pink salt in Iran

The largest supplier and exporter of pink salt in Iran, biggest supplier of pink rock salt, orange rock salt, red rock salt, white rock salt.

The largest supplier and exporter of pink salt in Iran, the possibility of delivering 850 tons of pink salt per month, delivery in 25 kg bags and jumbo bags, export to all parts of the world, for direct purchase of high-tonnage pink and blue colored salts.

A brief introduction to pink salt

Iranian pink salt is similar to NaCl in terms of chemical composition and contains 98% of sodium chloride. Pink salt is made up of beneficial minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, which give it a pink color.

Himalayan pink salt is produced in Pakistan. But Iran also has pink salt. Iranian pink salt is similar to Himalayan pink salt in terms of composition, with the difference that the purity of the Iranian type is higher than the Himalayan pink salt. The purity of Iranian pink salt is from 99.1 to 99.3%, while the Himalayan pink salt has a purity of 98%. .


Himalayan pink salt is not good for health due to its high iron content and is allowed to be imported in a country like Qatar that has the highest standards

pink salt in Iran

Properties of Iranian pink salt

Are you familiar with the rare properties of Iranian pink salt? Iranian pink salt has many healing properties that most people are unaware of.

The most common method of consuming pink salt is as a solution of salt water. The method is to pour a quarter of a container of pink salt and fill the rest with water and close the lid. The container used for salt water should be made of clay. Dissolve a tablespoon of pink salt water in some water every day and drink it. This water removes toxins from the body and reduces gastric reflux and increases energy levels in people.

The most important property of pink salt is lowering blood pressure. Unlike common table salt, this salt lowers blood pressure and keeps it in balance. The human body needs more water to excrete ordinary salt, but pink salt contains substances and compounds that are digestible and do not require much water to excrete.

Pink salt is rich in minerals that strengthen the bones and muscle tissue of the body. Pink salt also improves the circulatory system.

As you know, one way to relieve a sore throat is to gargle with salt water. Pink salt water has strong antibacterial properties that improve sore throat quickly.

pink salt in Iran

The largest producer of pink salt in Iran

As we explained above, Iranian pink salt has similar properties and even better than Himalayan salt, which has made this salt popular in domestic and foreign markets. Our center is the largest producer of pink salt in Iran, which has been able to attract many customers at home and abroad.

pink salt in Iran

The pink salt produced in this center has an extremely high purity, which has made the pink salt produced by this center attractive and popular among buyers.

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