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Types of rock salt colors

Did you know there is a blue salt rock? Do you know the benefits and benefits of blue salt rock and its uses?
rock salt is often mined from mountain and rock salt can be of different types depending on which region and in which mine.
Different colors include rock salt, black, pink, blue, white and even yellow. Due to the presence of organic and minerals in the structure of each salt, its color is different.

persian blue salt supplier

Here we will be discussing the introduction of blue salt rock, its properties and benefits as well as discussing the uses of this type of rock salt.

What is Blue Rock salt?

Blue salt is one of the rare salts in the world which is very expensive because of its rarity.
It is interesting to know that the source of the extraction of blue salt is Iran, and this type of salt rock, which has both stunning beauty and healing properties, cannot be found elsewhere. For this reason, Iran is the only producer and exporter of blue salt in the world.

persian blue salt supplier

Normally, the salt rock is mostly white, but in some cases, due to the large amount of one of the minerals in the rock, its color tends to be the same.

Himalayan salt, for example, has a lot of iron, so its color tends to be blue, and blue salt has a lot of potassium, so its color tends to be blue.

persian blue salt supplier

This has made it a rare blue rock salt and enthusiasts of this type of rock salt can pay high prices for it.

Benefits of blue rock salt

Due to the salt properties of the blue rock salt, it is high in potassium. Potassium plays a vital role in vitality, health and stress reduction.

Unfortunately, blue salt is not known in Iran, but it is well known and widely used in European and American countries.

persian blue salt supplier

In most European countries this type of salt is used as a food flavor in most restaurants. Blue salt is a well-known salt in Europe and has a high price.

Persian blue salt can be used for a variety of cases, most of which are curative:

  • Blood pressure treatment
  • Relieve fatigue and feel happy
  • Reduce depression

The most important uses of this salt is very rare.

persian blue salt supplier

Persian blue salt grade A

To produce Iranian blue salt, we need to use blue salt rock which, after crushing and meshing, produces blue salt.
But blue salts have different grades that fall into two categories:

  • Blue rock salt Grade A
  • Blue rock salt Grade B

Grade B salt is inexpensive but has very little properties and is of little nutritional value as you can see in the picture below.

persian blue salt supplier

Grade A salt is more expensive but has many nutritional and therapeutic properties and the main Persian blue salt is Grade A salt. It is also worth noting that A grade is very rare.

persian blue salt supplier

Persian blue salt lamp

Since Halito is the largest manufacturer of ornamental salt, Halito is often asked why you do not produce blue salt lights from blue salt!
The answer is for two reasons:

  1. Blue salt is very expensive and the production of blue salt lights is not affordable
  2. Blue salt rock fragments are usually very small and not large enough to produce salt lamps

According to the explanation given, you should note that all the blue salt lamps you see are actually colored rock salt as in the example below.

persian blue salt supplier

blue salt is edible?

Until 80 years ago, all the people of the world knew that one of their salt sources was rock salt and that salt was easily crushed and used after washing.
But for nearly five decades, the Ministry of Health has banned salt in many countries and recognized only refined salt as food.
On the other hand, many traditional medicine experts believe that refined salts destroy all the minerals in the salt by the process they produce, and what remains is the only sodium that can cause great harm to the body.

persian blue salt supplier


Rock Salt is a natural mineral with no purification process.

By definition, no rock salt is edible but not used in practice and rock salt is used as a major source of salt worldwide because many believe that unprocessed salt has much more properties But we recommend that you do moderation even when consuming the best salt.

Why the rock salt turns blue?

In general, natural rock salt in mines is usually colorless, and we see this through crystalline salts, the purest salt in nature.

Crystal clear salts that have been dried out of lakes for millions of years are completely colorless and glassy, but in some salt mines they have other minerals within them that change the color of the salts.

persian blue salt supplier

For example, the high-grade halito company white rock salt that contains the highest sodium and the lowest impurities is completely white and uniform, as well as the red and orange salts that are containing amounts of iron.

Blue rock salt is no exception, and due to its potassium minerality, its color has changed to blue and it looks like.


Keep in mind that blue rock salt seems to be due to a lot of potassium in each other and fracture of the blue, but after crushing and meshing the blue grains appear within it and the predominant color is white indicating the original rock

This rock salt contains a lot of potassium, as you can see in the picture below.

And you should know that the presence of such salt at this concentration of potassium is a natural surprise and is nowhere to be found and the main buyer of concentrated blue rock salt is collectors of rare rocks.

persian blue salt supplier

Persian blue salt price

persian blue salt supplier


Persian blue salt supplier

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of blue salt in Iran, which always has the largest amount of blue rock salt.

persian blue salt supplier

Halito Blue Salt In addition to high quality, it has many customers in Europe. Contact us for more information and to buy Blue rock Salt.

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