Export refined salt

Export refined salt to Iraq with a purity of 99.4%, with iodine 40, 60 and 80 ppm for the Kurdistan region, possibility of delivery at the border of Sardasht, Bashmaq and Parviz Khan, sending a bag with special nylon and entering the name of the buyer.

How to produce refined salt

Recrystallization salt makes it possible to use salt away from many harmful contaminants and is a gift for health. Using recrystallization salt, this enjoyable and refined spice is no longer used for complications and problems of the kidneys and digestive system. Do not worry.

  • To produce this salt, salt rocks are first extracted from the mines and then they are well pounded in the salt rock factory.
  • The crushed rock salt enters the water tank and the rock rock dissolves, and by adding chemicals to remove magnesium and calcium, the rock and its mud gradually settles.
  • In the next step, the soluble salt is passed through sand filters to separate the rest of the material, which tries to remove all impurities.
  • Then, in order to receive the salt crystals, the remaining materials are subjected to high heat to completely remove water and moisture.
  • Now it is time to add iodine and anti-cake to the resulting crystals, which is an additive to prevent the product from sticking together and cake.
  • Now our salt is ready to be packaged and shipped to the market

Export refined salt

Properties of mountain salt

This clear salt does not contain substances such as fossils or the bodies of dead animals and does not even have a bitter taste.

Different colors of rock salt with different veins indicate the optimal healing properties in the body of people. You can even mention its properties in healing the skin of the body and white salt crystals in cleansing properties. Also, due to the atomic nature of salt crystals, negative energies are removed from you. Therefore, the body’s defense system is reflected in the increase and the feeling of calm and strength in people.

Export refined salt

The difference between hydromyl salt and double refining

In double refined salt or recrystallization, the salt rock salts are completely separated from it, but in the hydromyl method, the rock salt will be crushed under very high water pressure, then washed and dried. Then, unlike the recrystallization method, some elements are associated with it. They will also remain in the salt recrystallization. The salt crystals, unlike the washing method, which is not so broken, are completely broken and have a lighter color.

Wholesale refined edible salt

Most of the bulk sales of this type of salt are from Semnan salt rock mine and in both hydromyl and recrystallized forms.

Halito Salt Rock Collection offers only recrystalline salt for sale because it is safe in every way in terms of health and having export certificates.

Iraq, one of the largest buyers of Iranian salt, has been enforcing strict laws for about a year and has stopped many profiteers.

Previously, some fraudsters used to supply industrial salt with recrystallized salt bags to the domestic and foreign markets, but now it is easy to determine the level of salt by testing and analysis, and if it has a purity of less than 99.4%. It will not be allowed to cross the border and will impose huge costs on the buyer, which of course is the result of carelessness and lack of awareness when buying.

Export refined salt

Export refined salt to Iraq

Export of recrystallized salt to Iraq is one of the most difficult export cases and as explained in the previous section, the analysis process is done at the points of entry into Iraq, so this product must be sent according to the standard of the destination country.

Export refined salt

One of the most important issues in this regard is how to spray iodine and its amount, because there are several borders for the export of table salt to Iraq, and each of these points of entry into Iraq has an independent law, which makes some work more difficult. he does.

Before sending the shipment, you must announce in which climate of Iraq and borders you intend to receive table salt, and secondly, what is the approved amount of iodine in that border and climate ?!


If the amount of iodine spraying does not comply with the standard of the region in Iraq, you will not be able to enter Iraq in any way.
Contact us before doing anything and receive a free consultation in this regard

On the other hand, we send the bags of table salt with the standard mark and the green apple of health with the buyer’s number on it, and if necessary, it is possible to put plastic in the bag and then fill it with salt.

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