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Blue salt is the most expensive salt in the world. This salt exists only in Iran. The only mine of this special salt is in Garmsar city of Semnan province. The appearance and properties of this salt have made it famous worldwide. For this reason, in many countries of the world, this product is known as Iranian blue salt. Fortunately, this salt has been named among Iran’s export products. We will continue to examine this product.

Properties of blue rock salt

Blue salt is the most expensive salt in the world and the reason for this is its uniqueness. Due to the presence of large amounts of potassium in this salt, its color is blue. Potassium also improves the quality of blood circulation and muscle function. As a result, it is useful for reducing stress and relaxing the nerves.

Calcium is another component of Iran’s blue salt. This important substance has a great effect on the basic growth of bones and their strength. Significant amounts of magnesium can also be observed in blue salt, the most expensive salt in the world. This substance is useful for healthy teeth and strengthening muscles. By expressing the properties of blue crystal salt, it is clear that this substance is very useful for the health of the body, especially the health of athletes.

Iranian blue salt

Getting to know the uses of blue salt

Blue salt, the most expensive salt in the world, is an almost high-priced food. The main use of this valuable salt is for food and edible items. In fact, like saffron, this salt is added as a seasoning to foods. Apart from the edible aspect, this salt is used for collection and sometimes making decorative objects. One of the important uses of this salt is in making complementary and anti-depressant drugs. With these applications, blue salt has become an important export commodity.

Iranian blue salt

Iranian blue salt export

Blue salt, the most expensive salt in the world, is offered professionally in this specialized collection. Germany, America, Holland, Italy, Canada, England and Spain are the most important customers of this valuable Iranian product. Because in these countries, the properties of this Iranian salt are known to them, and it is used for edible and non-edible purposes.

Iranian blue salt

At Halito Group, we are active in the field of domestic and international supply of Iranian blue salt. You can contact our colleagues in this collection to buy, sell and export Iranian blue salt.

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