Build salt room

Build salt room start new business, Start a new business what do you think is the reason for the commercialization of salt rooms? Why is everyone trying to make the salt room better and bigger and equip it?

Build salt room

Maybe until 12 years ago we hadn’t even heard the name of the salt room but for the past 5 years, the salt room has become so pervasive that any place we visit a panel called the Salt Room is visible.

According to field research from the next 3 or 4 years any commercial complex that lacks salt room it will lose a lot of its customers you start before the rest.

Why find the salt room to find answers to our questions? Don’t miss out.

Build salt room

History of salt domes

The use of salt domes and salt caves to cure diseases goes back to ancient Greece and since then the use of salt cave and salted environment there are many different ways to treat diseases.

The first were the pioneers in the field of health and treatment by the Salt Room they were monks because most of the monks worshiped in the caves and mountains and over time, they found a permanent presence in the salt mountains it has made them healthier.

Build salt room

In the contemporary era, about 200 years ago germany and Poland in the field of accelerated research in the treatment of disease the salt chamber did a very comprehensive research.

During World War II a German doctor named Carl Hermann Sponge people affected by the effects of the war he was treating underground salt caves.

Dr. Sponge realized patients treated in the salt cave much faster than people in regular hospitals they are recovering and are recovering.

Build salt room

Salt therapy in the last 50 years

Year 2 can be considered the beginning of a new era of salt therapy because this year a Polish doctor named Dr. Wiliska he began his research in this field and patients experimentally treated in the underground salt cave.

Dr. Williska continued to do so that the Polish government was willing to allocate a separate budget  Make him a salt hospital and formally approved the treatment of patients by indoor salt environments.

Then the former Soviet state he continued on his way to Poland and in the 1985 year he succeeded in developing a holotherapy device.

Build salt room


The word holotherapy is derived from the word halo, which is a Greek word for salt.

It was only after the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the release of the former documents that the world realized the tremendous advances of the Soviet Union in salt chambers and salt caverns.

It is interesting to know the field of holotherapy in China he is taught at the doctoral level and has been thoroughly updated and proven in science and most countries around the world have realized the power of this natural healing ingredient in the treatment of diseases.

Build salt room

Build commercial salt room

Making a commercial salt room or the same business plan salt room it is a term that has become very widespread in the last 10 years and the use of salt chambers for commercial and therapeutic purposes has grown exponentially.

Previously, the salt chamber was used for therapeutic purposes only governments invested in this sector and the private sector didn’t get into that as a result, these services were very expensive and did not include everyone.

Build salt room

But with the entry of the private sector and the pervasive construction of salt treatment rooms this has made the service much cheaper and you’re in a healing environment at the same time, you can enjoy and enjoy your leisure time.

Salt Room Equipment

Salt Room Equipment there are many items that are expensive and others cheaper but as mentioned, the private sector is entering the field of salt room construction this has led to lower prices for finished products.

For example, in the early 1990s, which was not as cheap as holotherapy today the price of a large holotherapy device was about $ 30,000 and there were no small home appliances at all.

Build salt room

But nowadays, salt room machines are also priced at $ 4,000 you can buy small home devices air salt is also available at cheaper prices.

Salt Room in the Middle East

In any country we live in, we can never stay away from the wave of excitement created in a product because today, with the advent of the Internet, communication speeds have been reduced to a fraction of a second.

As mentioned earlier in the last 10 years the commercial use of the salt chamber in the world is greatly expanded and every day, all over the world, we hear about the good people who use these rooms.

Build salt room

This widespread wave has now entered the Middle East for some years now and many places have been ahead of others in this area and they are making salt room.


If your business’s health and prosperity matter to you
Think about making a salt room in your collection right now

Benefits of salt room in the pool

If you have followed what you said here you’ve definitely understood why salt pool construction is important!

The first benefit of making the salt room in the pool increase your collection customers and more customers will naturally make your business more prosperous.


Sample salt cave room project in pool Performed by Halito Group

Salt Room Design

Salt chamber design is the most important factor in making a salt chamber and the most important element that determines the design of a room this is the kind of use you will have.

Many people tend to have salt in their home or others for massage salons or salt therapy clinics Consider this each of these will make their salt room design different.

Build salt room

Important factors to consider when designing a salt chamber the following is a headline of some of them:

  • Salt Room Usage Type
  • Intended metric
  • The budget needed to get the job done
  • Duration of project

How to build salt room

The salt chamber can be made and executed in various ways each one is very different and you need to be consulted before executing.

Some of the most important are:

  • Is your salt room commercial or personal?
  • How long do you think it will take to get it back?
  • How much do you want your customers to grow?

One of the important things is that specifies which plan should be implemented for you.

Build salt room


If you plan to get your business plan exactly, contact us

There are many ways to make a salt room that is very time consuming and tedious to explain but the two most common methods are salt brick and salt cave construction.

Let’s briefly discuss which method you should use we naturally suggest you to build a salt cave room the main reasons are as follows:

  • Extremely attractive to the customer
  • Return on capital very fast
  • Ability to build in all places
  • The business boom is so incredible

Build salt room

Anywhere in the Middle East you are, Contact us to order a salt cave room

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