and America it is extremely high because of its importation.

Persian blue salt for sale

The main mines are blue salt around the city of Garmsar This is why some people refer to it as Garmsar blue salt.

blue rock salt

Halito rock Salt company as the largest supplier of blue salt in Iran, It always has blue salt for sale.

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Persia’s blue salt has many nutritional qualities. The raw mineral of Iranian mountains is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium.

Every year, few tons of this salt are extracted, so it is considered a very valuable and unique salt in the world.

persian blue salt

Origin of the Blue Salt of Persia

Persia’s blue salt is a mineral salt from the north Mountains, north of Iran and where it is collected in a single mine.


Halito Rock Salt Company is the largest holder of blue rock salt in Iran

The blue salt of Persia is what is called a fossil salt and is formed by white crystals and blue crystals of Silvinite (potassium chloride, mainly), which were formed by compression (evaporites) millions of years ago.

persian blue salt

Taste and Properties of Persian Blue Salt

Persia’s blue salt has a very very salty taste, which makes contact with the tongue seem spicy due to salinity.

The blue color brings a touch of exotic and extravagant to the dishes to which it is added.

The blue salt of Persia is a salt with millions of years rich in minerals and trace elements, it is a salt with low sodium content and high potassium content.

persian blue salt

Culinary uses of Persian Blue Salt

Persia’s blue salt is a very appropriate salt for dressing white meat, poultry, fish, vinaigrettes, sauces, salads, etc.

Be careful when adding it since it is extremely salty.

Persia’s blue salt is also perfect for dressing desserts based on caramel or chocolate, since it also gives it a very interesting aesthetic touch thanks to the blue crystals.

persian blue salt

A salt from thousands of years of fossilization

Unlike sea salt extracted from salt ponds, Persia’s blue salt is a fossil salt or say a rock, the crystals formed exist 100 million years ago in the Precambrian seas.

This blue sapphire salt was formed after the evaporation of ancient lakes and inland seas.

100 million years ago, Persia’s blue salt existed along with some marine species and flying reptiles of the Cretaceous era.

persian blue salt

The blue color of this Iranian salt is due to the potassium mineral called silvinite exclusively present in Halite type salts.

Generally known Crystal rock salt, finding it in blue is extremely rare.

The blue salt of Persia is extracted on the slopes of the mountains of the province of Semnan, in the north of Iran and more precisely in the mountain range of alborz.

persian blue salt

Use of Persia’s blue salt

Some will argue that it reduces the acidity of the dishes thanks to its strong notes almost lemon flavor It is mostly a very dry salt.

You can definitely replace the white or pink salt of your grinder!

This Iranian blue salt differs from other salts because of its blue color. It is used in glass or powder to accompany grilled fish, tomato salad, gazpachos, tomato sauces and other dishes of your daily kitchen …

persian blue salt

In addition, thanks to its monkfish we can use it to decorate any dish when having dinner with friends.

It is the most special salt to be found on the market, not only because of its unusual color but also because of its wonderful taste that transforms everyone’s kitchen and kitchen.

This salt, which is actually the most expensive salt in the world, however well known in the world and among the great chefs, remains in its only destination, Iran, a strange and haunting place.

persian blue salt

Whereas, given the high per capita consumption of salt among Iranians, the use of natural salts with suitable minerals and free of harmful chemicals is an undeniable necessity, and the use of Iranian salt or similar salts is a necessity. Important to make.

Caramel sauce with Persian Blue Salt

The other day we made pancakes at home and since we did not have chocolate on hand I prepared a caramel sauce with Persian Blue Salt, a delight, really, blunt, because light is not but is about to suck your fingers.

The truth is that it is a sweet sauce that gave me very interesting ideas of what it can be mixed with, the truth is that the first thing that came to mind was to accompany some baked pears that I had made, but then I began to see options and hey even with something salty he can be rich.

persian blue salt

I have used Persian Blue Salt for this recipe because I love that spicy touch that it gets from how salty it is and it also gives you the possibility of putting some granites above that is very cute with the blue touches it has, it seems like jewel.


