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The largest rock salt mine in Iran

Our country, Iran, is in a very good position in the region and in the world in terms of having salt rock mines, and there is a variety of salt rocks in different mines, but the extraction ratio of each is very different. We have to be careful, because despite the high potential in the world trade in rock salt, our position is not very good.

Due to the different types of rock salt that is obtained in Iran’s mines, it indicates the biodiversity and geology of our country, Iran, because the rock rock that is obtained from the heart of the mines actually represents the material accumulated in the heart of mother nature, the earth.

If we take a brief look at different types of rock salt in Iranian mines, we should mention the following:

  • White rock salt
  • Orange rock salt
  • Red rock salt
  • Blue rock salt
  • Crystalline rock salt
  • Black rock salt

The mentioned cases are the most well-known minerals of mineral salt rock that is obtained in our country, Iran, and it should be noted that not all of these rock salts belong to one region, and some of them can be extracted in different parts of our country, Iran, and some It only belongs to a specific mine and its own region.

For example, white salt rock can be found almost everywhere in Iran, but its type (icy or sugary) and the percentage of purity of products are different from each other, which determines the price and uses of rock salt.


Despite the size of salt mines in Iran, but unfortunately not all provinces and regions with rock salt mines have exploitation and extraction facilities and are practically not commercially viable and can be exploited locally and urban

white rock salt

Introducing blue rock salt

But blue salt rock, which is an international brand in the field of rock salt, is only specific to Semnan province and Garmsar city. Of course, both Semnan and Garmsar cities have blue salt rock, but the difference between Garmsar blue rock salt and blue salt rock is Semnan is very abundant and the best type of blue salt rock that is crystalline and export is specific to Garmsar city!

In this regard, it is good to point out the ambiguity and the question of many customers about where the blue salt rock mine is ?

In short, in answer to this question, we must say that blue salt rock is a rare or extremely rare product and never has a specific mine, and quite coincidentally, sometimes a trace of it can be seen in some mines, which is extracted as soon as it is seen. And it is transferred to the warehouse, and if the blue salt rock had a certain mineral and a certain amount, naturally it could not have such a high price!


Blue rock salt is a product that Halito rock salt company has been working on in a completely specialized way for many years and has introduced it to many countries, and with the efforts made, now many collections in the country with this product Get acquainted and try to work in this field, which is a place of happiness and hope, because it will help to introduce this product in the domestic and foreign arenas more than before.

white rock salt

Where is the use of rock salt?

Regarding the use of rock salt, naturally, more or less everyone is familiar with some of its cases, but the most famous applications of rock salt in the domestic market are the following:

  • Production of decorative rock salt
  • Production of salt bricks
  • Production of rock salt soap
  • Use in fish ponds
  • Sediment removal, water treatment and resin reduction
  • Leather and tanning industry
  • Fabric production and dyeing
  • Production of table salt
  • For animal feed

The most well-known cases are the use of this mineral, although there are more cases, but its general uses are mentioned. Of course, it should be noted that outside of Iran, the oral use of rock salt is abundant, but in the domestic market according to the Ministry Dear Health, Refined oral salt is approved and the use of rock salt for oral consumption is not correct!

In the following, some of the items mentioned above are further explained, which are intended to acquaint you, dear buyers, with the products of Halito company.

white rock salt

Properties of white rock salt for cows

Among other applications of rock salt, which is abundant in Iran and all over the world, is the use of rock salt for animal feed, which is also known as animal rock salt or animal rock salt.

Regarding what rock salt is good for animal feed, keep in mind that magnesium and iron are harmful to livestock, and the rock salt used in farming should be free of these two elements, but how do we know which rock rock lacks magnesium? !?

The main characteristic of stones containing magnesium and iron is their red color, so red salt stones are not suitable for animal feed and you must be very careful not to damage your farm and your capital!

White rock salt is a great option. Even white streaks with dark veins can be a much better option than red rock salt.

white rock salt

Properties of rock salt soap

Rock salt soap is a product that is the result of cutting rock salt and is used to cleanse the body, but usually the question that is asked about salt soap is that when there is salt everywhere, what is the need to use soap? Is rock salt?

You should note that the salts on the market are refined, and the rock salt loses all its salts when refined, and what remains is only sodium, but the unrefined salt rock naturally takes all the elements with it. It has a much higher quality, so it will have a tremendous effect, and this is the main difference between salt rock soap and salts on the market!

Halito rock salt Co. produces salt rock soap at a very reasonable price and only sends it to buyers in bulk.

white rock salt

Where to put rock salt in the house

In the following explanation about rock salt, the next issue is that salt rock with its many healing properties, where is it better to be placed at home?

We must say that in today’s turbulent world, rock salt can bring you a lot of peace, so it is better to use it in places that are disturbing, such as Wi-Fi waves and electronic devices!

Think about nature for a moment, how much better you feel when it is located in a forest, because it is a space free of harmful waves and rock salt can create such a situation for you at home. Of course, the condition is that salt rock therapy And use it in sufficient numbers.

Purchase white rock salt from the mine

To buy white rock salt directly from the mine, contact us so that your order can be sent to all over the country as soon as possible. It is also possible to send salt rock for export purposes in a jumbo bag or 50 kg.

white rock salt


Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, which can deliver salt rock in the destination country and anywhere in the world easily and with the lowest sea and land shipping rates