Iran blue rock salt

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Export of Garmsar crystal blue salt, purchase of blue salt for export, blue salt rock is one of the rarest types of rock salt that can be supplied and exported monthly by the rock salt collection.

what is blue salt

Crystalline blue salt is the same as table salt or table salt, which has turned blue due to the presence of certain minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and silviot and being in special climatic conditions and under pressure and humidity, and crystalline blue salt. is named. The crystals in blue salt have a natural color and it is not possible to dye the grains of blue salt crystals. One of the ways in which genuine blue salt and counterfeit blue salt can be identified is as follows:

  • If crystalline blue salt is crushed, the fine grains will be white and will no longer be visible in blue.
  • Crystalline blue salt is not blue in general, but traces of blue can be seen in it.

Iran blue rock salt

Persian blue salt health benefits

A small use of crystalline blue salt is effective in reducing stress. The effect of blue salt on the body is such that in times of stress and anxiety, it reduces the secretion of cortisol hormones and is useful for the body in certain conditions. According to this research, it can be proven that if the amount of sodium in the body increases by one or two percent, stress hormones will be suppressed.

Blue salt mine in Iran

The cities of Semnan and Garmsar have mines from which crystalline blue salt is extracted. However, in other parts of the country, there are traces of blue salt that have no nutritional value. Salt rocks extracted from Garmsar mines are a rich source of potassium. Potassium is a refreshing and joyful substance and in addition, it gives a unique taste to food.

Iran blue rock salt

Exporter of Iran blue rock salt

The water salts extracted from Iran mines are crystalline, but the salts extracted from Semnan mines are sugary, and as a result, Garmsar mines are more suitable for export, and a large part of the crystalline blue salt salts extracted from Garmsar mines to Shipped abroad. This type of salt has attracted many fans in European and Asian countries. It is interesting to know that crystal blue salt has more fans abroad than inside the country.

Iran blue rock salt

Halito rock salt complex is the largest supplier of blue salt rock in Iran.

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