Cattle salt licks

Cattle salt licks for sale at a cheap price, weight 2 to 4 kg, biggest manufacturer in iran, supply and export in short time.

The reason for using salt in dairy

Salt contains sodium and chloride, which are essential for milk production for cows. If there is not enough salt in cows, cows become extremely low in appetite and lose weight, and over time, if not enough salt reaches the cow, the animal will become dehydrated. Eating substances such as dirt and licking will knock on doors and walls.

To eliminate all these problems and prevent these accidents, be sure to use rock salt in cattle manure.

In addition to sodium and chloride, rock salt contains other minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. Sodium regulates blood pH levels, and chloride helps digest food and helps balance blood acid levels, so cows can always be said to be healthy. They need rock salt.
Salt is very good for the nervous system of animals, their muscles, their circulatory system and their bones.


If the animal consumes rock salt, it increases the animal’s appetite and accelerates its growth

Cattle salt licks

Familiarity with livestock white rock salt

Livestock salt is used for animal husbandry and livestock farming and is usually used in bright white or streaked white colors in Iran.

The whiter the salt, the higher the sodium and is suitable for livestock, but red and orange salts are not suitable for livestock feed because they put a lot of iron into the animal feed cycle for no reason.

Cattle salt licks

Cattle salt licks for export

Livestock rock salt is commonly used in livestock farms in the form of lumps, and the main reason for this is the cheapness of this type of rock salt, and the cut sample is suitable for export markets.


Cubic rock salts are packaged in 20 kg cartons

Of course, the benefits of sliced rock salt for livestock are enormous, for example, easy transportation for ranchers or easier licking of rock salt for cows without feeling violent.

Livestock salt is one of the most fundamental and important issues in the field of animal feed, and without it, naturally, a cattle and livestock foot will be trampled and serious losses will await the livestock community.

Cattle salt licks

To prevent any future problems that may result from not using rock salt, it is best to consider providing livestock rock salt right now.

In this regard, you can take advantage of the variety of rock salts in the Halito salt rock collection.
Sending livestock salt rock all over the country and exporting cut and cut livestock salt rock is one of the most important activities of this complex.

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