Buy rock salt livestock

Buy rock salt livestock at mine price for cow, sheep and other animals, export from iran, high quality and cheep price.

Persian rock salt for sale

Rock salt is a useful mineral material has variety of uses.

Rock salt is useful and has very benefits for eat and is appropriate for omnivorous for example cows and also sheep and has positive influences on healthy and increases content of milk and meat.

Buy rock salt livestock

Persian rock salt has 99.4 % purity because of its very high purity it will make cattle and sheep grow faster.


Halito rock salt group It is the largest holder of high purity salt rock in the Middle East

Rock salt for cattle

Using rock salt and having benefits of it has proved and  first of all rock salt is a material has a salty taste human being acquainted it when he lived on the earth.

As the human’s body needs to salt and rock salt having durability and survival, the animals and the omnivorous specially need to this natural material superiorly having very important and basically role in human’s life continuous and supplement chain of food for human beings.

Buy rock salt livestock

Rock salt makes creation of appetency in omnivorous in order to have more appetency to eat.

So omnivorous shows up a better growth and this does not make them to have of food dystrophy.

cattle salt lick for sale

If you decide to eliminate rock salt suddenly of omnivorous food portion you must know that you make losses so much to your retinues that most of important are these following:

  • To make damage to nervous system of omnivorous
  • Weight loss of cow
  • Violation in animal’s movement system
  • Other supplements and food donot absorbe in body well
  • Loss of reproduce, milk and fat of cow body
  • The fodder animals consume has a high level of potassium to be absorption need to sodium or rock salt

Buy rock salt livestock

A food poisoning has been observed among some cows that indeed the content is so low and can not  make it outbreak to all dairies called Hypnotherapy.

This food poisoning take places when you use rock salt consisting Iron and Magnesium and on other side it is necessary not to be reachable for animal the drinking water .

Buy rock salt livestock

In general composition of Iron and drinking unhealthy water causes to creation poisoning usually and it has not seen specific case so far.

What rock salt is appropriate for Cows?

why do cows need salt?

Consuming rock salt has very positive influences to increase health and milk , meat and fat of  this omnivorous.

The first influence of rock salt is on cow’s saliva and increasing PH level in omnivorous body because of better food absorption.

Buy rock salt livestock

According to test that done in Iran, rock salt will cause raise 13 percent content of milk about milky cows.

As well as rock salt makes creation of equilibrium of internal elements of animals’ body due to enter sodium content into cow’s body and equal making  potassium and sodium in omnivorous body.

Remember that if you eliminate of rock salt as a food portion for cow must be waiting for very seriously injuries of your animals.

Buy rock salt livestock

One of the positive and useful influences of use rock salt for cow is making flatulent in omnivorous body but on other hand it’s good to know the cows use to lick their own urine but giving cow rock salt prevents the erupt of this problem.

best salt block for cattle

completely the most suitable rock salt for livestock and especially cattle is, White rock without red streaks.

Because this salt contains high levels of sodium, it will make the animal’s body stronger and, on the other hand, increase its motility.

Buy rock salt livestock


Most of the damage to the cow is caused by red rock salt

Rock salt for cow Price

Buy rock salt livestock

buy rock salt livestock for cow

Buying Rock Salt permanently in the price of the mine, massive exporting and packing according to order of customer.

All of orders are loaded and sent after the final registration in 24 hours maximum and the lowest order shipment is 10 tons and for the orders less than 10 tons you have to consider you distance to Garmsar.

Buy rock salt livestock

As despite the advices done some of people still desire to use rock salt the price of this product inserted, however use of rock salt for cow and sheep and in general omnivorous is the best option.

The Halito rock salt company does load all of orders directly from mine and sends it .

Buy rock salt livestock

To answer extensive range of clients for omnivorous has presented variety of this product in order to all the people can order this product based on their types of demands and kind of application.

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