Ask us the original blue Rock Salt

The Blue Salt of Persia is a mineral salt that comes from a mine in Iran, more specifically from the alborz Mountains, is what is called a fossil salt and is formed by different minerals including (potassium chloride, mainly) that It forms the blue crystals that give it its name and that makes it a low sodium salt with a very high potassium level.

Persian Blue Salt is a very, very salty salt, so much so that when you put it on the tongue it stings, so it gives a very interesting touch to the dishes, especially desserts.

persian blue salt

The only detail to keep in mind for the recipe of Caramel Sauce with Persian Blue Salt is that you do not burn the caramel, so slowly and carefully, also keep in mind that if you use brown sugar instead of whitish the color will be darker.


Persian blue salt, besides being exotic, is one of the rarest in the world!

It is mined in Semman, Iran, an area of ​​the former Persian Empire, in one of the oldest salt mines in the world, which has been collected by hand following centuries-old tradition.

Its shades of blue come from a mineral called Salinity, which settles on salt crystals because of the pressure of mountain rocks.

persian blue salt

Iran’s blue salt with natural potassium and medicinal properties is one of the best salts in the world.

Salt is undoubtedly the most important spice and flavoring in kitchens Without it, most meals would be tasteless and inedible.

As you know, there are different types of salt in the world, one of the rarest being blue rock salt.

persian blue salt

This type of rock salt is found only in the mountains around Semnan and Garmsar and because of its rich minerals such as potassium, iron and zinc and calcium, it has unique properties.

According to preliminary analyzes conducted by our company in reputable Iranian laboratories, Iran’s blue salt has a purity of sodium chloride above 99%.

persian blue salt

Properties of this salt include:

  • Antibacterial and antibacterial properties
  • Blood pressure adjustment
  • Balance adjustment
  • Strong anti-stress
  • Sleep adjustment
  • help with digestion
  • relieve some respiratory problems
  • improve immunity
  • Prevent muscle spasm
  • Useful for oral health and many more

If you have depression Blue salt is perfect for you

Be aware, however, that excessive intake of any food or salt will result in photo effects. So you should not indulge in too much salt.

What is Persian Sapphire Blue Salt?

It is a rock salt, or halite salt, that is to say a salt from land mines, unlike sea salt saline.

The one for sale here is from the world’s oldest salt mines in the rocky mountains of Semman province, Iran, the ancient Persian empire.

persian blue salt

It has been harvested by hand in the same way for centuries.

Its name comes from the sublime intense bluish reflections making it look like a gemstone.

This blue of intense beauty comes from the sylvinite present in the minerals of the mine, a compound of potassium, which it is very rich.

persian blue salt

It is not uniformly blue, just some crystals are tinged with blue.

It is one of the rarest, purest and most precious salts in the world!

What are the benefits of consuming blue Persian salt?

It is used everywhere, like a classic salt. In terms of taste, it is a fairly strong but subtle salt.

It is sweet in taste but more present than the pink salt of Himalaya or the pearls of salt of Assail.

It brings, in addition to the salty taste, an almost spicy touch that evolves towards a subtle acidity, almost lemony.

persian blue salt


This is by far my favorite in terms of flavor, if my opinion counts!

Blue salt edible

Even if it is used everywhere, it will perfectly season fish, seafood and fine dishes:

  • foie grass
  • truffles
  • poultry
  • salads
  • steamed vegetables
  • scallops
  • etc

It is best to use after cooking.

persian blue salt

Fine crystals are used as is and crystals as coarse salt or in a mill, because its dry structure allows it easily.

In the same way that you differentiate a good salt flower from a poor quality salt, you will differentiate this salt of high quality from any other salt! It’s a matter of taste, there are no two identical salts and this one is one of the best in the world!

persian blue salt

The fact that it is stuck in the rock for hundreds of millennia makes it a salt loaded with minerals and trace elements. Among the minerals are magnesium, phosphorus and sodium, and trace elements side, it is a salt loaded with iron, calcium, copper and zinc.

