persian rock salt lamp

Production Center of persian rock salt lamp, Salt lamp manufacture with completely unique models, cheap salt lamps products for other tastes.

The best rock salt for cutting

Many collections that try to produce ornamental salts purchase salt without dark knowledge, while these rock salts will have the worst shape after cutting.

Special rock salts for cutting have unique properties:

  • They have a high density and do not powder against the drill
  • They are very white and beautiful
  • The artifacts made with these rock salts have a great effect

If you are also interested in buying the best rock salt for cutting, please contact us and order it.

persian rock salt lamp

Benefits of salt lamp

You need to remove positive ions from your life to take care of your body against electrical waves and to inject peace of mind.

Positive ions, contrary to their names, have very destructive effects on our human bodies, and negative ions bring relaxation by eliminating positive ions.

Unlike television, Wi-Fi antennas, computers and other everyday gadgets that we deal with that are rich in positive ion sources and most of the headaches and irritants also come from here, the Salt Rock Light is a world of negative ions. Carries with it a positive ion eliminator.

persian rock salt lamp

Why halito salt lamp?

Salt lamps lights are suitable for use in bedrooms, lounges, study lamps and wherever you need mild light, as light mild salt lamps with negative ion emission are very beneficial to health.

But the most important thing in buying a rock salt lamp, buy a rock salt lamp made from therapical rock salt which is rare and more expensive than other rock salts.

persian rock salt lamp

Halito salt lamp model globe price

Halito Salt Lamp model Globe is a very popular product and has been marketed by Halito with its wooden and salt base and we have listed the wholesale price for your information.

persian rock salt lamp

Halito Salt Brick Production Center

Halito rock salt Company in addition to producing all kinds of attractive models of Salt Lamp, manufactures and offers different types of salt bricks.

It is also the largest salt cave chamber manufacturer in Iran, which operates the salt chamber in an astonishing manner that is very impressive and customer friendly.

This beautiful art is used to make cave-like rooms and lounges, especially to create the Salt Cave Hotel and Salt Cave Restaurant.

Below are a few examples of salt brick and salt cave portfolios.

persian rock salt lamp

persian rock salt lamp

manufature rock salt candle

In addition to the Salt Lamp, we produce Salt candle in a wide variety of designs that you can see in our beautiful work.

Halito rock salt decor feature

Halito rock salt lamp decor have several prominent features:

  • The Halito complex has direct access to the Garmsar mineral salt mines
  • The salts of these mines have a purity of more than 99.5%
  • This level of purity of salt rock is unique in its kind
  • In addition to rock salt, having highly skilled masters is essential
  • All work is produced and supplied with highly detailed and professional cuts

persian rock salt lamp

Persian rock Salt lamp wholesale

Halito rock salt Company is the first manufacturer of ornamental salt in Iran and produces high quality products.

persian rock salt lamp
We can arrange the highest order volume in the shortest time and at the best price.
See this page for our decorative products.

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