Iran industrial salt

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Industrial salt basically includes types of salt that are used for industrial uses and functions and can not be consumed in practice without going through certain processes in the food industry and related to the human field.

For example, industrial salt is used to counteract icy road surfaces, drilling in special environments, or certain industrial processes, such as the production of rubber or sanitary materials. Industrial salt, of course, has different types that are prepared and used by manufacturers depending on the type of application. Join us to have a look at the features of this product.

Iran industrial salt

Application of refined salt

Refined salt is probably one of the most common salts that consumers ever come across. Refined salt, which is the same food salt used in the food industry, has a very wide range of uses and has more benefits for the body by going through some standard refining and enrichment processes.

Depending on the use, certain minerals, such as iodine, are usually added to the refined salt to significantly increase its nutritional value. Food uses, medicinal uses, in some cases for animal consumption as well as common consumption on the table, are some of the most prominent uses of refined salt.

Iran industrial salt

How to produce industrial salt

Industrial salt production is one of the most active production and industrial sectors in Iran, which has practically a large volume of production and income. As mentioned, there are different types of industrial salt, depending on the field in which it is used. This means that there are several ways to produce and harvest it. The most common methods for producing this precious material are:

Solar evaporation, mining and mining are soluble. Each of these methods uses a special technology to convert rock salt into usable materials called industrial salt.

Iran industrial salt

Export of Iran industrial salt

Industrial salt, due to its very wide application in various industries, has a relatively large market and is therefore prone to large-scale revenue generation. On the other hand, the high quality of salt produced in the production units of this complex is undeniable, and this has led to its high popularity among foreign customers.

If you also want to experience a large volume of industrial salt exports, you can open a special account on the services and commitments of this collection.

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