It is still quite far from a bamboo salt, cooked repeatedly in bamboo stalks to increase its nutrient content.

persian blue salt

One more reason to prefer it to others, as much to tell you that at the time of its formation, the pollution did not exist, so its purity is incomparable.

Not iodized, unrefined, without additives, it reaches us in its original purity.

Its sublime sapphire color surprising brings a touch of originality and aestheticism on your plates!


Export Blue rock salt delivery at destination

For the little story

It all starts 240 million years ago! When the tectonic plates began their work, huge expanses of salt water became trapped on the new continents. Drying up with the sun they formed huge underground deposits of salt.

This is the case of Persian blue, a real fossil salt, a pure prehistoric product!

Persian blue salt has been collected for a very long time by the inhabitants of the mountains.

persian blue salt

Casually, this discovery is considered the most important of the ten great archeological discoveries of the world in recent years! Other salt men were later discovered and gave a lot of information about the exploitation of salt mines in the past.

Some tools found in the mines have been dated to more than 4500 years BC! The exploitation of Persian blue is therefore not new!

persian blue salt

For the record, blue salt has healing properties for asthma and other lung infections.

A luxury sanatorium was installed in the Duzdagi mine, officially the oldest mine in the world, to treat the sick.

What is blue salt of Persian?

Persian blue salt is a rock salt from the mines, not sea salt.

The origin of Persian blue salt dates back more than 100 million years of fossilization on the ancient Persian empire.

The blue crystals, salt blue sapphire of Persian, make him a rare rare salt.

persian blue salt

This precious Persian blue salt is a natural and pure mineral made by the evaporation of inland seas and ancient lakes.

The blue color of the blue salt crystals of Iran is obtained thanks to the natural potassium chloride of the mines. The presence of potassium chloride is rarer in the mines, making Persian blue salt rare and exceptional.

What is the taste of sapphire blue salt of Persian?

Your exceptional blue Iranian salt has a finely salty taste, with hints of citrus.

This sapphire blue salt of pure Persian, rare and precious sublimate your recipes of these small sapphire crystals, reminiscent of precious stones.

persian blue salt

The characteristics of your Iranian blue salt are:

  • Persian sapphire blue salt in the form of pure and exceptional crystals
  • Containing your Persian Blue Salt
  • Perfectly airtight kraft bag to keep your high quality Iran Blue Salt

Choice of sapphire blue salt of Persian.


Blue rock salt just found in Iran

Your blue Persian salt is harvested from the oldest mines in the ancient Persian empire in Iran.

Persian blue salt a rare and original gemstone salt

Gem salt is salt that is extracted from a fossil deposit.

The drying up of the sea hundreds of millions of years ago, left deposits of sodium chloride trapped in the rock.

persian blue salt

A mineral-rich fossilized salt is extracted here:

  • black in Hawaii
  • pink in the Himalayas
  • and gemstone salt in sapphire blue in the deposits of Iran

persian blue salt for sale very rare, The purest blue rock salt Send direct from Iran Semnan to all over the world.

What is Blue Salt Rock?

Like other salts found in nature, blue salt contains large amounts of sodium and that’s why it’s called rock salt, but the case that caused the blue extension to be named after this rock salt, it contains potassium.

Potassium in the rock salt caused by the light breakdown that occurs we see this salt blue because after the crushing or meshing of the rock salt, the predominant color of white seems to be one of the cases of detection of blue rock salt. Is.

persian blue salt for sale

You may find it interesting to know for the first time blue salt rock was observed during Alexander’s expedition to Iran and it is mentioned in European books.

Europeans have been familiar with the salt ever since and they are the main buyer and consumer although in other parts of the world in recent years have been consuming this expensive salt.

Blue Salt Mine

Blue rock salt never has a clear mine or place for harvest and no location can be specified and the blue rock salt can be started but so far no blue rock salt has been found in any part of the world except Iran and Semnan province and Garmsar city.

