persian salt lamp

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why we use salt lamp?

If you put the edible usage of salt aside, salt can be used in other ways like in salt lamps which have curative and decorative usages. Different usages of salt were being used since ancient times.

persian salt lamp

If you thing the only usage of salt is to be eaten, you have to know that nowadays salt is used for other usages, too.

One of these is salt lamps. These lamps are made by placing a light bulb inside a salt chunk. As you know, we’re all surrounded by air that we breathe but it’s not always totally clean. There are some very small components in the air we’re breathing that reduce the quality of air.

persian salt lamp

Salt lamp benefits

Many believe that using salt lamps can be effective to improve the quality of the air by annulling dangerous ions existing in the air.

Beside that, these lamps can be used to decorate you’re your house or your office. They can be a beautiful part of your place.

persian salt lamp

Investors can enter producing and exporting salt lamps to different countries of the world. It’s considerable that different usages of salt are progressing but still left unknown.

Persian rock salt lamp

Beside industrial application of these lamps, curative usages of salt and salt lamps can be an alternative for chemical medicines.

One of the types of these lamps is related to persian salt. Persian salt lamps are made of medical white rock salt.

persian salt lamp

In addition to medical usages, the commercial and financial part of this new business are really expanding and many companies are getting involved in producing these lamps.

Salt lamp websites

To see the beautiful Iranian salt lmaps products, made by Iranian handicraft artists Visit this page.

Major orders will be delivered to you worldwide and at your destination.

persian salt lamp

Persian Salt lamp sale

In order to buy our products or getting information about salt lamps and the benefits of them, you can check out our website or send a message to our team and we’re going to check your message and respond as soon as possible.

persian salt lamp

Orders can be delivered by FOB or in destination.

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