Crystal rock salt

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Crystal rock salt sales center

The Halito Group is the most specialized crystal salt rock sales center in Iran the group exports crystallized rock crystals to other countries.

Crystal rock salt looks like ice and its purity varies depending on the type of rock.

Crystal rock salt

To find out the percentage of crystalline halite rock salt purity, just look like this stone.

The higher the degree of purity of the halite salt glass is, the more transparent it is.

For example, look at the image below this rock salt has a lower degree of purity than the image above.

Crystal rock salt

Use of crystal rock salt

Crystal Salt rock is used for many uses and the most use of this salt rock is in the following industries:

  • Cosmetic production
  • drug manufacturing
  • Construction of rock salt decor

Export crystal halite rock salt

The main destination is the export of crystalline salt rock from Russia and Turkey. If you are in any way associated with these countries, you should know that the two countries are demanding Iran’s crystalline salt rock.

Crystal rock salt

The Halito Group is the largest supplier of crystalline salt rock in Iran.

Buy Crystal Halite Salt

To buy crystal clear crystalline halite salt If your order is at least 25 tons, please contact us Unfortunately, less values ​​are not sent.

crystal rock salt

All orders are packed and shipped at the fastest time.

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