It goes without saying that blue rock salt has been found in various areas Semnan, Neyshabur, Jahrom, Shahroud and Khoy are among these areas but according to the analysis, none of them are as exportable as the tropical blue salt rock and are not known.

persian blue salt for sale

Types of blue rock salt

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph blue salt is found in various cities but the most famous of them are Semnan Blue Salt and Garmsar Blue Salt.

We should also mention counterfeit blue rock salt because whenever there is a profit, there is definitely fraud.

Since blue rock salt is a very scarce principle many profitable individuals produce blue salt but only the out-and-out people are deceived by such things.

persian blue salt for sale

Because if someone has worked blue salt can easily detect fake sex moreover, these types of salts are easily identifiable in the analysis.

persian blue salt for sale

Garmsar blue salt The purest and best kind is blue rock salt worldwide known as Persian Blue Salt and it is extremely rare.

It is interesting to know that the Garmsar blue rock salt also has a qualitative rating the amount of  potassium in salt rock is the main determinant of price.

To get more acquainted with your loved ones with a variety of Garmsar blue rock salt the image below is inserted, In this picture both types of blue salts are originally from Garmsar but you can also identify the difference without looking and analyzing.

persian blue salt for sale

Persian blue salt wholesale

I mean the export of blue rock salt it is the famous blue salt of Garmsar because if the blue salt does not belong to Garmsar, It won’t be worth it.

Rock salt with these properties is very rare and it’s hard to find and they generally have high prices too, and you can never really talk about the exact amount.

persian blue salt for sale

Contact Us

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Original blue salt for export it can be difficult to provide up to three in a year because it’s extremely rare.

Export of blue rock salt

In other parts of the world, Iranian blue salt is known by various names, including:

  • Iranian sapphire
  • Iran blue salt
  • Indigo salt

persian blue salt for sale

There are various names that refer to the blue rock sdlt of Garmsar and because of its scarce and expensive product, Western European countries are generally the main buyers of this salt.

You need the necessary licenses to export this rare and famous rock salt that Halito rock salt company with all the possessions it is possible to send and deliver goods in the destination country.

Persian Blue Salt Export Center, Halito rock salt company, is the most specialized group supplying and exporting persian blue salt, The Halito group shopping and Exporting Center has always supplied persian blue salt for supply.

Persian Blue salt

The Iranian blue salt, known as Persian Blue Salt, is the world’s The most rare and most expensive salt.

China, known for its similarity in all fields Until now, it has not been able to offer a similar product.

persian blue salt

The main reason for this is the brand of persian blue salt globally, Because blue salt belongs to any place other than Iran, it does not matter.

The Iranian blue salt is found in two regions, the most famous of which are Semnan and Garmsar.

persian blue salt


Blue salt is found in some parts of Iran, but it is not worth the export

Of course, the blue salt that everyone is looking for belongs to Garmsar, and the salt water of Semnan is not very expensive.

The following is a description of the difference between the blue salt of Semnan and Garmsar.

Semnan blue salt

On many web sites Semnan blue salt is known as the most famous Iranian export blue of salt in Iran and while this is a common mistake.

Semnan blue salt has good sugar content and it’s not crystallized, Because of its characteristic crystalline blue salt crystals.

persian blue salt

Garmsar blue salt

The Garmsar blue salt is originally the same as the salt of blue salt which is known globally and all international traders are calling for it.

Garmsar Blue Crystal Crystals they have a very high potassium content and a great deal of nutritional value.

persian blue salt


Garmsar blue salt is in fact the same as the export blue salt

Persian blue salt export center

If you also want to buy blue rock salt it is good to know that the Halito Group is highly specialized in supplying and exporting blue salt.

Our company has at all times supplied salt rock salt to supply, But you need to know that you have 20 kilos of blue rock salt easily equates to 25 tons of different salts.

persian blue salt

If you are looking for a certain amount of blue rock salt, call the Halito Shopping Center.

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what is blue rock salt?

