rock salt factory

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Edible salt production method

Salt is one of the most essential food ingredients, but too much of it is very dangerous. Salt is found in nature in different ways and after its extraction, it can be used in the salt factory. Salt extraction is done in different ways, including solution extraction, axial deep extraction, solar evaporation and manual method.

After the salt is extracted, it is transported to the salt factory, to be refined and packaged. The preparation of edible salt and its purification in the factory have different stages, which are:

  • Grind rock salt
  • Dissolving ground rock salt and preparing saturated salt solution
  • Chemicals are added to precipitate calcium and magnesium
  • Insoluble material is removed from it
  • The saturated salt water solution passes through different filters and particles smaller than 30 microns are removed from it
  • Evaporation and salt crystal production
  • Crystals are extracted using a centrifuge
  • The crystals are washed and iodine is added to them
  • Salt crystals are dried using hot air and sent to salt storage silos
  • Salts are packed using fully automatic machines

rock salt factory

Export of packing rock salt

Iran is one of the largest producers of rock salt and table salt, as well as its export in the world. According to the amount of salt available in the country and its production in the salt factory, Iran is among the top ten countries in the field of its extraction and ranks 20th in the field of sea salt and rock salt production in the world.

It should be noted that the export of rock salt from the salt factory is different with bags and without bags, but it is possible to export in both ways. However, many buyers of rock salt prefer to receive it in a bag and in a package.

rock salt factory

Iran rock salt factory

Iran Salt Factory produces all kinds of edible and industrial salt. In the salt factory, all stages of purification and packaging take place, and the produced products are prepared for the market.

rock salt factory

The salt produced in the salt factory is offered in different packages according to the orders placed. This factory has the possibility of producing and delivering 300 tons of iodized and non-iodized salt per month. It should be noted that the bulk price of the products is considered for a minimum order of 15 tons.

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