mineral animal feed salt

Wholesale natural and mineral animal feed salt, rock salt for cattle in jumbo bag, 15 kg package, export at delivery at destination.

What is animal feed salt?

Livestock feed salt is one of the most important materials used in livestock and poultry inputs and concentrates, providing a significant portion of the mineral needs of livestock.

The properties of animal salt are due to the presence of minerals and nutrients that rock salt brings with it, and its use in animal feed and poultry is very common in the livestock industry.

Animal studies show that domestic and wild animals traveled to salt springs thousands of years ago to provide the salt they needed, and these studies show that wild and domestic animals need salt in the human-like feeding process.

Extensive research into the use of salt in animal feed was tested in the early 1800s, and salt continues to be used in the feeding process of all breeding animals to this day.

Sodium and chloride in salt make up an important part of a balanced diet, now known as animal and poultry feed. Salt is used in a variety of forms, such as powdered salt and rock salt. Poultry are used.


For livestock inputs as well as poultry salt production, recrystallization salt is sometimes used, which can be obtained with the highest degree of purity through the Halito salt rock collection.

mineral animal feed salt

The amount of salt in the poultry diet

Salt is one of the most important and cheapest materials in animal and poultry feed, but usually one of the most important questions about adding salt to poultry and livestock diets is how much salt is appropriate in livestock and poultry diets. ?

Considering the appropriateness of salt content with other ingredients in animal feed is one of the points that should be considered in poultry nutrition and should be in harmony with the animal doctor who provides a diet plan appropriate for your animal husbandry. Low in animal feed can lead to problems such as brain damage or coma.

It can be said that the use of a small amount of salt causes a severe shortage of sodium and chloride, resulting in low productivity in the livestock and poultry industry. its necessary.


It is interesting to know that animals such as cows and sheep lick enough salt when it is given to them, and if they receive extra sodium, they excrete it in the urine, and this is the clear advantage of rock salt. It is on salt

mineral animal feed salt

Benefits of salt for livestock

Numerous properties of salt for livestock have been proven by scientific studies and research because salt provides an important part of the mineral salts, including sodium.

The most important properties of salt in the diet of livestock are the following:

  • Sodium in rock salt prevents dehydration in animals because drinking more salt leads to more water and stimulates the animal to drink more water.
  • Sodium has a direct effect on gastrointestinal acids; This means that digestion of food as well as the absorption of nutrients needed by the body of animals with sodium is easier.
  • The mineral salts in rock salt cause the nervous system as well as the hormones to function properly.
  • The salts and micronutrients in salt make the nervous system work well in the main arteries of animals and prevent problems such as paralysis in animals.
  • Also, this beneficial substance has an effective role in the proper functioning of various muscles of animal organs by meeting the body’s need for nutrients and minerals.

mineral animal feed salt

Wholesale mineral animal feed salt

One of the most important types of food that should always be available to cows is rock salt, which is directly related to the growth and development of this animal.

Salt rock is mainly used in cattle farms and is intended for:

  • Improve cow nutrition
  • Increase productivity in terms of quality and quantity
  • Increased breastfeeding
  • Increased fertility rate
  • Used in animals.

The simplest and most practical way to use salt in the diets of various animals, including cows, is to use these blocks and salt stones.

Salted rock salt and rock salt rock are no different in terms of nutritional value because they are both of the same sex and are obtained from the mine, but the difference is that the type of cut and cube, after extracting the rock salt from the mine Instead of being sent to the destination, it is first entered into the workshop and after cutting, it is turned into a cube and then it goes to the destination.

Cubic rock salt is very easy to transport because it is packaged in cartons, but in terms of price it is much more expensive than Kalukheh animal rock salt, so in our country, Iran has no market and is considered an export product.


The use of rock salt for cattle, in addition to meeting the mineral needs and salts needed by the animal, also prevents diseases of the tongue and mouth in livestock.

Livestock feed salt is widely used in production centers and livestock and poultry production companies, and for this reason the most important major buyers of this product are livestock feed companies.

The bulk sale of livestock salt and shipping across the country, even far away, is done by the Halito Stone Salt Collection at a very exceptional price, so the esteemed ranchers have no worries about the price of their livestock salt in terms of price.

mineral animal feed salt

Is livestock salt better or salt?

One of the questions that arises about the use of various types of animal feed salt is whether animal salt is better or livestock salt.

In fact, this is directly related to the type of livestock and poultry raised, as well as the amount of salt consumed in the inputs and feed of livestock and poultry.

In livestock centers, the use of rock salt is more cost-effective and more efficient. Salt is used, and there is no problem with the high or low amount of salt in the food.

mineral animal feed salt

Other types of salt are used to produce concentrates and feed for livestock and poultry, such as recrystallized salt and powdered salt, so it is necessary to use different types of salt or rock salt depending on the type of animal, breed and consumption of the animal.

The Halito rock salt company directly loads livestock salt from the mine and sends it to all parts of Iran in the fastest time.

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