One type of salt in the world known as Persian Blue Salt is known it has magical and very strong properties, this salt is not found anywhere in the world and is found only in Iran.

blue rock salt

If you can get the original Blue Salt, you will get more familiar with its amazing properties, Halito rock salt Company based in Garmsar Iran, mining and exports the best and purest blue rock salt.

what is blue salt used for

This question may be posed to you what is the use of blue salt?
In the answer it should be said that the blue salt is very abundant because of the high potassium content
Continuous consumption will make the nerves relax for this reason, blue salt is recommended to people seeking more relaxation.

blue rock salt


Most famous restaurants use blue salt in their own menu

On the other hand, blue salt is taken with food as a flavoring a delicious tasting flavor will give you food.

Persian blue salt wholesale

If you are a resident of Europe or the United States, you may have seen the price of blue salt on sites like Amazon for example, blue salt sold on a site by a vendor for every 82 grams for 53$.

This is while these vendors are buying cheap blue salt from Iran at a very cheap price,  in most cases major blue salt buyers can not find the quality type of this salt and buy blue salt without quality.

blue rock salt

If you plan to purchase pure persian blue salt directly from the mine at a reasonable price, please contact us.

Halito rock salt group has the largest rock salt mine in Garmsar and the largest supplier of blue salt in iran, exports this product to the whole world.

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Iran has a lot of rock salt mines the largest rock salt exporter in the Middle East, more than 70 percent of Iran’s rock salt is exported from the Garmsar city, because Garmsar rock salt in addition to its huge volume its quality is also high.

blue rock salt

For example a type of rock salt in the Garmsar mining by Halito rock salt company, which shows a purity of 99.4% in general, white rock salt with this purity is very rare in the world.

The Halito group exports rock salt products to many countries, including India, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Italy , Turkey, Qatar, Oman, Iraq.

buy persian blue salt from iran, Completely pure, at a very exceptional and inexpensive price, is sent to the entire world.

Where is persian blue salt mine

The reason is the famous rock salt to persian blue salt, this rock salt is found only in Iran.

The climate of the Garmsar region of Iran is such that there are dozens of large salt rock mines there are in this area.

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The desert region has caused salt sources it was created in Garmsar region millions of years ago.

In addition to rock salt, the most abundant salt rock in the world the most important and largest salt mines in Iran are located in Garmsar.

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Red rock salt, white rock salt, black rock salt and orange rock salt other types of salt rock are extracted from Garmsar mines.

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If you do business with salt water you should definitely buy blue rock salt.

If you can buy rock salt from a broker, it’s possible in addition to the high price, you will not find a decent product.

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To be sure, you should buy blue rock salt straight from Iran and the city of Garmsar.

Halito rock salt company

Halito rock salt company located in Garmsar, the largest supplier of blue rock salt in Garmsar.

Except for blue salt, the Halito Co. exported all kinds of white salt and red salt stones to the world.

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Halito Co. is also the largest manufacturer of rock salt decor in Iran and it has a very diverse product range.

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Persian blue salt wholesale Of the gifts of the Lord on earth, which is very rare It is only found in Iran and the city of Garmsar.

persian blue salt benefits

Blue rock salt is due to its large amount of potassium brings us comfort and in addition, it gives a very unique taste to the food.

persian blue salt wholesale

As it was said, the main cause is the blue of this mineral there is a lot of potassium within it due to its presence in certain climatic conditions and altitudes and humidity over millions of years it is in this shape and color.

persian blue salt wholesale

Garmsar District, located in Iran, has mines where salt rock salt is found there.

persian blue salt wholesale

Halito Co. in the city of Garmsar, having very large mines and doing persian blue salt wholesale and export to all over the world.

persian blue salt wholesale

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The main origin of Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt only found in Garmsar, Garmsar is a city in Iran. Being rare of this rock salt it has become famous.

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This rock salt has plenty of potassium. Potassium is a substance that makes the nerves relax and offers a great flavor to the food.

where to buy persian blue salt

To buy persian blue salt if your order at least 200 Kilogram Halito Co. send your order to you quickly.

buy persian blue salt

Finding a rock is very difficult, and its inventory is always very low so you can order it beforehand.

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