export industrial salt

Supply and export industrial salt with jumbo bag, over 98 % purity, size .5 to 5 mm, delivery in 12 days CIF.

Industrial salt price


Powder salt in 25 kg bag Fob bandar abbas per ton 34 $

Export industrial salt

Purchase of Garmsar industrial salt has been highly welcomed due to its high quality, because Garmsar salt rock exists in different purity levels and in different types, and is extracted from salt rock mines in different ways.

Due to the high quality of Garmsar rock salt, this rock salt is also in great demand in different countries and is exported to different countries.

The purity of Garmsar salt rock is higher than other rock rocks, so that the percentage of sodium and chlorine varies between 96 and 99.5 percent.

The purest tropical salt rocks are prepared for export after extraction. You can buy Garmsar export salt from Halito rock salt group.

export industrial salt

Iran industrial salt

After extracting from the mines, Garmsar rock salts are taken to industrial salt factories, where they are crushed by cubits and other advanced equipment and graded by vibrating sieves.

Depending on the grading and grain size, the application of industrial salt is different, but the best-selling industrial salt is sugar sugar 110 mesh and fishery salt mesh 80, which is in great demand.

export industrial salt

Wholesale Salt Refining

The bulk sale of refined salt is the recrystallization of a 25 kg bag by Halito Collection. It is also the best-selling edible salt on the domestic and foreign markets.

Sales centers can buy this salt in bulk from manufacturing plants. Note that refined salt, which is used for food, must be supplied in hygienic packaging and be stamped with a stamp, health apple and health license.

Because the ore extracted from the mines may contain heavy elements and have a lower degree of purity, they must be refined for food use. During refining iodine, reverse sugar and anti-cake are added to the salt.

export industrial salt

Buy industrial salt

Purchase of industrial salt with 5 different meshes, the possibility of delivery is offered in 1 ton jumbo bag, as well as 25 kg and 40 kg bags.

export industrial salt

Industrial salt in various meshes for industries such as acidification, chlorination, disinfection, detergent production, water treatment, dyeing, textile, rubber, steel and aluminum industries, oil and gas industries, cosmetics production, tanning And leather, animal husbandry and animal husbandry, animal feed production, water hardening, fisheries industry are sold.

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