Salt Cave Salt Room

salt therapy

Salt Therapy is a modern way to treat pulmonary diseases that has become a scientific topic for about 60 years.

Of course, the root of salt therapy and the use of salt for the good of the patients return to ancient Greece, today, salt therapies are used to treat patients with salt therapy, and patients with chronic illness have been astonishedly treated.

the salt room

The salt room, introduced in 1958 and the first in Poland in modern fashion now it’s spread all over the world and different people, especially those who are sick use these saline environments the salt room can be constructed in two ways: salt bricks and salt caves
Salt Cave Room has been welcomed by more customers around the world and much more popular.

salt cave

Salt Cave Room is the most popular type of salt room in the world over the past 20 years, we have been able to make many patients miraculously because the interior of this salt room is quite like a natural cave people after being placed in this space feel a lot better than before. and their blood circulation is increased and breathing becomes easier for them.

Making the salty room is very specialized and it’s not easy to build the Halito Group has a highly skilled team he plans to build a salt cave room and executes the largest projects at the fastest time and in the highest quality.

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